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frank ocean discography   by al132polgiq9jbnyquyv5ey7q Spotify Playlist

frank ocean discography

by al132polgiq9jbnyquyv5ey7q

all of frank oceans songs + ones he featured in except for unreleased

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1StartFrank OceanG Major39B83
2Thinkin Bout YouFrank OceanC Major38B130
3FertilizerFrank OceanB Major61B116
4Sierra LeoneFrank OceanG Major69B125
5Sweet LifeFrank OceanB Major61B83
6Not Just MoneyFrank OceanB Minor810A152
7Super Rich KidsFrank Ocean, Earl SweatshirtE♭ Minor42A60
8Pilot JonesFrank OceanA♭ Major44B119
9Crack RockFrank OceanF Major77B89
10PyramidsFrank OceanF Minor64A108
11LostFrank OceanA♭ Major64B123
12WhiteFrank Ocean, John MayerD♭ Major13B139
13MonksFrank OceanC Minor85A102
14Bad ReligionFrank OceanA Major411B83
15Pink MatterFrank Ocean, André 3000B Minor210A177
16Forrest GumpFrank OceanF♯ Minor411A95
17EndFrank OceanD Major310B119
18NikesFrank OceanA♭ Major44B138
19IvyFrank OceanA Minor48A116
20Pink + WhiteFrank OceanA Major611B160
21Be YourselfFrank OceanG Major49B84
22SoloFrank OceanF Minor34A124
23Skyline ToFrank OceanF Minor34A129
24Self ControlFrank OceanA♭ Major24B80
25Good GuyFrank OceanC Major18B106
26NightsFrank OceanF Minor54A90
27Solo (Reprise)Frank OceanG Minor76A83
28Pretty SweetFrank OceanC Major78B154
29Facebook StoryFrank OceanG Major29B85
30Close To YouFrank OceanF Minor74A78
31White FerrariFrank OceanC Major18B109
32SeigfriedFrank OceanE Minor39A125
33GodspeedFrank OceanF♯ Major12B110
34Futura FreeFrank OceanD♭ Major73B83
35Cayendo (Side A - Acoustic)Frank OceanE♭ Minor12A69
36Dear April (Side A - Acoustic)Frank OceanA♭ Minor21A116
37Swim GoodFrank OceanC Major78B160
38NovacaneFrank OceanE♭ Major55B94
39ChanelFrank OceanC Minor55A110
40LensFrank OceanA Major311B118
41Biking (Solo)Frank OceanG Major59B148
42ProviderFrank OceanD Major310B140
43Moon RiverFrank OceanC Major18B77
44DHLFrank OceanE Minor59A123
45In My RoomFrank OceanG Major69B158
46White (feat. Frank Ocean)Odd Future, Frank OceanE♭ Minor12A106
47Analog 2 (feat. Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean & Sydney Bennett)Odd Future, Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, SydD♭ Major73B148
48SheTyler, The Creator, Frank OceanA♭ Minor61A83
49PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer (feat. Frank Ocean, feat. Laetitia Sadier, feat. Laetitia Sadier & Frank Ocean)Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, Laetitia SadierD♭ Minor612A152
50Slater (feat. Frank Ocean)Tyler, The Creator, Frank OceanD♭ Minor612A155
51Where This Flower Blooms (feat. Frank Ocean)Tyler, The Creator, Frank OceanA♭ Minor41A130
52911 / Mr. Lonely (feat. Frank Ocean & Steve Lacy)Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, Steve LacyC Major68B90
53BikingFrank Ocean, JAY-Z, Tyler, The CreatorD Major510B148
54No Church In The WildJAY-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, The-DreamA♭ Minor81A93
55Made In AmericaJAY-Z, Kanye West, Frank OceanB Minor710A166
56OceansJAY-Z, Frank OceanB Minor910A178
57Caught Their EyesJAY-Z, Frank OceanD♭ Major83B85
58Purity (feat. Frank Ocean)A$AP Rocky, Frank OceanB Minor410A135
59Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean)Earl Sweatshirt, Frank OceanD Major610B137
60Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, MigosD♭ Minor812A104
61Steamroller (feat. Hodgy & Frank Ocean)Domo Genesis, Hodgy, Frank OceanF♯ Minor611A153
62HeroFrank Ocean, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, DiploB Minor710A104
63Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)Beyoncé, Frank OceanC Major38B80
64Wildfire (feat. Frank Ocean)John Mayer, Frank OceanG Major19B86
65Astro (feat. Frank Ocean)MellowHype, Frank OceanD♭ Major53B80

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