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A Selection: Unlike Pluto by horatio_magellan Spotify Playlist

A Selection: Unlike Pluto

by horatio_magellan

in chronological order.

Spotify ID: 591eQuFi0k7MheWFgroXoO

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1Dollar For Your SadnessUnlike PlutoB Minor610A100
2Don't Know What To SayUnlike PlutoE♭ Minor62A120
3First GenerationUnlike PlutoD Minor77A76
4CanadaUnlike PlutoB Minor610A115
5Unless It Happens To YouUnlike PlutoE♭ Minor82A122
6EthelUnlike PlutoG Minor66A82
7Western LoveUnlike PlutoA♭ Minor71A80
8Look At MeUnlike PlutoA Minor68A75
9PlaygroundUnlike PlutoC Minor45A125
10I Can Be LouderUnlike PlutoF♯ Major42B133
11Death Of MeUnlike PlutoG Major69B75
12CruelUnlike PlutoG Major69B145
13No InnocenceUnlike PlutoD Major410B150
14No GoodbyesUnlike PlutoD Major610B100
15Run, Bobby, RunUnlike PlutoD♭ Minor512A158
16Mosh PitUnlike PlutoD Major510B100
17Under The LightsUnlike PlutoF Minor54A77
18ProblemsUnlike PlutoD♭ Major73B126
19Burn After WritingUnlike PlutoE♭ Major65B145
20RiptideUnlike PlutoD♭ Minor712A146
21Villain Of My Own StoryUnlike PlutoE Minor49A75
22AdiosUnlike PlutoA Minor58A77
23No Rainbows In The DesertUnlike PlutoD♭ Minor812A93
24IllusionUnlike PlutoB Major41B77
25Wishing WellUnlike PlutoF Minor74A165
26MisdiagnosedUnlike PlutoF♯ Minor511A85
27DosageUnlike PlutoA Minor88A77
28Yes OffenseUnlike PlutoF♯ Major72B144
29Destroy, Build, DestroyUnlike PlutoF Minor54A98
30Halley's CometUnlike PlutoG Minor56A100
31New Life, Who Dis?Unlike PlutoF Minor54A122
32Closed LoopUnlike PlutoF♯ Minor611A95
33Oh Raven (Sing Me A Happy Song)Unlike PlutoF Minor34A92
34Revenge, And a Little MoreUnlike PlutoA Minor58A90
35Sin CircusUnlike PlutoD Major410B123
36Brain, Brain, Go AwayUnlike PlutoC Minor45A100
37Not TodayUnlike PlutoF♯ Minor711A156
38Everything About NothingUnlike PlutoD♭ Major63B180
39Damage ControlUnlike PlutoF♯ Minor511A153
40A Million VoicesUnlike PlutoD♭ Major73B155
41Night LightUnlike PlutoA♭ Minor61A97
42No DebateUnlike PlutoD Minor57A108
43SanityUnlike PlutoF Minor74A143
44Stay And DecayUnlike PlutoG Minor56A81
45Crocodile TearsUnlike PlutoA Minor68A169
46Death In ParadiseUnlike PlutoA♭ Minor71A79
47Cloudy EyesUnlike PlutoG Minor56A83
48Coffee StainsUnlike PlutoE♭ Minor32A139
49Silver Screen LifeUnlike PlutoF Minor74A95
508 Legged DreamsUnlike PlutoG Minor66A118
51LullabyUnlike PlutoB Minor710A85
52MorphineUnlike PlutoE Major612B167
53Broken StringUnlike PlutoD Minor77A160
54Painted DreamsUnlike PlutoE Minor49A131
55NicotineUnlike Pluto, Joanna JonesE♭ Minor52A94
56Stir CrazyUnlike PlutoF Minor54A160
57FMOUnlike PlutoD♭ Minor612A91
58Regret RouletteUnlike PlutoA Minor78A146
59Cosmo's InterludeUnlike PlutoC Minor85A165
60Pocket SymphonyUnlike PlutoE Minor79A75
61GazeUnlike PlutoB Major71B116
62StarlightUnlike PlutoF Minor74A150
63Mindless BlissUnlike PlutoC Minor65A120
64Yippee Ki YayUnlike PlutoC Major88B150
65That's What She SaidUnlike PlutoB♭ Major66B73
66ShadowUnlike PlutoG Minor56A80
67OverwhelmedUnlike PlutoG Major79B153
68The UndergroundUnlike Pluto, 8 GravesA♭ Minor61A88
69Quintana RooUnlike Pluto, why monaD Major510B92
70Circular MotionUnlike Pluto, why monaC Minor65A100
71Rose Colored LensesUnlike PlutoE Minor69A98
72Zoned Out In My YouthUnlike PlutoB♭ Major56B94
73Soft SpokenUnlike PlutoC Minor65A110
74SabotageUnlike PlutoF♯ Minor811A162
75Interstellar WeatherUnlike PlutoF Minor74A150
76Ricochet on My MindUnlike PlutoD Major610B172
77Fallen ParachutesUnlike PlutoD♭ Major53B92
78AddictUnlike PlutoG Major79B139
79Poster BoyUnlike PlutoF Minor74A124
80Belly FlopUnlike PlutoF Minor64A144
81Wouldn't You AgreeUnlike PlutoA♭ Major64B118
82Moving Too QuicklyUnlike PlutoA Minor58A100
83Don't Wait for MeUnlike PlutoB♭ Minor63A151
84Wrong Faces Wrong PlacesUnlike PlutoG Minor46A90
85CandidUnlike PlutoG Major79B152
86A Cautionary TaleUnlike PlutoD Minor67A103
87HummingbirdUnlike PlutoD♭ Minor812A102
88Elephant EarsUnlike PlutoE Major512B95

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