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cookin soul by 21gyblakuniamgbo6b7nv5q6y Spotify Playlist

cookin soul

by 21gyblakuniamgbo6b7nv5q6y

Spotify ID: 5HkJNra8g1F6DGZvgfuqkC

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
14 YallCookin SoulD Minor77A150
2BitterCookin SoulE Major412B82
3Good Lovin'Cookin SoulC Minor75A89
4Brand NuCookin SoulD♭ Minor812A85
5G.O.T.D.Cookin SoulF♯ Major72B89
6Real LifeCookin SoulB Major71B176
7GirlfriendCookin SoulD Minor77A180
8Real WorldCookin SoulF Minor94A84
9EmotionalCookin SoulD♭ Minor612A83
104 Bar DropCookin SoulD Minor47A75
11ChicagoCookin SoulC Major48B91
12SILKYCookin SoulB Minor910A172
13Uka UkaCookin SoulA Major811B88
14Wumpa IslandCookin SoulF Minor54A89
15DROPKICKCookin SoulD Minor67A92
16CRACKCookin SoulB♭ Minor63A80
17N. Sanity BeachCookin SoulF Minor54A188
18Stormy AscentCookin SoulG Minor96A172
19SP CREMACookin SoulF Minor64A176
20The Wrath of CortexCookin SoulB♭ Minor63A170
21OolongCookin SoulD♭ Major53B80
22Money AndyCookin SoulB Minor910A86
23Mos FreesCookin SoulA Major911B88
24Fakin JaxCookin SoulB♭ Minor83A89
25Karate FreesCookin SoulC Major98B92
26Fat SuccessCookin SoulF Minor94A77
27The God MC FreesCookin SoulB♭ Minor83A94
28KDOT FREESCookin SoulF Major97B172
29CREAM TEAMCookin SoulB♭ Minor83A176
30L FREESCookin SoulF♯ Major92B170
31Gunn FreeCookin SoulC Minor75A80
32A$ap DoggyCookin SoulA Major811B83
33Bada$$ SaviorCookin SoulB♭ Minor103A172
34MTV SteezCookin SoulF Minor74A172
35Juelz FreesCookin SoulC Minor75A78
36MarciCookin SoulC Minor85A79
37MastaCookin SoulB Minor810A82
38BennyCookin SoulE Minor109A77
39YupmixCookin SoulD Minor97A172
40TerriblemixCookin SoulA♭ Major84B180
41ConsensualrapmixCookin SoulE Minor89A88
42Bon BiniCookin SoulG Minor66A71
43CaracasbaaiCookin SoulE♭ Minor72A85
44Dushi BidaCookin SoulB Major81B88
45Tula Taught MeCookin SoulB Major41B88
46Truk Di Pan NightsCookin SoulD Major810B148
47Willemstad JazzCookin SoulA Minor78A112
48Lahara CocktailCookin SoulB♭ Minor73A81
49Bon SimanCookin SoulB Major71B168
50Jacuzzi and PolarCookin SoulC Minor75A146
51Biba LekkerCookin SoulB Major91B77
52Kenepa BeachCookin SoulA♭ Minor61A160
53Piska Ku FunchiCookin SoulF Major87B125
54Punda VibesCookin SoulA♭ Major94B80
55Santa RosaCookin SoulG Major99B174
56Jan Thiel Penthouse ChopsCookin SoulB Minor710A90
57OtrobandaCookin SoulA♭ Major84B154
58Trupial ColoursCookin Soul, Marlow DigsE Major412B85
59Flamingo SanctuaryCookin SoulC Major88B85
60Bon NochiCookin SoulB Minor810A152
61OMGCookin SoulA Minor98A82
62KobeCookin SoulD♭ Major53B82
63FireeeeeCookin SoulC Major98B93
64Mamba OutCookin SoulG Major69B80
65CoulduCookin SoulD♭ Major73B77
66BelongCookin SoulC Minor75A154
67SureCookin SoulG Major89B172
68Fallin'Cookin SoulF Major67B92
69Sweet LuvCookin SoulA Major811B90
70UnderstandCookin SoulB Minor910A172
71Hello GirlCookin SoulD Minor87A90
72LuvdrugCookin SoulB♭ Major66B152
73As Long As We Got LoveCookin SoulD♭ Major73B90
74With UR LoveCookin SoulD♭ Major63B90
75Best Times of My LifeCookin SoulE Minor89A91
76HeartbrokenCookin SoulB Minor910A93
77ColdddddCookin SoulF♯ Minor1011A170
78StrategicCookin SoulB Minor1010A176
79KnowmynameCookin SoulC Minor95A179
80LalalalaaaaaCookin SoulB♭ Minor73A79
81GrmyCookin SoulB Minor810A168
82WorkizmmmmmCookin SoulA Major511B89
83NY State of MindCookin SoulA♭ Minor51A180
84R-A-PCookin SoulB♭ Minor73A90
85WhatgoesaroundCookin SoulE Minor89A174
86Extend the KnowledgeCookin SoulB♭ Minor83A91
87Secret SauceCookin Soul, Jeff KaaleG Major99B174
88Diggin'Cookin SoulG Major79B90
89LoosieCookin SoulG Minor56A82
90One for the GuruCookin SoulA♭ Minor81A168
91Listen CarefullyCookin SoulF♯ Minor611A174
92WantitCookin SoulE Major912B174
93CubaCookin SoulC Major78B87
94New EraCookin SoulG Major59B91
95WantmeCookin SoulD Major510B87
96UptoyouCookin SoulF Major67B82
97OldschoolCookin SoulD♭ Major63B90
98CrooklynCookin SoulD♭ Major53B95
99AnthemCookin SoulA♭ Minor71A98
100FunkoramaCookin SoulA♭ Minor51A90
101PutitonCookin SoulF♯ Minor711A90
102LifesaverCookin SoulB♭ Minor73A92
103SoulplanCookin SoulA Minor58A166
104Zonin'Cookin SoulB♭ Major66B91
105DangerCookin SoulA Major411B90
106NuttinbutloveCookin SoulB♭ Minor83A101
107ThemgangstazCookin SoulB♭ Minor83A92
108SkyisthelimitCookin SoulG Major59B94
109DangerousmceesCookin SoulD♭ Major73B94
110TictocCookin SoulA Minor58A187
111MangsebungFontänB Minor510A74
112GrevenFontänF Major67B97
113Meh-TehFontänE Minor59A110
114BardoFontänD Minor77A92
115GangriFontänF Major57B101
116NautilusFontänE Minor89A99
117Sen Sen No SenFontänD Major510B110
118ShadowsFontänF♯ Major72B93
119BackustuguFontänA Minor38A120
120...You TooFontänA Minor68A120
121Early MorningFontänD Minor87A145
122NeanderthalerFontänD Major810B100
123Land Of The DragonFontänD Minor57A111
124The BridgeFontänG Major69B124
125Neon SnakesFontänB♭ Major56B130
126NightriderFontänA Major711B176
127Together in LoveSweatson KlankC Major68B87
128How the Sun RoseSweatson KlankA Major611B87
129And Then YouSweatson KlankC Minor65A94
130Say YesSweatson KlankF Minor54A85
131Sun or MoonSweatson KlankB Minor610A89
132Too FastSweatson KlankG Minor56A118
133Kiss In The ShadowsSweatson KlankB Minor710A89
134Subway SambaSweatson KlankG Minor46A180
135This HereSweatson KlankF Major77B181
136WanderingSweatson KlankC Major38B95
137On These TravelsSweatson KlankB♭ Minor73A118
138One For The PlanetSweatson KlankE Minor39A94
139DroppedSweatson Klank, Rite AlongF Minor44A112
140Stabbing MeSweatson KlankF Minor54A100
141Like I Need YouSweatson Klank, Anna CalvoC Minor65A153
142Can't Stop RunningSweatson KlankE♭ Major65B117
143IntertwinedSweatson Klank, Sarah SaldiviaD Major510B121
144Get It BackSweatson KlankC Major78B102
145NeedlesSweatson Klank, AngoE Minor79A110
146Wanted More From '84Sweatson KlankA♭ Major54B117
147Fallen BlossomsSweatson KlankG Major79B111
148The Wall Between UsSweatson KlankG Major79B77
149Breathing SpaceSweatson Klank, Annie BassA♭ Minor61A95
150SmileSweatson KlankG Major69B143
151Relax for a LivingSweatson KlankD♭ Major63B174
152Walking on AirSweatson KlankA♭ Major74B92
153What a NightSweatson KlankF Major77B97
154Brilliant BlueSweatson KlankE Minor79A178
155Island Life CallingSweatson KlankC Minor65A82
156Low MoonSweatson KlankE Minor89A102
157With RespectSweatson KlankC Major78B89
158Italian AfternoonsSweatson KlankC Major48B180
159Fat CookieSweatson KlankD♭ Major83B107
160Moving InwardSweatson KlankF Minor64A89
161Bananas in the CanyonSweatson KlankD Major710B91
162UbiquitousSweatson KlankC Major98B116

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