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arc reactor by 4rhch04tcykrqel060h5nmpra Spotify Playlist

arc reactor

by 4rhch04tcykrqel060h5nmpra

the best of the mcu

Spotify ID: 5Qh0zCwzM8N1fNtrnS2ekA

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1Arrival - From "The Avengers"/ScoreAlan SilvestriG Major29B125
2End of the LineHenry JackmanE Minor09A67
3GenesisChristophe BeckG Major19B111
4PortalsAlan SilvestriG Major59B93
5Now Leaving WestviewChristophe BeckF Major17B140
6Marvel Studios Fanfare - From "Thor: The Dark World"/ScoreBrian TylerC Major58B130
7Totally FineAlan SilvestriG Minor06A139
8What Am IChristophe BeckG Minor06A117
9New Avengers - Avengers: Age of UltronDanny ElfmanB Minor510A73
10Airborne OperationHenry JackmanD♭ Major53B135
11Trouble ManMarvin GayeA Minor28A107
12Go AheadAlan SilvestriD♭ Major13B171
13One ShotAlan SilvestriE Major412B82
14Cap's PromiseHenry JackmanA Major311B78
15It's Been a Long, Long TimeHarry JamesF Major17B74
16Bridge and Love's BurningMichael GiacchinoD Major110B70
17Far From Home Suite HomeMichael GiacchinoA Minor58A125
18The AvengersAlan SilvestriA Major311B84
19Captain AmericaHenry JackmanF Minor34A153
20Worth ItAlan SilvestriA♭ Major54B86
21Becoming Whole AgainAlan SilvestriG Major19B100
22Whatever It TakesAlan SilvestriC Major18B78
23PietroChristophe BeckB♭ Major16B73
24The Real HeroAlan SilvestriG Major19B130
25The CausewayHenry JackmanD♭ Major63B148
26War ZoneChristophe BeckG Minor16A67
27Help Arrives - ExtendedAlan SilvestriA Minor18A90
28It Ain't Over Till the Wasp Lady StingsChristophe BeckC Major68B175
29Tough Act to FollowHenry JackmanC Major08B73
30Captain AmericaAlan SilvestriF Major47B95
31Thor, Son of Odin - From "Thor: The Dark World"/ScoreBrian TylerD Major510B136
32Taking the Gullible Express/ Spidey SensitiveMichael GiacchinoB♭ Major26B137
33Infinity WarAlan SilvestriA Minor38A86
34Wanda's Theme (End Credits from "WandaVision")Christophe BeckA♭ Major54B111
35The Winter SoldierHenry JackmanD♭ Major43B115
36Home AgainChristophe BeckA Minor18A139
37SokoviaChristophe BeckN/AN/AN/AN/A
38What Do You Want?Henry JackmanC Major08B138
39Main on EndAlan SilvestriG Major59B170
40The Mind StoneChristophe BeckF Minor14A64
41FallenHenry JackmanC Minor05A140
42Civil WarHenry JackmanF Major37B144
43Ragnarok SuiteMark MothersbaughD Minor47A71
44What Heroes DoMark MothersbaughG Minor76A120
45Wanda and Vision (Love Theme from "WandaVision")Christophe BeckG Major29B90
46Taking a StandHenry JackmanD Minor57A90
47Family TV Night - From "WandaVision: Episode 8"/ScoreChristophe BeckB♭ Minor33A89
48End CreditsAlan SilvestriE Minor39A156
49What Is GriefChristophe BeckB Minor110A102
50AssembleAlan SilvestriF Major57B155
51Classic BuildsNatalie HoltA Major511B130
52The First Bite Is the DeepestLorne BalfeD♭ Major93B110
53Bridging the TrapMichael GiacchinoC Minor35A114
54Twilight of the GodsMark MothersbaughF♯ Major12B143
55From the ShadowsLorne BalfeD♭ Major53B80
56Oshkosh, 1985Natalie HoltB Minor110A125
57StopNatalie HoltD Major310B77
58Living StormNatalie HoltA♭ Major54B114
59StarkBrian TylerD Major510B104
60Roxxcart, 2050Natalie HoltD Minor37A172
61He Who RemainsNatalie HoltF♯ Major62B135
62To the StarsTyler BatesA Minor08A53
63Louisiana HeroHenry JackmanG Major59B102
64Why Do You Fight?Pinar ToprakC Minor25A144
65IntermissionBlurB♭ Major96B92
66HelicarrierAlan SilvestriB♭ Minor43A60
67Very FullTom HiddlestonB Major61B65
68Mischievous ScampNatalie HoltD♭ Major53B147
69A Sister Says GoodbyeLorne BalfeA Minor18A137
70PrunedNatalie HoltD♭ Minor312A141
71Celestial BodiesHenry JackmanC Major08B69
72Time LoopNatalie HoltC Minor25A112
73ReunionNatalie HoltG Minor06A90
74HeadlessNatalie HoltA Major411B140
75Dead End JusticeThe RunawaysD Major510B126
76Shadows of LokiBrian TylerC Major18B61
77TVANatalie HoltD♭ Major53B108
78BeNatalie HoltD♭ Major13B62
79Natasha SoarsLorne BalfeA Major911B130
80Back in the TVANatalie HoltA Minor48A105
81Loki Green ThemeNatalie HoltF Major57B126
82ReplicaJNUARYD♭ Major43B118
83Multiple RealitiesMichael GiacchinoB♭ Minor23A73
84Yelena BelovaLorne BalfeA Major311B100
85GoodbyesNatalie HoltA Minor38A94
86BagsClairoD♭ Major53B105
87FibbedNatalie HoltF♯ Minor311A162
88Pep TalkNatalie HoltF Minor44A126
89Captain America Main TitlesAlan SilvestriE Major112B56
90TVA - From "Loki"/ScoreNatalie HoltD♭ Major53B108
91God of OutcastsNatalie HoltB♭ Major16B84
92LokiusNatalie HoltG Minor16A66
93No Vault of His OwnMichael GiacchinoC Major18B120
94You Don't Know MeLorne BalfeE Major112B68
95Natasha's LullabyLorne BalfeE Major212B130
96FriggaNatalie HoltC Minor35A126
97DB CooperNatalie HoltG Minor56A119
98Black Widow Kicks AssJohn DebneyG Major79B144
99High ScorePinar ToprakA Minor08A83
100Lamentis-1, 2077Natalie HoltD♭ Major63B133
101LatrodectusLorne BalfeD♭ Major83B95
102The PursuitLorne BalfeE Minor79A100
103Red RisingLorne BalfeD♭ Major73B92
104A CallingLorne BalfeA Major111B64
105The DescentLorne BalfeE Minor79A95
106Natasha's FragmentsLorne BalfeA Minor18A142
107A PromiseAlan SilvestriE Minor39A75
108PorchAlan SilvestriG Minor06A66
109RebornChristophe BeckG Major19B86
110Lemurian StarHenry JackmanC Minor45A136
111AscendantChristophe BeckC Minor55A112
112Thor: RagnarokMark MothersbaughA Minor78A151
113I Am VisionChristophe BeckB♭ Major16B169
114Ohio, 2018Natalie HoltD Major410B160
115Eternals ThemeRamin DjawadiD♭ Major43B90
116CelestialsRamin DjawadiF Minor34A88
117Eternals - Theme - Epic VersionL'Orchestra Cinematique, AlalaD♭ Major73B90
118It Is TimeRamin DjawadiA Minor08A66
119The DomoRamin DjawadiC Major18B107
120LifeRamin DjawadiG Minor06A79
121Not Worth SavingRamin DjawadiD♭ Major33B152
122RememberRamin DjawadiE Minor09A89
123Across the Oceans of TimeRamin DjawadiC Minor15A142
124Liberty Parlance - from "Spider-Man: No Way Home" SoundtrackMichael GiacchinoG Minor36A144
125Spider Baiting - from "Spider-Man: No Way Home" SoundtrackMichael GiacchinoC Major08B70
126A Cup of TeaDanny ElfmanD♭ Major33B88

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