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SKZ OT8 by piyoshin Spotify Playlist


by piyoshin

Spotify ID: 2MbI4h4tsqg4M6yRnXAdWX

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1Another DayStray KidsD Minor57A95
2TOP ("Tower of God" OP)Stray KidsG Major99B98
3BoosterStray KidsD♭ Major93B150
4TAStray KidsG Major109B126
5끝나지 않을 이야기Stray KidsF Major67B80
6God’s MenuStray KidsF Major87B157
7Double Knot - EnglishStray KidsF Minor74A147
8Mixtape : Gone DaysStray KidsD♭ Major83B135
9ALL INStray KidsC Major88B140
10Back Door -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsG Minor86A108
11GO LIVEStray KidsA Major911B154
12ExStray KidsF Major77B90
13TOP - English VersionStray KidsG Major99B98
14Double Knot -Japanese ver.- - Japanese versionStray KidsF Minor74A147
15EasyStray KidsF♯ Minor811A144
16끝나지 않을 이야기 InstrumentalStray KidsF Major67B80
17SLUMP ("Tower of God" ED)Stray KidsG Major99B160
18Wow (Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix)Stray KidsA♭ Minor71A128
19Hello StrangerStray KidsA♭ Major94B100
20SunshineStray KidsC Minor75A143
21SLUMP - English VersionStray KidsG Major89B160
22Mixtape : On TrackStray KidsD♭ Major83B171
23神メニュー -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsF Minor84A157
24Double KnotStray KidsF Minor74A147
25AirplaneStray KidsF Minor84A156
26風 (Levanter) -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsA Major711B150
27One DayStray KidsA♭ Major84B145
28HellevatorStray KidsG Minor86A78
29Hello Stranger (inst.)Stray KidsB♭ Minor83A100
30LevanterStray KidsA Major711B150
31B MeStray KidsB Minor910A150
32We Go (Bang Chan, Changbin, HAN)Stray KidsF Minor94A174
33My Universe (Seungmin, I.N Feat. Changbin)Stray KidsD♭ Major83B92
34BEWAREStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
35PacemakerStray KidsD Major910B100
36Levanter - EnglishStray KidsA Major711B150
37BlueprintStray KidsG Major89B110
38AnyStray KidsE♭ Minor92A110
39STOPStray KidsE Minor99A128
40You Can STAYStray KidsA♭ Major84B95
41AstronautStray KidsF♯ Minor811A120
42The Tortoise and the HareStray KidsB Minor910A154
43FAMStray KidsG Major89B105
44PhobiaStray KidsD♭ Major93B142
45ALL IN (Korean Ver.)Stray KidsG Major89B140
46HavenStray KidsF♯ Minor1011A130
47My Pace -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsB Minor910A155
48TOP -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsG Major109B98
49Back DoorStray KidsG Major89B108
50SLUMP -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsG Major89B160
51SSICKStray KidsF Minor84A170
52Spread My WingsStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
53Silent CryStray KidsF Minor94A104
54My SideStray KidsF Major97B166
55InsomniaStray KidsB Minor810A84
56Christmas EveLStray KidsF Minor84A140
57PlaceboStray KidsE♭ Major85B100
58Get CoolStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
59Surfin’ (Lee Know, Changbin, Felix)Stray KidsC Major88B105
60Broken CompassStray KidsF Minor94A98
61Sorry, I Love YouStray KidsD♭ Major73B100
62N/SStray KidsE Minor79A130
63YAYAYAStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
64Hoodie SeasonStray KidsF♯ Minor711A90
65Maze of MemoriesStray KidsB♭ Minor73A130
66Awkward SilenceStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
67Red Lights (Bang Chan, Hyunjin)Stray KidsB Minor710A128
68The ViewStray KidsD♭ Major83B110
69QuestionStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
70Here Always (SEUNGMIN of Stray Kids)Stray KidsD Major410B82
71Grow UpStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
72Behind The LightStray KidsE♭ Major55B174
73Going Dumb (with Stray Kids)Alesso, CORSAK, Stray KidsF♯ Minor711A122
74Scars - KoreanStray KidsF Major77B160
75ThunderousStray KidsD♭ Major83B172
76Mixtape : OHStray KidsB Minor710A88
77ソリクン -Japanese ver.-Stray KidsF Minor84A172
78For YouStray KidsD♭ Major63B114
79VoicesStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
80CALLStray KidsB♭ Major76B90
81District 9Stray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
82ScarsStray KidsC Major78B80
83M.I.A.Stray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
84My PaceStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
85Gone Away (HAN, Seungmin, I.N)Stray KidsD♭ Major73B144
86WOLFGANGStray KidsD Minor87A162
87Mirror MirrorF.HERO, MILLI, Changbin of Stray KidsD♭ Major83B159
88DOMINOStray KidsG Major99B160
893rd EyeStray KidsF Minor74A140
90Star LostStray KidsC Major98B128
91You…Like the windYoon Jisung, CHANGBINA♭ Major94B122
92DOMINO - EnglishStray KidsG Minor96A160
93CHEESEStray KidsD Major910B90
94Winter FallsStray KidsB Minor710A98
95AwakenStray KidsA Minor98A164
960325Stray KidsA Minor98A170
97ROCKStray KidsA Minor88A142
98MirrorStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
99I am YOUStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
10024 to 25Stray KidsE Major512B92
101MIROHStray KidsA Major1011B126
102Victory SongStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
103BoxerStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
104ChronosaurusStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
10519Stray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
106Side EffectsStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
107TMTStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
108Double KnotStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
109LevanterStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
110AstronautStray KidsD♭ Minor812A120
111JUST BREATHE - feat. 3RACHA of Stray KidsSKY-HI, 3RACHA of Stray KidsF Minor84A113
112VENOMStray KidsA Major811B137
113MANIACStray KidsB Minor610A96
114CharmerStray KidsD♭ Major93B90
115FREEZEStray KidsD♭ Major93B90
116Lonely St.Stray KidsD♭ Major93B90
117Waiting For Us (Bang Chan, Lee Know, Seungmin, I.N)Stray KidsD♭ Major93B90
118Muddy Water (Changbin, Hyunjin, HAN, Felix)Stray KidsD♭ Major93B90

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