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This Is Red Hot Chili Peppers by spotify Spotify Playlist

This Is Red Hot Chili Peppers

by spotify

This is Red Hot Chili Peppers. The essential tracks, all in one playlist.

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1Under the BridgeRed Hot Chili PeppersE Major312B85
2CalifornicationRed Hot Chili PeppersA Minor88A96
3Can't StopRed Hot Chili PeppersA Major911B91
4Snow (Hey Oh)Red Hot Chili PeppersB Major91B105
5Dark NecessitiesRed Hot Chili PeppersF Minor74A92
6OthersideRed Hot Chili PeppersC Major88B123
7By the WayRed Hot Chili PeppersC Major108B122
8Dani CaliforniaRed Hot Chili PeppersC Major98B96
9Give It AwayRed Hot Chili PeppersG Major99B92
10Scar TissueRed Hot Chili PeppersC Major78B89
11The Zephyr SongRed Hot Chili PeppersD Major810B117
12Soul to SqueezeRed Hot Chili PeppersF Major57B88
13Higher Ground - RemasteredRed Hot Chili PeppersE Minor109A140
14Around the WorldRed Hot Chili PeppersC Major108B97
15Tell Me BabyRed Hot Chili PeppersC Major108B108
16The Adventures of Rain Dance MaggieRed Hot Chili PeppersE Minor79A106
17Road Trippin'Red Hot Chili PeppersE Minor59A102
18Sick LoveRed Hot Chili PeppersE Minor89A148
19Suck My KissRed Hot Chili PeppersC Major98B102
20Wet SandRed Hot Chili PeppersE Minor89A177
21Parallel UniverseRed Hot Chili PeppersC Minor105A125
22Goodbye AngelsRed Hot Chili PeppersA Minor88A172
23AeroplaneRed Hot Chili PeppersF Major87B101
24Breaking the GirlRed Hot Chili PeppersA♭ Minor71A178
25Don't Forget MeRed Hot Chili PeppersA Minor78A124
26Go RobotRed Hot Chili PeppersA♭ Major74B131
27CharlieRed Hot Chili PeppersG Minor96A110
28My FriendsRed Hot Chili PeppersC Major78B81
29Universally SpeakingRed Hot Chili PeppersD Major910B117
30The GetawayRed Hot Chili PeppersC Major68B114
31I Could Have LiedRed Hot Chili PeppersG Major29B141
32Fortune FadedRed Hot Chili PeppersB Minor910A119
33DosedRed Hot Chili PeppersG Major89B104
34The Longest WaveRed Hot Chili PeppersA♭ Major54B148
35Desecration SmileRed Hot Chili PeppersD Major810B92
36Look AroundRed Hot Chili PeppersG Minor106A112
37This Velvet GloveRed Hot Chili PeppersD Minor107A119
38If You Have to AskRed Hot Chili PeppersG Major79B96
39PorcelainRed Hot Chili PeppersG Major39B140
40Police StationRed Hot Chili PeppersA Minor88A82
41EasilyRed Hot Chili PeppersC Major108B124
42Pretty Little Ditty - RemasteredRed Hot Chili PeppersG Major79B100
43WarpedRed Hot Chili PeppersA Major911B128
44Brendan's Death SongRed Hot Chili PeppersG Major99B114
45Get on TopRed Hot Chili PeppersE Minor109A115
46Nobody Weird Like Me - RemasteredRed Hot Chili PeppersD Major1010B199
47Me And My FriendsRed Hot Chili PeppersD Major1010B100
48Monarchy of RosesRed Hot Chili PeppersE Minor109A123
49Out In L.A. - 2002 Digital RemasterRed Hot Chili PeppersD Major910B125
50Factory of FaithRed Hot Chili PeppersD Minor97A141

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