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MASTER KPOP PLAYLIST by puddlejumper27 Spotify Playlist


by puddlejumper27

Spotify ID: 50VSAddmhUPRP2bqQQVEgg

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1INTRO: Neo Got My BackNCT, NCT UF Major77B100
2BOSSNCT, NCT UB♭ Minor53A99
3Baby Don’t StopNCT, NCT UA♭ Major74B96
5TOUCHNCT, NCT 127A♭ Major84B93
7Black on BlackNCT, NCT 2018B♭ Minor93A142
8텐데…TimelessNCT, NCT UD♭ Major43B128
9The 7th SenseNCT, NCT UD Major510B108
11WITHOUT YOU - Chinese VersionNCT, NCT UD Major910B128
12Dream In A DreamNCT, NCT UA♭ Minor71A102
14YESTODAY - Extended Version, Bonus TrackNCT, NCT UA Minor98A95
1590's LoveNCT UD♭ Minor912A108
16MisfitNCT UD Major1010B106
17Raise The RoofNCT UB Major81B110
18VolcanoNCT UA Major711B100
19Light BulbNCT UE Minor89A158
20Dancing In The RainNCT UD♭ Major63B96
21My EverythingNCT UG Major39B72
22Interlude: Past to PresentNCT UD♭ Major73B159
23Make A Wish (Birthday Song)NCT UA♭ Major84B101
24Déjà VuNCT DREAMD♭ Major93B86
25NectarWayVB Minor810A115
26Music, DanceNCT 127A♭ Minor81A125
27Faded In My Last SongNCT UB♭ Minor83A135
28From HomeNCT UD♭ Major93B132
29From Home - Korean VersionNCT UD♭ Major83B132
30Make A Wish (Birthday Song) - English VersionNCT UA♭ Major84B101
31Interlude: Present to FutureNCT UA♭ Major104B100
32Work ItNCT UG Minor96A123
33All About YouNCT UE♭ Major55B102
34I.O.UNCT UE Major812B125
35Outro: Dream RoutineNCT UB♭ Minor103A100
36New AxisNCT UB♭ Minor83A120
37Universe (Let's Play Ball)NCT UF Minor94A180
38EarthquakeNCT 127D Major810B150
39OK!NCT UB♭ Minor83A141
40Birthday PartyNCT UC Major78B135
41Know NowNCT UC Major88B98
42DreamingNCT DREAME♭ Minor82A114
43Round&RoundNCT UD Minor77A140
44MiracleWayVF Minor84A98
45VroomNCT UC Major78B90
46Sweet DreamNCT UF Major87B150
47Good NightNCT UD♭ Major43B165
48BeautifulNCT 2021D♭ Major93B128
49Favorite (Vampire)NCT 127F Minor84A150
50StickerNCT 127D Major810B156
51Love On The FloorNCT 127B Minor710A117
52LemonadeNCT 127B Minor910A90
53BreakfastNCT 127F♯ Major82B122
54PilotNCT 127F Minor94A160
55FocusNCT 127G Minor76A83
56The Rainy NightNCT 127F Major67B150
57FarNCT 127A Major811B80
58Bring The NoizeNCT 127F♯ Major92B160
59Magic Carpet RideNCT 127F♯ Major62B142
60Road TripNCT 127F Minor54A88
61DreamerNCT 127F Minor84A109
62Promise YouNCT 127G Major99B122
63PunchNCT 127D♭ Major93B91
64NonStopNCT 127C Minor95A150
65PreludeNCT 127E Minor89A167
66Kick ItNCT 127G Major89B167
67BoomNCT 127D Major610B105
68Pandora's BoxNCT 127C Major88B160
69Day DreamNCT 127E Major812B136
70Make Your DayNCT 127D Minor47A118
71Interlude: Neo ZoneNCT 127G Major69B166
72MAD DOGNCT 127D Major910B158
73Sit Down!NCT 127D♭ Major83B128
74Love Me NowNCT 127F♯ Minor811A126
75Love SongNCT 127D♭ Major83B130
76White NightNCT 127G Minor66A71
77Not AloneNCT 127A Major611B127
78Dreams Come TrueNCT 127F♯ Minor711A98
79Elevator (127F)NCT 127E Minor79A104
80Highway to HeavenNCT 127F♯ Major72B113
81SuperhumanNCT 127D Major810B117
82FOOLNCT 127B♭ Major86B115
83Jet LagNCT 127A♭ Major64B191
84Paper PlaneNCT 127G Major79B120
85OUTRO: WE ARE 127NCT 127B Minor610A75
86LipsNCT 127G Major79B101
87Wakey-WakeyNCT 127B♭ Minor73A140
88ChainNCT 127B♭ Minor103A140
89Regular - English Ver.NCT 127A Minor88A134
90Touch - Japanese Ver.NCT 127A♭ Major84B93
91Blow My MindNCT 127F♯ Minor811A108
92Limitless - Japanese Ver.NCT 127G Major89B157
93Long Slow DistanceNCT 127C Major48B132
94Kitchen BeatNCT 127F♯ Major92B109
95Cherry Bomb - Korean Ver.NCT 127F♯ Minor611A78
96Fire Truck - Korean Ver.NCT 127D♭ Major103B110
97End to StartNCT 127B♭ Minor63A108
98City 127NCT 127B♭ Major66B98
99Regular - Korean VersionNCT 127A Minor88A134
100Replay (PM 01:27)NCT 127A♭ Major74B125
101Welcome To My PlaygroundNCT 127F Major57B94
102Knock OnNCT 127A♭ Major54B67
103No LongerNCT 127D♭ Major43B80
104My VanNCT 127F♯ Minor611A137
105Interlude: Regular to IrregularNCT 127D Minor37A101
106Simon SaysNCT 127A Major811B152
107Come BackNCT 127E Minor89A112
108Fly Away With MeNCT 127F Minor74A89
109Chain - Korean VersionNCT 127F Minor94A140
110Regular - English VersionNCT 127A Minor78A134
111Run Back 2 U - Bonus TrackNCT 127D♭ Minor712A140
112Cherry BombNCT 127F♯ Minor611A78
113Running 2 UNCT 127D♭ Major73B95
1140 MileNCT 127D Minor97A118
115Sun&MoonNCT 127D♭ Major63B98
116WhiplashNCT 127D♭ Minor812A100
117Summer 127NCT 127F♯ Minor911A125
118Cherry Bomb - Performance VersionNCT 127F♯ Minor611A78
119소방차 Fire TruckNCT 127D♭ Major103B110
120Once Again 여름 방학NCT 127E Major812B94
121Wake UpNCT 127B♭ Minor93A140
122Another WorldNCT 127B Major91B140
123ParadiseNCT 127F Major67B100
124Mad CityNCT 127G Major99B105
125Switch - Bonus TrackNCT 127, SR15BD♭ Major63B112
126無限的我 무한적아; LIMITLESSNCT 127F Minor74A78
127Good ThingNCT 127C Major88B110
128Back 2 U (AM 01:27)NCT 127G Minor86A105
129롤러코스터 HeartbreakerNCT 127C Major98B155
130Baby Don’t Like It 나쁜 짓NCT 127F Minor64A97
131AngelNCT 127B Major61B105
132DreamingNCT 127D♭ Major73B98
133ChainNCT 127B♭ Minor103A140
134LimitlessNCT 127G Major89B157
135Come BackNCT 127E Minor89A112
136100NCT 127D Minor87A90
137So Am I (feat. NCT 127)Ava Max, NCT 127F♯ Major72B130
138Let's Shut Up & DanceJason Derulo, LAY, NCT 127F♯ Minor911A110
139gimme gimmeNCT 127C Major88B126
140LipstickNCT 127C Minor95A140
141First LoveNCT 127D♭ Major73B103
142Chica Bom BomNCT 127F♯ Major92B110
143Right NowNCT 127F Minor74A102
144SaveNCT 127D♭ Major73B126
145Hello FutureNCT DREAMD♭ Major83B170
146BungeeNCT DREAMD Minor87A98
147Hot SauceNCT DREAMF♯ Major92B100
148DiggityNCT DREAMF♯ Major82B90
149Life Is Still Going OnNCT DREAMC Minor75A150
150Dive Into YouNCT DREAME Major712B76
151My YouthNCT DREAMD♭ Major73B120
152RocketNCT DREAMF♯ Major92B100
153Countdown (3, 2, 1)NCT DREAMB♭ Minor93A107
154ANLNCT DREAMF♯ Minor711A158
155IrreplaceableNCT DREAMD Major810B90
156Be There For YouNCT DREAMD♭ Minor412A176
157RainbowNCT DREAMB♭ Major76B133
158Chewing GumNCT DREAME♭ Minor82A104
159마지막 첫사랑 My First and LastNCT DREAMD Major910B108
160덩크슛 Dunk ShotNCT DREAMD Major910B116
161We YoungNCT DREAMC Major98B123
162La La LoveNCT DREAMG Major79B91
163같은 시간 같은 자리 Walk you homeNCT DREAMB Minor810A98
164My PageNCT DREAMB Major91B125
165We Young 青春漾 - Chinese VersionNCT DREAMC Major98B123
166Trigger the fever - Bonus TrackNCT DREAME Major912B128
167We Go UpNCT DREAMA♭ Major84B122
1681, 2, 3NCT DREAMB Minor610A125
169Beautiful TimeNCT DREAMB Major71B78
170Drippin'NCT DREAMA♭ Major94B145
171Dear DREAMNCT DREAMF Major67B93
172We Go Up - Chinese VersionNCT DREAMA♭ Major84B122
173Candle LightNCT DREAMA♭ Major84B93
174Don’t Need Your LoveNCT DREAM, HRVYG Major99B160
178119NCT DREAMC Major98B104
179Bye My First…NCT DREAMD Major810B180
180Best FriendNCT DREAMA♭ Major74B77
181Dream RunNCT DREAMB Minor810A120
182Up to You (feat. NCT DREAM)PRETTYMUCH, NCT DREAMF Minor84A116
183Ridin'NCT DREAMD♭ Minor912A150
184Quiet DownNCT DREAMC Major98B146
1857 DaysNCT DREAMF♯ Minor911A100
186Love AgainNCT DREAMD♭ Major93B104
187Puzzle PieceNCT DREAMF Major47B103
188Maniac (Sung by DOYOUNG, HAECHAN) (Prod. RYAN JHUN)NCT UD Major910B107
189Coming Home (Sung by TAEIL, DOYOUNG, JAEHYUN, HAECHAN)NCT UB♭ Major76B171
190New LoveNCT UD Major910B106
191Baby Don't Stop - InstrumentalNCT UA♭ Major74B96
192텐데...Timeless (Sung by JAEHYUN, DOYOUNG, TAEIL)NCT UD♭ Major53B128
194Turn Back TimeWayVB Major91B135
195Bad AliveWayVE♭ Minor92A142
196UnbreakableWayVB♭ Minor83A140
197After MidnightWayVD Minor97A105
198Interlude: Awaken The WorldWayVD♭ Major83B136
199Only HumanWayVC Major78B144
200DominoWayVA Major711B90
201Up From HereWayVG Major89B100
202Electric HeartsWayVC Major98B120
203Stand By MeWayVD♭ Major93B180
204Take OffWayVA♭ Major84B103
205RegularWayVA Minor88A134
206Say ItWayVC Minor85A74
207Come BackWayVE Minor89A112
208Let me love uWayVD♭ Major83B92
209Dream LaunchWayVF♯ Minor811A93
210MoonwalkWayVD Major610B110
211Yeah Yeah YeahWayVA Major911B131
212Love TalkWayVF♯ Minor711A98
213King of HeartsWayVB Minor610A150
214Face to FaceWayVD Major310B143
215We go nananaWayVG Major79B98
216Love Talk - English VersionWayVF♯ Minor711A98
217Turn Back Time - Korean VersionWayVB Major91B135
218Bad Alive - English VersionWayVE♭ Minor82A142
219Kick BackWayVD Major910B90
220Action FigureWayVB Minor810A102
221HorizonWayVC Minor75A135
222All For LoveWayVD♭ Major83B99
223Good TimeWayVC Minor85A145
224Kick Back - Korean VersionWayVD Major810B90
225EverytimeWayVC Minor75A127
226ObsessionEXOG Major79B130
227TroubleEXOG Major89B76
228JekyllEXOB Minor610A100
229GrooveEXOC Major88B98
230Ya Ya YaEXOD♭ Major83B205
231Baby You AreEXOB Minor810A108
232Non StopEXOG Major99B116
233Day After DayEXOD♭ Minor712A103
234Butterfly EffectEXOE Minor89A104
235Obsession - Chinese VersionEXOG Major79B130
236Love ShotEXOF Minor74A146
237TempoEXOC Major88B116
238TraumaEXOB Minor810A111
239WaitEXOE Minor29A74
240SignEXOD♭ Major73B168
241Ooh La La LaEXOA♭ Minor61A165
242GravityEXOD♭ Major93B118
243With YouEXOD♭ Minor712A135
24424/7EXOC Major68B98
245Bad DreamEXOD♭ Minor712A130
246DamageEXOB Major81B80
247Smile On My FaceEXOE Major612B135
248OasisEXOC Minor85A145
249Love Shot - Chinese VersionEXOF Minor74A146
250Tempo - Chinese VersionEXOC Major88B116
251Electric KissEXOB♭ Minor103A102
252Coming OverEXOD Major1010B112
253Love Me Right 〜romantic universe〜EXOC Major98B109
255TACTIXEXOA Minor98A120
256Into My WorldEXOB♭ Minor93A128
257Lovin' You Mo'EXOE Minor99A102
258Drop ThatEXOB Minor1010A102
259Run ThisEXOD♭ Minor1012A105
260Cosmic RailwayEXOE Major812B150
261The EveEXOC Minor75A135
262Ko Ko BopEXOC Major88B146
263What U do?EXOF♯ Major82B110
264ForeverEXOA♭ Major84B145
265DiamondEXOC Minor85A132
266Touch ItEXOF Minor94A110
267ChillEXOD♭ Major83B120
268Walk On MemoriesEXOG Minor66A114
269Going CrazyEXOG Minor86A150
270LottoEXOB Minor910A100
271Lucky OneEXOD♭ Major83B121
272MonsterEXOF♯ Major82B150
273Artificial LoveEXOF♯ Major82B114
274Can’t Bring Me DownEXOB♭ Minor93A87
275Cloud 9EXOG Major79B103
276HeavenEXOF Minor84A92
277She’s DreamingEXOB Minor610A72
278White NoiseEXOD Major810B209
279One and OnlyEXOA♭ Minor71A77
280They Never KnowEXOB♭ Minor83A130
281StrongerEXOA♭ Major34B102
282Monster - LDN Noise Creeper Bass RemixEXOF Minor94A128
283Lotto - Chinese VersionEXOB Minor910A100
284Lucky One - Chinese VersionEXOD♭ Major83B121
285Monster - Chinese VersionEXOB♭ Minor83A150
286Artificial Love - Chinese VersionEXOF♯ Major82B114
287Can't Bring Me Down - Chinese VersionEXOB♭ Minor93A87
288Cloud 9 - Chinese VersionEXOG Major79B103
289Heaven - Chinese VersionEXOF Minor94A92
290She’s Dreaming - Chinese VersionEXOF♯ Minor611A145
291White Noise - Chinese VersionEXOA Minor88A105
292One and Only - Chinese VersionEXOA♭ Minor71A77
293They Never Know - Chinese VersionEXOB♭ Minor83A131
294Stronger - Chinese VersionEXOA♭ Major34B140
295Monster - LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix, Chinese VersionEXOF Minor94A128
298CALL ME BABYEXOD♭ Major93B100
300What If..EXOE♭ Minor52A118
301MY ANSWEREXOA Major311B126
302EXODUSEXOF Minor84A100
303EL DORADOEXOD Minor97A155
304PLAYBOYEXOD♭ Minor712A80
305FIRST LOVEEXOA Major711B120
306HURTEXOA Minor88A120
307Lady LuckEXOF Major97B154
309약속 EXO 2014EXOF♯ Major72B111
310GrowlEXOB Minor810A90
311WolfEXOG Major99B140
312XOXOEXOD♭ Major73B94
313LuckyEXOD Major1010B128
314Baby, Don't CryEXOF Major87B138
315Black PearlEXOF Minor84A137
316Don't GoEXOD♭ Major93B156
317Let Out the BeastEXOD♭ Minor912A122
3183.6.5EXOA♭ Major84B131
319Heart AttackEXOB♭ Major66B81
320Peter PanEXOE♭ Major95B117
321BabyEXOB♭ Major96B138
322My LadyEXOA Minor78A129
323Growl - EXO-K VersionEXOB Minor910A90
324Don't fight the feelingEXOA Minor88A128
325ParadiseEXOF♯ Minor711A112
326No matterEXOE Minor89A98
327RunawayEXOC Major78B180
328Just as usualEXOE Major512B94
329BIRDEXOD♭ Major93B105
330UniverseEXOE♭ Major45B140
331Universe - Chinese VersionEXOE♭ Major55B139
332Been ThroughEXOF♯ Minor611A136
333StayEXOA♭ Minor71A112
334FallEXOA Minor68A138
335Good NightEXOB♭ Minor43A130
336Lights OutEXOA Major311B72
337Universe - CD VersionEXOE♭ Major45B140
338PowerEXOG Major99B128
339Sweet LiesEXOD♭ Major63B103
340BoomerangEXOC Major88B110
341Power - InstrumentalEXOC Major88B128
342For LifeEXOE♭ Major45B92
343Falling For YouEXOF♯ Minor911A100
344What I Want For ChristmasEXOE Minor59A189
345Twenty FourEXOF♯ Minor811A125
346Winter HeatEXOF Minor94A122
347For Life - Chinese versionEXOE♭ Major45B184
348Falling For You - Chinese versionEXOF♯ Minor811A100
349What I Want For Christmas - Chinese versionEXOE Minor69A95
350Twenty Four - Chinese versionEXOF♯ Minor811A125
351Winter Heat - Chinese versionEXOF Minor94A122
352UnfairEXOF Minor94A98
353Sing For YouEXOA♭ Major34B170
354Girl x FriendEXOC Major88B94
355발자국 On the snowEXOE♭ Major75B170
356LIGHTSABER - Bonus TrackEXOF Minor84A140
357Unfair - Chinese VersionEXOF Minor94A98
358Sing For You - Chinese VersionEXOA♭ Major34B101
359Girl x Friend - Chinese VersionEXOA Minor98A94
360발자국 On the snow - Chinese VersionEXOA♭ Major74B85
361LIGHTSABER - Chinese Version, Bonus TrackEXOF Minor84A140
362Love Me Right 〜romantic universe〜EXOC Major98B109
363Drop ThatEXOB Minor1010A102
364Miracles in DecemberEXOA♭ Major34B120
365Christmas DayEXOA♭ Major54B108
366The StarEXOE Minor99A100
367My Turn to CryEXOC Major68B96
368The First SnowEXOG Minor76A83
369Miracles in December - Classical Orchestra VersionEXOA♭ Major24B120
370OverdoseEXO-KF Minor94A112
371MoonlightEXO-KB Major71B122
372ThunderEXO-KB Minor810A98
373RunEXO-KA♭ Major104B130
374Love, Love, LoveEXO-KF♯ Minor911A130
375MAMAEXO-KC Major108B90
376What Is LoveEXO-KA♭ Major74B132
377HistoryEXO-KD♭ Major83B111
378AngelEXO-KB Minor810A84
379Two MoonsEXO-K, KEYA♭ Major74B146
380MachineEXO-KF♯ Minor911A105
381CBXEXO-CBXG Major99B120
382Ka-CHING!EXO-CBXC Major88B146
383HorololoEXO-CBXG Major99B95
384Girl ProblemsEXO-CBXD♭ Major103B111
385ShakeEXO-CBXB Major91B100
386Off The WallEXO-CBXB Major81B120
387Ringa-Ringa-RingEXO-CBXD Major910B100
388GentlemanEXO-CBXG Major99B150
389Watch OutEXO-CBXC Major98B92
390CryEXO-CBXE Major612B130
391In This WorldEXO-CBXE♭ Major85B115
392Monday BluesEXO-CBXF Major67B141
393花요일 Blooming DayEXO-CBXE Minor79A118
394내일 만나 Sweet Dreams!EXO-CBXF Minor74A115
395ThursdayEXO-CBXD♭ Minor612A140
396Vroom VroomEXO-CBXD♭ Major73B110
397PlaydateEXO-CBXD Major810B105
398휴일 LazyEXO-CBXD♭ Major73B100
399Girl ProblemsEXO-CBXD♭ Major93B111
400Ka-CHING!EXO-CBXB♭ Major86B146
401Hey Mama!EXO-CBXD♭ Major93B120
402Tornado SpiralEXO-CBXA Major1011B139
403Miss YouEXO-CBXD Major910B110
404Diamond CrystalEXO-CBXD Major810B144
405KING and QUEENEXO-CBXA♭ Minor91A150
406Be My LoveEXO-CBXD♭ Major63B90
407Paper CutsEXO-CBXG Major59B131
408The OneEXO-CBXF♯ Minor911A133
409Hey Mama!EXO-CBXD♭ Major93B119
410Rhythm After SummerEXO-CBXF♯ Minor911A125
411JulietEXO-CBXF Minor94A108
412CherishEXO-CBXG Major99B115
4131 Billion ViewsEXO-SC, Moon SujinC Minor75A112
414Say ItEXO-SC, PENOMECOG Major89B150
415Rodeo StationEXO-SCB Major81B93
416TelephoneEXO-SC, 10cmF Minor64A90
417Jet LagEXO-SCB Major91B85
418Fly AwayEXO-SC, GaekoG Major79B90
419Nothin’EXO-SCA Major811B166
420On MeEXO-SCF♯ Minor911A97
4211 Billion Views - InstrumentalEXO-SC, Moon SujinA♭ Major54B112
422TelephoneEXO-SC, 10cmF Minor64A90
423What a lifeEXO-SCF Minor84A135
424Just us 2EXO-SC, GaekoF♯ Major62B75
425Closer to youEXO-SCG Minor86A93
426BorderlineEXO-SCD Major810B133
427Roller coasterEXO-SCC Major78B134
428Daydreamin'EXO-SCD Major610B80
429TomorrowCHANYEOLB Major61B78
430minimal warm (She is My Type♡ X CHANYEOL)CHANYEOLC Major48B75
431YoursRaiden, CHANYEOL, LeeHi, CHANGMOA♭ Major84B87
433SSFW - InstrumentalCHANYEOLB Major81B160
434We YoungCHANYEOL, SEHUNB♭ Major76B82
435We Young - InstrumentalCHANYEOL, SEHUNG Minor56A82
436Let Me Love YouJunggigo, CHANYEOLF♯ Minor711A98
437Stay With MeCHANYEOL, PunchC Minor55A79
438Stay With Me - InstrumentalCHANYEOL, PunchC Minor45A82
439I hate you (Original Television Soundtrack)CHANYEOL, Mabel YuanD♭ Major73B132
440ToYouProject - Sugarman Pt. 32 - If We Love AgainCHEN, CHANYEOLF♯ Major32B104
441문 열어봐 Here I amYESUNGD♭ Major53B138
442벚꽃잎 Spring in meYESUNG, DalchongF Major57B148
443BetweenYESUNGF Minor74A98
444우리 WeYESUNGE♭ Major65B136
445메아리 Your echoYESUNGD♭ Major73B174
446어떤 말로도YESUNG, CHANYEOLF Major77B105
447달의 노래 My DearYESUNGE Major212B75
448Beautiful NightYESUNGF♯ Minor811A100
449Phantom PainYESUNGA Minor58A70
450Lost HeartYESUNGA Major811B160
451FireworksYESUNGF Minor94A105
452No More LoveYESUNGE Major612B150
453Like UsYESUNGA♭ Major54B96
454A Letter in The WindYESUNGE Major512B74
455Pink MagicYESUNGF♯ Major72B118
456Eat’s OKYESUNGE Major512B105
457Every day, Wait for usYESUNGD♭ Major63B142
458Parallel LinesYESUNGF♯ Major72B180
459I’ll rememberYESUNGE Major512B132
460WishYESUNGD Major510B112
461Still StandingYESUNG, SURANG Major69B125
462CarpetYESUNG, BUMKEYC Major38B141
463Whatcha Doin'YESUNG, CHUNG HAD Major910B99
464결혼해줘YESUNGD♭ Major33B141
465혼자 하는 일 On My OwnYESUNGB♭ Major46B128
466SplashYESUNGC Major88B120
467봄날의 소나기 Paper UmbrellaYESUNGB♭ Major56B134
468겨울잠 HibernationYESUNGB♭ Major46B90
469그대뿐인지 All But YouYESUNGD♭ Major43B70
470Fly 번지점프YESUNGE Major812B94
471그때로 At the TimeYESUNG, KYUHYUNA♭ Major44B85
472비눗방울 So Close Yet So FarYESUNGC Major58B128
473You are not hereALi, YESUNGE♭ Major65B120
474Darling UYESUNG, SEULGID♭ Major53B85
475Miss YouYESUNGG Major39B138
476Gray paperYESUNGG Major59B138
477Blind with loveYESUNGC Major78B98
478She Over Flowers (From "I Do I Do" Original Television Soundtrack, Pt. 1)YESUNGF Major77B77
479단 하루만YESUNGB Minor510A75
481OCEAN VIEW (Inst.)RothyD♭ Minor612A96
482StarsRothyF Minor64A137
483Stars - InstrumentalRothyA♭ Major44B138
484ENFP (Back to You X Rothy)RothyF♯ Minor611A172
485Our RoadRothyB♭ Major66B134
486COLD LOVERothyE♭ Major65B140
487HELLORothyF♯ Minor511A73
488Flower (Prod. ROCOBERRY)RothyB♭ Major36B140
489BEERothyF♯ Major82B189
490Beautiful DaysRothyG Major69B140
491TemperatureRothyC Major58B108
492Blossom FlowerRothyE Major412B93
493BEE - InstrumentalRothyF♯ Major72B190
494BurningRothyF♯ Minor911A97
495Lost TimeRothyF Minor54A80
496StarsRothyF Minor64A137
497SULLAERothyG Major69B142
498Lost Time - InstrumentalRothyF Minor44A81
499Burning - InstrumentalRothyF♯ Minor811A97
500FantasticHenryF Minor84A100
501Bad Girl (feat. CHANYEOL of EXO)Henry, CHANYEOLF Major77B94
502Need You NowHenry, HoyaB Minor710A90
503SaturdayHenryA Major811B126
504ButterflyHenry, SEULGIG Minor86A88
505자꾸 자꾸 (You)HenryB Minor610A105
506TRUST YOUR PACEHenryA♭ Major64B78
507RadioHenryC Major88B147
508RADIOHenryC Major88B147
509HANDS UP (Feat. pH-1)Henry, pH-1F Minor84A101
510RIGHT NOWHenryC Major78B155
511JUST BE MEHenryG Major79B110
512COME OVER (Feat. GRAY, KIM GO EUN, PARK NA RAE, Joon Park, LeeHi, Jeon Hyun Moo, Jessi, HAN HYE JIN)Henry, GRAY, KIM GO EUN, PARK NA RAE, Joon Park, LeeHi, Jeon Hyun Moo, Jessi, HAN HYE JINE♭ Major75B171
513RADIO (Instrumental)HenryC Major78B147
514CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! - From The Original TV Show "Begin Again Korea" Ep. 3HenryB Major81B113
515Nice ThingsFar East Movement, Henry, AlunaGeorgeB Major71B75
516Thinking of YouHenryF Major87B114
517Monster - English VersionHenryA Major411B87
518TrapHenry, KYUHYUN, TAEMINF Minor94A88
519Anbu (feat.CHANYEOL)Lee Sun Hee, CHANYEOLD♭ Major33B144
520CamelliaLee Sun HeeC Minor25A173
521Spring dayLee Sun HeeA♭ Minor51A123
522I am in loveLee Sun HeeB♭ Major46B130
523My youthful daysLee Sun HeeD Major410B82
524MamaLee Sun HeeD♭ Major53B132
525Rewind - Korean VersionZHOUMI, CHANYEOLG Major69B98
526Why (Color-blind) - Korean VersionZHOUMIB Minor910A152
527Without YouZHOUMIB♭ Major86B146
528一人的寂寞 (Lovesick)ZHOUMIG Major39B85
529爱上你 (Loving You)ZHOUMI, f(Victoria)A♭ Major94B107
530Love TonightZHOUMI, TaoC Major88B116
531RewindZHOUMI, TaoA Minor68A98
532Why (Color-blind)ZHOUMIB Minor910A152
533Fighter (feat. Yoonmirae & Autolaser)Far East Movement, Autolaser, Yoon MiraeB Major61B158
534Freal Luv (feat. Marshmello, Chanyeol & Tinashe)Far East Movement, CHANYEOL, Marshmello, TinasheA♭ Minor81A145
535F-VR (feat. Candice Pillay & No Riddim)Far East Movement, Candice Pillay, No RiddimA♭ Major94B140
536Church (feat. Elijah Blake)Far East Movement, Elijah BlakeA Minor58A145
537Don't Speak (feat. Tiffany & King Chain)Far East Movement, KING CHAIN, TIFFANYC Minor85A135
538SXWME (feat. Jay Park)Far East Movement, Jay ParkD♭ Major73B109
539Umbrella (feat. Hyolyn & Gill Chang)Far East Movement, Gill Chang, HyolynA Major711B90
540Double Dip (feat. Soulja Boy & Loco)Far East Movement, Loco, Soulja BoyA Minor88A140
541FBG$ (feat. Big K.R.I.T. & MIKNNA)Far East Movement, Big K.R.I.T., MIKNNAA♭ Major64B110
542Forever Survivor (feat. Macy Gray)Far East Movement, Macy GrayE Major712B130
543Fortress (feat. Urban Zakapa)Far East Movement, Urban ZakapaC Major98B147
544Unpretty Rapstar (Don't stop) [(Prod. by D.O]HEIZE, KASPER, Ash-B, Hyolyn, GILME, YEZI, KittiB, Sua, YooBin, TruedyD Major1010B97
545Me, MySelf & I ( Verbal Jint)HEIZE, Jessi, RealslowF♯ Major82B100
546If it wasn't for music ( Verbal Jint)Truedy, CHEETAHB♭ Minor73A99
547Solo (Prod. by Jay Park‚ Cha Cha Malone) - RemixYEZI, Jay Park, LocoE Major612B102
548Money (Prod. by Jay Park‚ Cha Cha Malone)Hyolyn, Geegooin, Jay ParkB♭ Minor83A135
549Bandz Up (Prod. by Dok2)Truedy, Dok2E Minor89A154
550Ssakda (Prod. by The Quiett)YooBin, The QuiettB♭ Minor93A92
551Chaos (Prod. by YDG)KittiB, Mircrodot, YDGB Minor910A84
552Pride (Prod. by Brave Brothers)Truedy, GummyD♭ Major93B100
553My LoveHyolyn, BasickA Major811B87
554Don't Make MoneyHEIZE, CHANYEOLB♭ Minor83A100
555This Ain’t MeJenyer, JUNG ILHOONA Minor98A156
556RRF (Ronda Rousey Flow)KittiBB Major101B124
557Listen UpYEZI, HanhaeE Minor99A128
558Who Am IYubin, Hyun-A JoB♭ Minor83A95
559WHO AM ISua, SUHYUNA Minor98A97
560Ruedy BoogieTruedy, Tiffany YoungD♭ Minor812A95
561FadedDevine Channel, Loopy, CHANYEOLC Major78B160
562MakmalDevine Channel, Gaeko, Gwangil JoD Major710B72
563Post It! (Feat. Lil Cherry, GOLDBUUDA)Devine Channel, Lil Cherry, GOLDBUUDAB♭ Minor83A90
564PeachesKAIF♯ Major82B134
565VanillaKAIA♭ Major54B128
566DominoKAIB Major71B102
567Come InKAIE Minor69A140
568To Be HonestKAIG Major79B98
569BlueKAIF♯ Minor511A142
570MmmhKAIG Minor76A137
571Nothing On MeKAIB Minor610A105
572AmnesiaKAID Major710B142
573ReasonKAIA♭ Minor71A204
574Ride Or DieKAIC Major98B148
575Hello StrangerKAID Minor77A152
576O2SUHOA Major611B140
577Let’s LoveSUHOF♯ Minor711A134
578Made In YouSUHOD♭ Major73B150
579Starry NightSUHOF Major57B136
580Self-PortraitSUHOC Major78B80
581For You NowSUHO, YounhaB♭ Major46B103
582DinnerSUHO, Jane JangD♭ Major63B110
583커튼 CurtainSUHO, Youngjoo SongE Minor39A134
584Love SceneBAEKHYUND Minor57A90
585BambiBAEKHYUNG Minor66A61
586All I GotBAEKHYUNE♭ Major65B150
587Amusement ParkBAEKHYUNF Major67B85
588PrivacyBAEKHYUNF Minor74A84
589Cry For LoveBAEKHYUND♭ Minor712A136
590CandyBAEKHYUNB Minor810A150
591R U Ridin’?BAEKHYUND♭ Major93B192
592BungeeBAEKHYUNC Major88B94
593UnderwaterBAEKHYUNE Minor79A98
594Poppin’BAEKHYUNG Major69B103
595GhostBAEKHYUNG Minor96A100
596Love AgainBAEKHYUNE Minor69A95
597UN VillageBAEKHYUNF♯ Minor611A84
598Stay UpBAEKHYUN, BeenzinoD Minor87A155
599BetchaBAEKHYUNA Major711B102
600Ice QueenBAEKHYUNB Minor810A105
601DiamondBAEKHYUNF Minor84A136
602Psycho - Bonus TrackBAEKHYUNE♭ Minor92A110
603Get You AloneBAEKHYUNC Minor85A110
604AddictedBAEKHYUNG Minor86A90
606DrownBAEKHYUND♭ Minor812A106
607DisappearedBAEKHYUNG Major69B170
608StarsBAEKHYUNA Minor78A91
609Runner (feat. CHANGMO)T1, Raiden, BAEKHYUN, CHANGMOD♭ Minor812A150
610두근거려 (Beautiful)BAEKHYUNA Major611B79
611DreamSuzy, BAEKHYUNE Major512B49
612Take You HomeBAEKHYUNF♯ Minor611A88
613YOUNGLoco, BAEKHYUNF♯ Minor711A63
614Garden In The AirBAEKHYUNC Major78B96
615happyBAEKHYUNG Major49B133
616Is it me?BAEKHYUNE♭ Minor62A67
617UBAEKHYUNF♯ Major52B136
618FlowerCHEND Major410B124
619Beautiful goodbyeCHENE♭ Major35B130
620Sorry not sorryCHENB♭ Major36B136
621Love wordsCHENE Major612B140
622I'll be thereCHEND♭ Major33B72
623Portrait of youCHEND♭ Major33B124
624Shall we?CHENE Major412B140
625My dearCHENA Major511B134
626AmaranthCHENC Major28B144
627Hold you tightCHENC Major48B77
628You never knowCHENB♭ Major26B70
629Good nightCHENB Major31B145
630HelloCHENE♭ Major45B144
631HurtBAEKHYUN, Seo Moon TakD♭ Minor712A76
632I'm Not OkayCHENB Major61B68
633YouDynamicduo, CHENF Minor74A120
634YouXIUMINE Major612B75
635Young & FreeXIUMIN, MARKC Major88B100
636That's okayD.O.G Major49B130
637Tell Me (What Is Love)D.O., YOO YOUNG JIND♭ Minor812A120
638RoseD.O.C Major48B75
639I'm Gonna Love YouD.O., WonsteinC Minor45A200
640My LoveD.O.F Major57B90
641It's LoveD.O.E Minor49A150
642DadD.O.B Major51B67
643I'm FineD.O.B Minor410A85
644Rose - English VersionD.O.C Major48B74
645Si Fueras MíaD.O.E Minor49A150
646HoneyLAYA♭ Minor51A90
647BadLAYB Minor710A117
648Amusement ParkLAYB Minor610A131
649和你LAYA♭ Minor51A90
650SHEEPLAYG Major89B90
651I NEED ULAYF Minor74A100
652PEACHLAYF Minor84A150
653HANDLAYF♯ Major72B128
654BOSSLAYA♭ Major64B100
655SHAKELAYC Major88B110
656TOO MUCHLAYA Minor88A120
657MASKLAYD Major610B140
659X BACKLAYB Minor710A143
660集結號LAYG Major49B120
661夢不落雨林LAYB♭ Minor93A110
662愛到這LAYB Minor710A160
663催眠術LAYC Minor75A136
664愛的引力LAYA♭ Major84B110
665堅持LAYF Minor64A110
666幸福上癮LAYG Major69B100
667麻婆豆腐LAYC Major78B125
668香水LAYG Minor76A110
669快門回溯LAYG Minor76A166
670貝殼女孩LAYD♭ Major73B105
671The Assembly CallLAYG Major49B120
672NAMANANALAYB♭ Minor93A110
673Give Me A ChanceLAYB Minor710A160
674Lay U DownLAYC Minor75A136
675Save YouLAYF Minor84A110
676Hold OnLAYA♭ Major64B110
677Thing For YouLAYG Major69B100
678Mapo TofuLAYC Major78B125
679FlavorLAYG Minor66A110
680Don’t Let Me GoLAYG Minor76A166
681TattooLAYD♭ Major73B105
682飛天LAYD Major810B120
683JokerLAYD Major710B90
684JoppingSuperMB♭ Minor83A123
685I Can't Stand The RainSuperME Minor99A82
6862 FastSuperMF Minor74A130
687Super CarSuperMA Minor88A155
688No MannersSuperMD Minor67A140
689Jopping - InstrumentalSuperMB♭ Minor63A123
690I Can't Stand The Rain - InstrumentalSuperMG Major89B82
691One (Monster & Infinity)SuperMC Major98B160
692InfinitySuperMA♭ Major94B160
693MonsterSuperMC Major98B160
694Wish You Were HereSuperMA♭ Major74B152
695Big ChanceSuperMB Major81B114
696100SuperMD Major910B115
697Tiger InsideSuperMF Major97B170
698Better DaysSuperMC Major68B73
699Together At HomeSuperMF Minor94A100
700DripSuperME Minor79A102
701Line 'Em UpSuperMG Major99B107
702Dangerous WomanSuperMD♭ Major83B140
703Step UpSuperMC Major78B128
704So LongSuperMB♭ Minor73A125
705With YouSuperMC Minor95A126
706Let’s Go EverywhereSuperMB♭ Major96B110
707We DOSuperMF♯ Minor911A110
708BAD LOVEKEYB Minor910A102
709Yellow TapeKEYD Major810B110
710Hate that…KEY, TAEYEONA♭ Minor81A76
711HeliumKEYF Major77B100
712Saturday NightKEYB Major71B112
713Eighteen (End Of My World)KEYF Major57B150
714One of Those NightsKEY, CrushF Minor64A128
715Good GoodKEYA Major711B95
716HonestKEYF♯ Minor611A98
717Forever YoursKEY, SOYOUC Minor85A108
718ImagineKEYB Minor810A107
719ChemicalsKEYF Minor84A128
720I Will FightKEY, VINXENG Major69B80
721Easy To LoveKEYA♭ Minor71A100
722The Duty of LoveKEYG Major59B112
723This LifeKEYC Major78B125
724I Wanna BeKEY, JEON SOYEONA♭ Major74B129
725Show MeKEYB♭ Minor93A119
726One of Those NightsKEY, CrushF Minor64A128
727Good GoodKEYA Major711B95
728HonestKEYF♯ Minor611A98
729Forever YoursKEY, SOYOUA♭ Major84B108
730ImagineKEYE Minor89A107
731ChemicalsKEYF Minor84A128
732I Will FightKEY, VINXENE Minor69A80
733Easy To LoveKEYA♭ Minor71A100
734The Duty of LoveKEYG Major59B112
735This LifeKEYC Major78B125
736Cold - Bonus TrackKEY, HanhaeD Minor67A90
737HologramKEYD♭ Major103B105
738Why Are You HereKEY, CocoB Minor710A90
739POWERKEYG Major109B116
740City GirlKEYF♯ Major82B98
741群青の夜 〜One of Those Nights〜 - Japanese VersionKEYF Minor74A128
742ColdKEY, HanhaeD Minor77A90
743Forever YoursKEY, SOYOUC Minor85A108
744COOL (From “taxteam38”)KEY, DOYOUNGB Minor910A154
745IDEA (理想)TAEMINB♭ Minor83A121
746HeavenTAEMIND♭ Minor812A83
747ImpressionableTAEMINA♭ Minor61A164
748Be Your EnemyTAEMIN, WENDYE Major712B104
749Think Of YouTAEMINA♭ Major74B104
750Exclusive - Korean VersionTAEMINF Minor84A112
751PansyTAEMINA♭ Major44B78
752I Think It’s LoveTAEMINF Major67B170
753IdentityTAEMINA♭ Minor71A116
754CriminalTAEMIND Major910B116
755Black RoseTAEMIN, Kid MilliF♯ Minor811A130
756StrangersTAEMINB Minor710A109
757Waiting ForTAEMINF♯ Major72B120
758Famous - Korean VersionTAEMING Major89B115
759ClockworkTAEMINC Minor45A68
760Just Me And YouTAEMINB Minor710A106
761NemoTAEMIND Minor77A136
7622 KIDSTAEMIND Major710B104
763WANTTAEMING Major89B105
764Artistic GrooveTAEMINC Major78B100
765ShadowTAEMIND♭ Minor712A100
766TruthTAEMINE Major512B58
767Never ForeverTAEMINF♯ Major62B95
768MonologueTAEMINA♭ Major34B86
769WANT ~Outro~TAEMINA♭ Minor41A123
771Into The RhythmTAEMINF♯ Minor811A110
772Drip Drop - Japanese VersionTAEMIND♭ Major93B112
773Flame of LoveTAEMINF Minor74A130
774Under My SkinTAEMINF♯ Minor711A85
775Danger - Japanese VersionTAEMINA Major811B114
776Better ManTAEMINA♭ Major74B155
777Press Your Number - Japanese VersionTAEMINB♭ Minor83A120
778MARSTAEMIND♭ Minor812A96
779What's This FeelingTAEMINB♭ Minor93A128
781さよならひとりTAEMINF Minor74A92
782MOVETAEMINA♭ Minor71A100
783LoveTAEMIND♭ Minor712A115
784Crazy 4 UTAEMINF Minor64A106
785Heart StopTAEMIN, SEULGID♭ Major83B106
786RiseTAEMINF Major67B81
787ThirstyTAEMINE♭ Minor72A105
788Stone HeartTAEMIND Minor67A140
789Back To YouTAEMIND Major310B75
790Flame of Love - Korean Version, Bonus TrackTAEMINF Minor64A130
791Drip DropTAEMINE♭ Minor92A112
792Press Your NumberTAEMINB♭ Minor83A120
793SoldierTAEMINF Minor64A80
794AlreadyTAEMINB Minor910A143
795Guess WhoTAEMINB Major81B100
796One By OneTAEMINB♭ Major76B115
797Mystery LoverTAEMINA Minor78A174
798Sexuality - Rearranged VersionTAEMINF♯ Major72B105
799Until TodayTAEMIND♭ Major63B115
800HypnosisTAEMIND Major610B138
801AdviceTAEMINA Minor88A162
802LightTAEMINA♭ Minor81A105
803If I could tell youTAEMIN, TAEYEONA♭ Major84B170
804StringsTAEMINE Minor59A80
806My DayTAEMINF♯ Major32B80
8072 KIDSTAEMIND Major710B104
808FamousTAEMING Major89B115
809SlaveTAEMIND Minor57A120
810TeaseTAEMINC Major88B110
811ExclusiveTAEMINF Minor84A112
812It's youTAEMING Minor76A170
813ColoursTAEMINC Major98B95
814MARSTAEMIND♭ Minor812A96
816Day and NightTAEMINE Minor79A92
817Snow FlowerTAEMIND♭ Major43B136
818I’m CryingTAEMINF Major77B76
819HypnosisTAEMIND Major610B140
820Day and Night - InstrumentalTAEMINE Minor79A92
821Thirsty - OFF-SICK Concert VersionTAEMINE♭ Minor72A105
822Flame of LoveTAEMINF Minor64A130
823I'm CryingTAEMINF Major67B76
824Do It BabyTAEMINC Major88B120
825DOORTAEMINA♭ Major84B88
826いつかここでTAEMINC Major38B119
827Goodbye - さよならひとり Korean VersionTAEMINF Minor74A92
828さよならひとりTAEMINF Minor74A92
829Press Your Number - Japanese VersionTAEMINB♭ Minor83A120
830TIGERTAEMINE Minor109A140
832世界で一番愛した人TAEMIND Major510B140
833NamedJONGHYUN, TAEMINF♯ Major62B108
834AceTAEMINA♭ Minor81A112
835괴도 (Danger)TAEMIND♭ Major73B114
836ExperienceTAEMIND♭ Major103B128
837Pretty BoyTAEMIN, KAIB Major91B87
838거절할게 (Wicked)TAEMIND Major910B106
839소나타 (Play Me)TAEMIND♭ Minor612A86
840BlueONEWC Minor25A130
841Your ScentONEWC Major58B129
842Under The StarlightONEWF♯ Major52B132
843SignONEWC Major58B101
844IllusionONEWG Major49B133
845Shine On YouONEWG Major39B135
846TimepieceONEWE Major312B130
847WayONEW, PunchD Major410B120
848빛이 나 Shinin'JONGHYUNC Major98B115
849환상통 Only One You NeedJONGHYUNC Minor85A114
850와플 #HashtagJONGHYUND♭ Minor512A105
851기름때 GreaseJONGHYUND♭ Major83B140
852Take The DiveJONGHYUNE Minor79A105
853사람 구경 중 SightseeingJONGHYUND Major910B85
854RewindJONGHYUNA Minor78A118
855하루만이라도 Just for a dayJONGHYUNB Major81B100
856어떤 기분이 들까 I’m So CuriousJONGHYUNF Minor64A100
857SentimentalJONGHYUNG Minor66A83
858우린 봄이 오기 전에 Before Our SpringJONGHYUNE♭ Major25B104
859LonelyJONGHYUN, TAEYEONE♭ Major55B87
8601000JONGHYUNF Major37B84
861Just ChillJONGHYUNC Major88B97
862Love Is So NiceJONGHYUNG Major69B85
863Blinking GameJONGHYUNE♭ Major45B120
864ElevatorJONGHYUNC Minor35A104
865Let Me OutJONGHYUNF Minor84A128
866FireplaceJONGHYUNA♭ Minor61A128
867Our SeasonJONGHYUNF♯ Major42B83
868좋아 She isJONGHYUNC Major78B120
869White T-ShirtJONGHYUNC Major88B121
870우주가 있어 OrbitJONGHYUNB♭ Minor83A87
871MoonJONGHYUNA♭ Minor61A125
873Dress UpJONGHYUNF Minor94A97
874CocktailJONGHYUND♭ Minor812A124
876Suit UpJONGHYUNE♭ Major75B95
877End of a dayJONGHYUNE♭ Major35B126
878U & IJONGHYUNA♭ Major64B110
879Like YouJONGHYUNB Minor710A97
880Diphylleia grayiJONGHYUND♭ Major23B65
881Happy BirthdayJONGHYUND Minor37A89
882I’m sorryJONGHYUND Major310B113
8832:34JONGHYUNC Major98B90
884FineJONGHYUND Minor77A170
885Maybe tomorrowJONGHYUNG Major49B110
886데자-부 (Déjà-Boo)JONGHYUN, Zion.TF Major77B108
887Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)JONGHYUN, IronD♭ Major93B181
888할렐루야 (Hallelujah)JONGHYUND Minor87A128
889Love BeltJONGHYUN, YounhaB Minor610A90
891일인극 (MONO-Drama)JONGHYUNE Minor89A145
892시간이 늦었어 (Beautiful Tonight) - Bonus TrackJONGHYUNB Major61B77
893InspirationJONGHYUNA♭ Minor91A128
894한마디 Your VoiceJONGHYUN, HeritageC Major58B97
895사랑해 이 말 밖엔JONGHYUNF♯ Minor711A108
896I guess now it's the fall (From "Monthly Live Connection Track 2")JONGHYUN, YoungbaeD♭ Major53B96
897ElevatorJONGHYUNE♭ Major35B105
898SheJONGHYUND Major810B110
899AtlantisSHINeeD Major810B110
900CØDESHINeeD♭ Minor812A102
901Don't Call MeSHINeeD Major810B82
902AreaSHINeeF♯ Minor711A95
903Heart AttackSHINeeB♭ Minor83A110
904Marry YouSHINeeF♯ Minor611A78
905Days and YearsSHINeeC Minor85A95
906I Really Want YouSHINeeF Major97B118
907Kiss KissSHINeeE Minor79A113
908AttentionSHINeeF♯ Minor811A116
909Body RhythmSHINeeA♭ Minor81A84
910KindSHINeeC Major68B166
911All Day All NightSHINeeD♭ Minor812A130
912CountlessSHINeeB♭ Minor83A97
913Good EveningSHINeeA♭ Major84B120
914ChemistrySHINeeF♯ Major82B88
915ElectricSHINeeF♯ Minor611A106
916Who Waits For LoveSHINeeF Major87B93
917Our PageSHINeeF Minor84A107
918I SaySHINeeE Major412B100
919RetroSHINeeD♭ Minor812A91
920DriveSHINeeC Minor75A110
921I Want YouSHINeeE Major712B123
922UndercoverSHINeeC Minor65A128
923JUMPSHINeeC Major68B122
924TonightSHINeeC Major78B140
925You & ISHINeeC Minor55A84
926Lock You Down - Special TrackSHINeeD♭ Major83B120
927GentlemanSHINeeG Minor86A98
928Mr. Right GuySHINeeF Minor94A115
929ABOABSHINeeE♭ Minor92A124
930君のせいでSHINeeG Minor96A108
931Do Me RightSHINeeA Minor98A200
932Become UndoneSHINeeC Minor95A164
933Get The TreasureSHINeeF♯ Minor911A115
9341 of 1 - Japanese Ver.SHINeeF Minor94A108
935Nothing To LoseSHINeeD Major910B110
936MelodySHINeeF Major77B120
937Winter WonderlandSHINeeA♭ Major74B158
938Diamond SkySHINeeB♭ Minor83A128
939Tell Me What To DoSHINeeG Major99B125
940별빛 바램 Wish Upon a StarSHINeeB Major31B134
941한마디 Beautiful LifeSHINeeB Minor710A92
942RescueSHINeeB♭ Minor73A100
943If You Love HerSHINeeG Minor36A96
944Tell Me What To Do - InstrumentalSHINeeE Minor99A125
945별빛 바램 Wish Upon a Star - InstrumentalSHINeeB Major21B134
946한마디 Beautiful Life - InstrumentalSHINeeD Major510B92
947Rescue - InstrumentalSHINeeB♭ Minor63A100
948If You Love Her - InstrumentalSHINeeE♭ Major25B96
949PrismSHINeeB Minor910A138
9501 of 1SHINeeF Minor94A108
951Feel GoodSHINeeA♭ Major74B110
952투명 우산 Don't Let Me GoSHINeeG Major99B92
953LipstickSHINeeD♭ Major83B97
954Don't StopSHINeeA♭ Major74B115
955SHIFTSHINeeC Minor95A125
956U Need MeSHINeeD♭ Major83B110
957So Amazing (Special Track)SHINeeD Major910B110
958D×D×DSHINeeG Major89B128
959Wishful ThinkingSHINeeB Minor910A186
960WANTEDSHINeeF♯ Major92B82
962View - Japanese ver.SHINeeB Minor810A124
963Your NumberSHINeeC Minor95A101
964Good Good FeelingSHINeeA♭ Major94B114
965PhotographSHINeeE Major1012B159
966Sweet SurpriseSHINeeA Major711B83
967Sing Your SongSHINeeC Major88B150
968Moon DropSHINeeF Major67B75
969LOVESHINeeF Major67B148
970Married To The MusicSHINeeB♭ Minor93A115
971SAVIORSHINeeE Minor89A128
972Odd EyeSHINeeF Minor74A136
973Love SickSHINeeD♭ Major83B99
974ViewSHINeeF♯ Minor811A124
975RomanceSHINeeF♯ Major92B124
976TriggerSHINeeG Major99B140
977이별의 길 Farewell My LoveSHINeeF♯ Major62B130
978너의 노래가 되어 An Ode To YouSHINeeE Major312B175
979Hold YouSHINeeF Major87B92
980AliveSHINeeG Major89B75
981Woof WoofSHINeeF Minor94A118
982ChocolateSHINeeA Minor78A95
983Black HoleSHINeeC Minor105A117
984재연 An EncoreSHINeeE♭ Major85B118
985Downtown BabySHINeeA Minor108A131
986LUCKY STARSHINeeA♭ Major94B120
987Everybody - Japanese ver.SHINeeC Minor95A126
988PicassoSHINeeC Major98B128
9893 2 1SHINeeC Minor95A148
990365SHINeeD♭ Minor912A96
991Sunny Day HeroSHINeeA Major911B126
992Perfect 10SHINeeB Minor810A127
993BounceSHINeeG Major99B110
994Dream Girl - Japanese ver.SHINeeC Major98B124
995Colors of the seasonSHINeeE Major712B128
996Boys Meet USHINeeB Minor710A118
997EverybodySHINeeA♭ Major94B126
998상사병 (Symptoms)SHINeeC Minor95A120
999빗 속 뉴욕 (Queen of New York)SHINeeA Major911B118
10001분만 (One Minute Back)SHINeeD♭ Major83B97
1001DestinationSHINeeG Major99B92
1002닫아줘 (Close the Door)SHINeeF♯ Minor611A189
1003ColorfulSHINeeB Minor1010A122
1004SpoilerSHINeeA Minor88A105
1005Dream GirlSHINeeB Minor910A124
1006HitchhikingSHINeeB♭ Minor93A109
1007Punch Drunk LoveSHINeeD♭ Major83B105
1008Girls, Girls, GirlsSHINeeD Major910B172
1009AsideSHINeeD♭ Major93B100
1010BeautifulSHINeeG Major99B125
1011DynamiteSHINeeD♭ Major73B125
1012RunawaySHINeeC Major98B126
1013Selene 6.23SHINeeE♭ Major75B148
1014NightmareSHINeeA♭ Major94B120
1015Why So Serious?SHINeeF♯ Major102B110
1016SHINe (MedusaⅠ)SHINeeF Minor94A101
1017OrgelSHINeeA Minor68A105
1018Dangerous (Medusa Ⅱ)SHINeeB Minor810A118
1019Like A FireSHINeeD♭ Major83B122
1020Excuse Me MissSHINeeG Major69B93
1021EvilSHINeeB♭ Minor93A125
1022Sleepless NightSHINeeG Major49B132
1023Better OffSHINeeA Minor88A85
1024PasswordSHINeeD Major910B98
1025Breaking NewsSHINeeE♭ Minor102A124
1026Dazzling GirlSHINeeB Major91B130
10271000年、ずっとそばにいて...SHINeeD♭ Minor912A110
1028Run With MeSHINeeB Minor910A108
1029Kiss YoSHINeeA Major1011B160
1030君がいる世界SHINeeD♭ Major73B174
1031Keeping love againSHINeeD♭ Major93B98
1032BURNING UP!SHINeeG Minor96A120
1033Sherlock - Japanese ver.SHINeeF Minor94A107
1034FireSHINeeA♭ Major94B168
1035I'm with youSHINeeC Major68B204
1036NightmareSHINeeA♭ Major94B120
1037Why So Serious?SHINeeF♯ Major102B110
1038SHINe (Medusa I)SHINeeF Minor94A101
1039OrgelSHINeeA Minor68A105
1040Dangerous (Medusa II)SHINeeB Minor810A118
1041Like A FireSHINeeD♭ Major83B122
1042Excuse Me MissSHINeeG Major69B93
1043EvilSHINeeB♭ Minor93A125
1044Sleepless NightSHINeeG Major49B132
1045SpoilerSHINeeA Minor88A105
1046Dream GirlSHINeeB Minor910A124
1047히치하이킹 (Hitchhiking)SHINeeB♭ Minor93A109
1048Punch Drunk LoveSHINeeD♭ Major83B105
1049Girls, Girls, GirlsSHINeeD Major910B172
1050방백 (Aside)SHINeeD♭ Major93B100
1051아름다워 (Beautiful)SHINeeG Major99B125
1052다이너마이트 (Dynamite)SHINeeD♭ Major73B125
1053RunawaySHINeeC Major98B126
1054Sherlock (Clue + Note)SHINeeD♭ Major93B107
1055ClueSHINeeD♭ Major93B107
1056NoteSHINeeF Minor94A107
1057Alarm ClockSHINeeF Minor94A94
1058The ReasonSHINeeB Major71B133
1059Stranger - Korean VersionSHINeeA Minor88A128
1060HonestySHINeeE Major312B116
1061LUCIFERSHINeeB Minor910A125
1062Amigo - Japanese ver.SHINeeB Minor910A117
1063JULIETTESHINeeB Minor910A109
1064BETTERSHINeeG Minor96A81
1065To Your HeartSHINeeC Minor105A101
1066Always LoveSHINeeF♯ Major72B88
1067Replay -君は僕のeverything-SHINeeD♭ Major73B100
1068STARTSHINeeA♭ Major84B125
1069Love Like OxygenSHINeeF Major87B98
1070HelloSHINeeF Major67B97
1071The SHINee WorldSHINeeD♭ Major83B112
1072SeesawSHINeeC Minor95A96
1073StrangerSHINeeA Minor88A128
1074LUCIFERSHINeeB Minor910A125
1075HelloSHINeeF Major77B97
1076ONESHINeeB♭ Major56B128
1077Get ItSHINeeD♭ Major73B94
1078UP&DOWNSHINeeD Major810B115
1079Electric HeartSHINeeA♭ Major84B108
1080A-YoSHINeeA♭ Major94B85
1081ObsessionSHINeeD Minor87A75
1082QuasimodoSHINeeF Minor64A141
1083Shout OutSHINeeD♭ Major73B107
1084WOWOWOWSHINeeE Major812B92
1085Your NameSHINeeG Major69B90
1086LifeSHINeeC Major68B124
1087Ready or NotSHINeeE Minor99A128
1088Love PainSHINeeF♯ Major82B120
1089Love Still Goes OnSHINeeE Minor99A115
1090AMIGOSHINeeB Minor810A117
1091Forever or NeverSHINeeD♭ Major73B90
1092Love like OxygenSHINeeC Major88B197
1093Love Should go on (Plugged by DJ Oneshot)SHINeeF Major97B100
1094ReplaySHINeeD♭ Major83B100
1095ROMANTICSHINeeD Minor77A128
1096Love's WaySHINeeA♭ Major84B139
1097One For MeSHINeeD♭ Major83B100
1098GrazeSHINeeC Minor85A84
1099Last Gift (In My Room-Prelude)SHINeeG Major59B117
1100Best PlaceSHINeeA♭ Major74B95
1101Y Si Fuera EllaSHINeeD♭ Major53B76
1102Four SeasonsSHINeeB♭ Major76B122
1103In My Room - Unplugged RemixSHINeeD♭ Minor512A134
1104The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)SHINeeD♭ Major83B112
1105SUPERSTARSHINeeF Minor84A110
1106CloserSHINeeB Major61B105
1107Don’t Call Me - Japanese VersionSHINeeC Minor85A82
1108AtlantisSHINeeD Major810B110
1109SEASONSSHINeeC Major78B136
1110Sunny SideSHINeeC Major48B143
1111TAILSUNMIA Major911B125
1112What The FlowerSUNMIF Major67B95
1113Shivers (feat. Jessi & SUNMI)Ed Sheeran, Jessi, SUNMID Major910B141
1114Go or Stop?SUNMIB Major101B127
1115You can't sit with usSUNMID Minor87A145
1116SUNNYSUNMIA♭ Major94B118
11171/6SUNMID Major810B123
1118CallSUNMIC Minor95A120
1119NarcissismSUNMIC Major88B115
1120BorderlineSUNMIB♭ Minor73A113
1121When We Disco (Duet with SUNMI)J.Y. Park, SUNMIA♭ Minor91A132
1122pporappippam 보라빛 밤SUNMID♭ Minor812A120
1123Gotta GoSUNMIC Minor65A131
1124LALALAY 날라리SUNMIB Minor810A110
1125Noir 누아르SUNMIA♭ Minor71A117
1126ADDICTSUNMIE Minor99A100
1127SirenSUNMIA Minor98A122
1128Curve 곡선SUNMIC Minor85A95
1129Black PearlSUNMIA♭ Minor61A100
1130Secret Tape 비밀테이프SUNMIG Major39B134
1131HeroineSUNMIG Major89B122
1132GashinaSUNMIF♯ Major82B94
1133보름달SUNMI, LenaA♭ Minor101A176
113424시간이 모자라SUNMID♭ Major83B126
1135burnSUNMIF♯ Minor711A128
1136내가 누구SUNMI, 유빈 of Wonder GirlsE Minor89A120
1137멈춰버린 시간SUNMI, Jackson WangG Major59B140
1138그게 너라면SUNMIF♯ Minor811A90
113924시간이 모자라SUNMID♭ Major83B126
1140I'm Not CoolHyunAB Major81B116
1141GOOD GIRLHyunAC Major98B118
1142Show WindowHyunAA♭ Minor61A105
1143Party, Feel, Love (Feat. DAWN)HyunA, DAWN 던F Minor54A140
1144FLOWER SHOWERHyunAC Major68B100
1145FLOWER SHOWERHyunAC Major58B100
1146Lip & HipHyunAB Minor810A113
1147PARTY (FOLLOW ME) (Feat. WooSeok Of PENTAGON)HyunAF Minor94A98
1148BABEHyunAD♭ Minor812A110
1149Purple (With E'dawn Of PENTAGON)HyunAA♭ Major84B150
1150DARTHyunAF Minor94A105
1151MirrorHyunAC Major68B127
1152U&ME♡HyunAF Minor74A103
1153How's thisHyunAF♯ Major92B100
1154Do it!HyunAA Minor98A166
1155Morning gloryHyunA, Isle QimG Major59B83
1156FreakyHyunAF♯ Major92B90
1157WolfHyunA, HanhaeE♭ Minor82A122
1158Say you love meGina, HyunAB Minor910A142
1159Run & Run (Intro)HyunAD Major710B98
1160Cause I'm God GirlHyunA, Il Hoon JungE Minor89A102
1161Ice IceHyunA, Ji Dam YookA♭ Minor91A100
1162Get Outta My HouseHyunA, Jung Yeol KwonE Major612B97
1163SereneHyunAF♯ Minor511A140
1164A TalkHyunAD♭ Minor612A99
1165FRENCH KISSHyunAB Minor910A124
1166RedHyunAA Major911B164
1167Blacklist (Feat. LE)HyunA, LEG Major89B105
1168Straight UpHyunAB♭ Minor93A107
1169Ice Cream (Feat. Maboos)HyunA, MaboosB Major91B120
1170Green Apple (Feat. Il Hoon Jung of BTOB)HyunA, Il Hoon Jung of BTOBE Major912B126
1171Dear BoyfriendHyunAC Major78B134
1172Very Hot (Feat. Ri Won)HyunA, Ri WonD♭ Major73B82
1173AttentionHyunAB Minor1010A110
1174Bubble Pop!HyunAB♭ Minor93A146
1175DowntownHyunA, Ji Yoon JunD♭ Minor912A138
1176A Bitter DayHyunA, Jun Hyung Yong & G.NAC Major88B96
1177Just FollowHyunA, Dok2B Minor810A92
1178A Bitter Day (Feat. Jun Hyung Yong & G.NA)HyunA, Jun Hyung Yong & G.NAC Major88B96
1179Change (Feat. Jun Hyung Yong From BEAST)HyunA, Jun Hyung Yong From BEASTD♭ Major83B125
1180HelloTVXQ!F Minor84A180
1181ManipulateTVXQ!F Minor94A176
1182Hot SauceTVXQ!A♭ Major94B120
1183Six in the morningTVXQ!C Major68B89
1184Hot Hot HotTVXQ!G Major89B122
1185MasterTVXQ!F Minor94A134
1186目隠しTVXQ!A♭ Minor71A130
1187EverydayTVXQ!C Major78B96
1188ホタルの涙TVXQ!F♯ Major32B114
1189Crimson SagaTVXQ!C Major98B88
1190GuiltyTVXQ!B♭ Minor93A94
1191ミラーズTVXQ!D♭ Major103B95
1192JealousTVXQ!F♯ Minor611A89
1193雪降る夜のバラードTVXQ!D♭ Major33B80
1194Pay it forwardTVXQ!B♭ Major76B75
1195TruthTVXQ!D♭ Minor712A95
1196Sooner Than LaterTVXQ!, The QuiettB Minor710A105
1197Jelly LoveTVXQ!D Minor67A145
1198Morning SunTVXQ!F Minor74A105
1199City Lights (U-Know Solo)TVXQ!, TAEYONGD♭ Minor612A140
1200Beautiful Stranger (MAX Solo)TVXQ!A Major511B132
1201CircleTVXQ!A♭ Major84B90
1202Make A ChangeTVXQ!B Minor910A152
1203Yippie Ki YayTVXQ!A Major711B170
1204ShowtimeTVXQ!F Minor94A93
1205運命(The Chance of Love)TVXQ!F♯ Minor711A112
1206明日は来るから - TOMORROW VersionTVXQ!C Major78B78
1207Get goingTVXQ!C Major98B113
1208JungleTVXQ!A Major811B145
1209Reboot - Long VersionTVXQ!G Minor96A128
1210TriggerTVXQ!E♭ Minor82A172
1211Electric LoveTVXQ!A♭ Major84B114
1212This is my loveTVXQ!E♭ Major95B134
1213RoadTVXQ!D Major710B80
1214Begin - Again VersionTVXQ!F♯ Major62B132
1215평행선 Love LineTVXQ!D♭ Major63B112
1216운명 The Chance of LoveTVXQ!F♯ Minor711A112
1217다 지나간다… BrokenTVXQ!G Major89B87
1218Only For YouTVXQ!E Minor99A123
1219퍼즐 Puzzle (U-KNOW Solo)TVXQ!C Minor85A126
1220Closer (MAX Solo)TVXQ!F Minor54A124
1221BounceTVXQ!B Minor810A108
1222Wake Me UpTVXQ!D♭ Minor912A170
1223게으름뱅이 LazybonesTVXQ!F♯ Minor411A130
1224새벽 공기 Without YouTVXQ!A♭ Major64B135
1225Sun & RainTVXQ!D Major310B120
1226현기증 VertigoTVXQ!E Minor99A105
1227샴페인 Champagne - U-Know SoloTVXQ!F♯ Minor811A120
1228Rise As One - MAX SoloTVXQ!F♯ Major72B128
1229비를 타고... Everyday It RainsTVXQ!D♭ Major93B87
1230Smile 웨딩드레스TVXQ!F Major97B101
1231너는 내꺼 Top of The WorldTVXQ!D Major810B92
1232Apology - MAX SoloTVXQ!D♭ Major53B126
1233Komplikated - U-Know SoloTVXQ!A♭ Major84B122
1234DominusTVXQ!D♭ Major93B98
1235Lucky StarTVXQ!F Minor84A94
1236Refuse to lose - IntroductionTVXQ!E Minor99A97
1237SpinningTVXQ!D♭ Major93B109
1238Believe In UTVXQ!C Major78B96
1239SURISURI [Spellbound]TVXQ!A Minor108A180
1240Time Works WondersTVXQ!F Major87B174
1241DIRTTVXQ!B Minor810A90
1242I just can't quit myselfTVXQ!C Major98B180
1243ChandelierTVXQ!D♭ Major53B74
1244Baby, don't cryTVXQ!A Major811B100
1245AnswerTVXQ!B Minor910A146
1246CallingTVXQ!A Major711B150
1247SweatTVXQ!G Major69B105
1248Special OneTVXQ!A Major911B105
1249With LoveTVXQ!F Major37B78
1250I love you - IntroductionTVXQ!E Major112B101
1251ChampionTVXQ!B Minor910A97
1252Breeding PoisonTVXQ!D Major810B125
1253愛をもっとTVXQ!E Major612B83
1254CheeringTVXQ!D♭ Major73B133
1255SomethingTVXQ!D Minor107A155
1256Good DaysTVXQ!B♭ Major66B172
1257Hide & SeekTVXQ!D♭ Major93B160
1258信じるままTVXQ!B♭ Minor83A101
1259SCREAMTVXQ!D Major710B95
1260Crazy Crazy CrazyTVXQ!D♭ Major93B115
1261OCEANTVXQ!B♭ Minor93A131
1262TREE OF LIFETVXQ!D Major710B84
1263Good-bye for NowTVXQ!G Major59B97
1264수리수리 SpellboundTVXQ!C Major108B180
1265Ten (10 Years)TVXQ!F Minor54A128
1266SomethingTVXQ!D Minor107A155
1267너의 남자 Your ManTVXQ!A Minor108A127
1268오늘밤 Moonlight FantasyTVXQ!D Major910B118
1269그 대신 내가 BesideTVXQ!A♭ Major94B102
1270Double TroubleTVXQ!B Minor810A96
1271Off-RoadTVXQ!D♭ Major73B100
1272Heaven's DayTVXQ!A Minor98A140
1273갈증 Smoky HeartTVXQ!F Major67B129
1274Love AgainTVXQ!D♭ Major73B130
1275뒷모습 Steppin'TVXQ!D♭ Minor712A96