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NEW INDIE ROCK  2021 by harrycatch1 Spotify Playlist


by harrycatch1

Modern indie rock - contains a few older songs - not currently accepting submissions

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1SorryThe SherlocksD♭ Major93B130
2PictureThe K'sC Major108B171
3Burn The EmpireThe SnutsE Minor99A75
4Pipe DreamsTwo Weeks In NashvilleE Major812B131
5HometownSea GirlsC Major98B140
6Kids off the EstateThe ReytonsB Minor910A90
7Places of ResidenceVIALETTERSE Major712B80
8Again AgainSea GirlsA Major911B73
9SearchingKAWALAB Major91B81
10Sex In The CarTwo Weeks In NashvilleF Major97B179
11When I'm With YouInhalerB Minor1010A156
12Moulin RougeThe MatchboxF Minor94A127
13Some Might Say (Live at Knebworth, 11 August '96)OasisD Major910B123
14Same OldBlackWatersG Major89B94
15Not Everybody Thinks We're DoomedBeans on ToastD Major610B124
16The Beachland BallroomIDLESF♯ Minor611A174
17Spit Of YouSam FenderF♯ Minor811A85
18World I UnderstandThe SherlocksC Minor95A74
19CellsVIALETTERSD♭ Major73B145
20Fight On - 2021 MasterThe LathumsB Minor910A152
21LandslideThe ReytonsC Major98B160
22End of the EarthThe SherlocksB Minor910A200
23VibrateRed Rum ClubE Minor79A121
24Oh My LoveThe LathumsF♯ Minor811A178
25Get You DownSam FenderD Major1010B158
26Day By DayM60A Minor28A104
27Too YoungThe AvenuesD♭ Major93B135
28City LightsThe SherlocksD Major910B146
29AddictedThe Night CaféD♭ Major73B110
30About Last NightJake BuggB Minor710A108
31I'll Get ByThe LathumsA Major811B112
32Who Are You?Glass CavesD♭ Major73B122
33Before The StormRosellasB Major91B97
34What Were You Hoping to Find?VistasE Major912B158
35SickSea GirlsC Major78B91
36Funny Way Of Showing ItSpectorC Major68B160
37Cecily’s CageThe EstevansB Major81B150
38God I Miss My FriendsThe HunnaB Major41B80
39Please Don't (In Isolation)Courteeners, BlossomsF Major67B122
40Danny NedelkoIDLESF♯ Major92B102
41The Kitchen - LiveSam FenderA♭ Major94B127
42CarolineMiles KaneF♯ Major82B132
43DisasterRetro Video ClubD♭ Major83B180
44AlwaysThe SnutsG Major99B111
45Switch (Live from Matchbox Productions)The MatchboxA♭ Minor91A146
46Forget MyselfBlackWatersA Minor98A136
47GhostedDeclan Welsh and The Decadent WestE Major712B130
48EleanorRed Rum ClubA Major811B109
49When Did We Get So Normal?SpectorF Major87B144
50Beautiful ShoesThe AvenuesA Major911B144
51Good Days OnlyNick GranelleA Major911B166
52SatellitesWake Up ParadiseE Minor109A148
53Bad DecisionsThe DuntsA Major711B100
54VacationChurch GirlsC Minor95A169
55Storms We FaceChris CoreyD♭ Minor712A113
56The WeddingJames HoltF♯ Major72B121
57Black and BluePAGES.B Minor610A125
58Desolate TownsJarpsyB Minor610A136
59DisconnectThe Vow, Tom WalkerG Major89B150
60Seventeen Going UnderSam FenderD♭ Major93B162
61College RadioMother of EarlD♭ Major63B154
62INSANEAPEXD Major810B130
63Gotta Get BackEasy HoneyB Major51B128
64StaticThe Thing With FeathersB Minor810A117
65Evil PeopleBright Young PeopleG Minor76A153
66I Want To Live In A DreamPaul AllenB♭ Major96B128
67TransplantSea GirlsD Major810B119
68TotallyInhalerD♭ Major73B97
69Not Willing to Sacrifice My LifeKing No-OneD Major810B146
70StephanieGlass CavesD Major710B81
71StrangerVistasA♭ Major94B174
72High FlyerGecko ClubD♭ Minor912A138
73Never EnoughLow HummerD Major810B142
74What Have You Got To LoseThe Magic GangD Minor77A122
75FallingThe SherlocksE Minor109A140
76Jealous TypeThe ReytonsA Minor98A135
77She Walks AloneThe CrooksF♯ Minor611A168
78UntitledJAWSF Major87B104
79Pink SkiesAfflecks PalaceG Major109B103
80LostJake BuggB♭ Major96B124
81Howdon Aldi Death QueueSam FenderD♭ Major93B184
82JunePost-PartyA Major911B88
83TyphoonsRoyal BloodA♭ Minor71A115
84Acting My AgeThe AcademicA Major811B120
85HoneyM60A Major711B156
86Catch You On The Way Back InSpectorC Major98B180
87How Beautiful Life Can Be - Single VersionThe LathumsG Major89B170
88Mixed SignalsThe Night CaféD Minor97A162
89DreamingDENIOG Major79B123
9021The Lottery WinnersF Major97B188
91EscapadeThe SherlocksC Major108B142
92PiecesLarkinsD♭ Minor612A158
93The Future is Not What It WasThe ClockworksE♭ Minor82A156
94Part TimersBrosnanC Major68B130
95This FeelingThe CovasettesD♭ Minor812A103
96Getting Away with ItRedFacesE♭ Major65B166
97Take Back The TrackThe Magic GangA♭ Major84B118
98Moving CarThe AvenuesE Major912B160
99MoviesCirca WavesC Major88B166
100Don't Stop… - DemoOasisD Major610B116
101Sleep WalkerBedroom / BoredomF Major67B125
102Maybe CaliforniaThe SnutsE Major712B135
103Bad PlaceThe HunnaA Major611B133
104BackseatM60E Major512B128
105Everything You GotTen TonnesD♭ Major83B140
106Maybe YesterdaySt. Peter's DreamE Major812B145
107Who's Your Money On? (Plastic House)InhalerF Minor64A126
108WeekendRATSE Major912B140
109FelicityThe Night CaféG Major99B142
110Anything You WantWeird MilkD♭ Minor812A93
111Part Of The ProblemThe AvenuesF Major107B181
112Time of Our LivesThe ClauseA♭ Major104B159
113LemonadeCirca Waves, Alfie TemplemanD Major710B104
114In The MiddleGarden PartyD♭ Major103B150
115A Lucid DreamFontaines D.C.E Minor99A176
116I See Your GhostThe LathumsD♭ Major83B152
117A Better LifeStanleysA♭ Major94B136
118My King Will Be KindInhalerE Minor79A100
119Broken BoyCage The ElephantE Major912B166
120Wrong IdeaThe EstevansB Minor1010A164
121Red SmokeThe ReytonsF♯ Minor811A140
122Death of the PartyThe Magic GangD Major710B112
123DowntownJake BuggE Minor49A120
124Sad But True - LiveSam FenderE♭ Minor32A139
125Believe It or NotThe Royston ClubE Major712B144
126SkyscraperWax-Tree-CastA Major811B147
127GlasgowThe SnutsB Major91B135
128SmokoThe ChatsB Major61B87
129Stranded in StanstedThe ClockworksE Minor79A164
130Cheer Up BabyInhalerA♭ Major94B143
131Why Won't You AdmitSea GirlsG Major79B158
132SixteenThe ClauseG Minor66A157
133Do You Wanna?The MatchboxD♭ Minor812A160
134Birds and the BeezThe DuntsB♭ Major96B93
135Coffee & CigarettesThe SnutsA Minor98A115
136Glass TownsThe K'sD Major1010B184
137UlyssesVIALETTERSB Major81B158
138Slippin'The Magic GangF♯ Major72B94
139Here Comes EverybodyBrosnanC Major88B165
140OceanBrunchBoxC Major78B130
141HaloLiam GallagherC Major108B136
142Trouble’s ComingRoyal BloodD♭ Minor712A112
143This is the PlaceTom GrennanC Major68B142
144Boys In the Better LandFontaines D.C.A Major1011B177
145Times ChangeFull ColourD Major1010B142
146ChillyBedroom / BoredomD♭ Major93B178
147VioletHippo CampusE Major812B168
148Take It or Leave ItRedFacesF♯ Minor711A119
149SilverDMA'SE Major712B119
150Scruffy LoveThe MatchboxD Major510B120
151Honey Hold BackSt. Peter's DreamB Major81B145
152Junk Of The Heart (Happy)The KooksD Major910B145
153SundayMarsicansD♭ Major83B137
154OverlapCatfish and the BottlemenB♭ Minor83A112
155Let Me InStilliaD♭ Major83B135
156Bear ClawsThe AcademicB Minor910A97
157Two Time LoverBlackWatersA Major911B148
158Hold OutSam FenderB Major71B183
159GreenhandsSundara KarmaD Major810B120
160Silent TreatmentSt. Peter's DreamE Major912B102
161GeosminVIALETTERSG Major99B136
16215 YearsVistasB♭ Major96B108
163OctopusBrosnanC Minor65A108
164SeasonsThe SnutsG Major99B148
165Something BeautifulLarkinsD♭ Major73B107
166Back In Love CityThe VaccinesF Minor84A134
167MissionCatfish and the BottlemenA♭ Minor81A128
168Lights out in LondonThe BarrattsF♯ Minor811A178
16918M60F♯ Minor711A140
170Slow DownMARATIMESB Minor810A133
171Got a FeelingThe K'sA Major1011B180
172AlcatrazKing No-OneA Minor68A119
173MatchboxThe KooksA♭ Minor81A87
174BellyachesNo Hot AshesB Minor910A102
175Give Us A TryApheliaD Major610B123
176We Never DieParadise NowE Minor89A127
177All About NowTwo Weeks In NashvilleD Major710B131
178ForeverSea GirlsG Major89B124
179Innovative ThinkingThe TaboosA♭ Minor71A138
180Red EyesThe MatchboxB♭ Minor83A82
181ChemistryRetro Video ClubF Major97B170
182Being AloneBrosnanB Minor910A187
183Too GoodMarsicansG Major79B98
184Grey StreetSpilt MilkD Major710B146
185What Molly WantsSt. Peter's DreamA Major911B165
186Light in the DarkThe RookeryD Major910B140
187How Did You Get Up ThereBedroom / BoredomD Major510B167
188Never EnoughHAiGA♭ Major94B111
189Way It GoesHippo CampusA Major911B120
190SkinThe Silver LinesD Major910B167
191Who You Running From?The Ruby TuesdaysA Major711B155
192Retrospect - Single VersionVistasD♭ Major93B159
193AshtrayM60A Minor78A158
194In My ElementThe ClauseA Minor88A120
195All I Want To Hear You Say - Single VersionSea GirlsD♭ Minor812A124
196I Don't MindM60G Major79B128
197SarajevoThe K'sF♯ Minor911A176
198Best Friend's HousePentireC Minor95A150
199What Are You Dreaming?THE FEENSA Minor98A141
200Slight DelayRivieraE Minor89A121
201From Under Liquid GlassPeaceE Major712B102
202HometownLuna BayA Major811B129
203Will You Be There?The SherlocksG Major99B90
204CoincideCatfish and the BottlemenF♯ Minor911A140
205NovocaineTwin AtlanticA♭ Major104B154
206PsychoRetro Video ClubE Major812B160
207AliveThe North by South, Oliver NewF♯ Minor811A157
208OthersideSpyresD Major910B168
209I Tell You WhatLow HummerA♭ Minor81A168
210All the Things She SaysThe Vida CultF♯ Minor811A170
211Panic Like TomRiscasD Major710B128
212Cheap LeatherYasmin CoeE Minor89A150
213Stole Your CarGENED Major910B115
214Bad SignsThe North by SouthA Major811B110
215Coming HomeThe HunnaC Minor95A145
216Ninth Cloud SymphonyEsports PlayerD♭ Major63B100
217You Haven't Loved Until You've LostParis Youth FoundationA Minor98A138
218Sea BlueBLOXXA Major911B157
219Come AliveBroken WavesB Minor810A148
220Figure It OutRATSE Major712B153
221All I NeedJake BuggF Minor74A170
222Barcelona GirlCorellaF♯ Major92B150
223ElephantTame ImpalaA Minor68A123
224Your GirlfriendBlossomsD Major910B120
225The PlungeMAURITIAF♯ Minor811A116
226Spit Me OutThe MatchboxB Major51B143
227You've Got It AllThe ParadigmsE Major812B145
228CriminalsDMA'SA Major711B79
229DaylightThe SeefeldsA Major611B130
230Good When I'm DoneThe HubbardsF Major87B184
231a to zFar WestG Major89B150
232I Want It AllBlackWatersA Minor108A144
233I Wanna KnowThe HunnaA Major1011B85
234Break MedeafponyG Major99B128
235This Is The EndSea GirlsC Major78B133
236SlowlyTHE JACKSG Major89B146
237DriftingCassiaF♯ Minor611A101
238Was It Really Worth It?The SherlocksG Major99B158
239I Won't WaitSpectorA Major911B153
240Here's The ThingSports TeamG Major109B172
241SkinMAURITIAB Minor910A135
242Are We Having Any Fun Yet?LarkinsD♭ Minor512A168
243JacquelineCirca WavesD Major810B118
244Miles ApartFull ColourE Major812B150
245Jump the GunSunburnA Major711B138
246Jungle ManFEVERB♭ Major86B94
247Shake The WallsTwin CityC Major108B152
248Way DownRedFacesB Major71B85
249Accident Waiting To HappenSea GirlsE Major812B137
250I Like the Way You DieBlack HoneyA Minor88A102
251Get AwayThe VoydA Major911B156
252PacifierCatfish and the BottlemenA Major911B148
253The Meaning Of LifeThe Lottery WinnersF♯ Major92B158
254Young & FadedThe HunnaD♭ Minor812A150
255BreatheThe Silver LinesB Minor910A106
256StrongThe MatchboxA Minor78A155
257Ready To Let GoCage The ElephantD♭ Major93B101
258Slice Of Lime (2017)The ReytonsB Major81B155
259TVThe K'sD♭ Minor912A170
260WhalesHeavenly FadedE Major912B150
261Getting BetterKombatF♯ Minor811A142
26225Sad Boys ClubC Major88B125
263YouThe MotiveD Major810B116
264Nothing ElseThe StrandsF♯ Major92B150
265Would You Rather Be LonelyRed Rum ClubF♯ Major92B123
266Common GroundRosellasF♯ Major82B150
267ElephantsThe SnutsB Minor810A94
268Different Kind of LoveThe MotiveD Major610B138
269Still Got BloodThe HunnaD Major710B140
270You Never Made It EasyHigh TropicsA Major911B140
271You Don't Help YourselfIdle LiesG Major109B94
272The Deepest Sighs, the Frankest ShadowsGang of YouthsC Major88B152
273The Great Escape - 2021 MasterThe LathumsG Major99B132
274AntibioticsThe ReytonsB Minor910A161
275The Things We Knew Last NightCirca WavesA Major411B130
276Not Your SummerThe AcademicE Major812B129
277Seen It AllJake BuggD Major810B167
278SlowCassiaG Major49B90
279Break Free!HEREFORTHEROSESA♭ Major94B93
280Grab Life ByThe LapellesB♭ Major106B177
281Bad SummerSpectorC Major88B156
282In My HeadThe MysterinesD Major910B130
283Feels So RealThe ClockworksA Minor88A144
284ChangingThe SwayA Major811B165
285Arms LengthMellorA Major911B134
286KaribuHigh TydeD♭ Minor612A110
287MagnoliaGang of YouthsF♯ Major72B92
288Do What You WantHigh TydeF♯ Minor811A154

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