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Agnes Obel - Complete Playlist by agnesobellabel Spotify Playlist

Agnes Obel - Complete Playlist

by agnesobellabel

All of Agnes' music in one handy playlist. Enjoy...

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1Camera's Rolling - InstrumentalAgnes ObelF♯ Minor211A184
2Broken Sleep - InstrumentalAgnes ObelE Minor29A127
3Island Of Doom - InstrumentalAgnes ObelC Major28B120
4Myopia - InstrumentalAgnes ObelE Major512B98
5Can't Be - InstrumentalAgnes ObelB Minor210A127
6Camera's RollingAgnes ObelF♯ Minor211A123
7Broken SleepAgnes ObelE Minor39A127
8Island of DoomAgnes ObelC Major28B120
9RoscianAgnes ObelF Major27B72
10MyopiaAgnes ObelE Major412B98
11DroseraAgnes ObelA♭ Major24B186
12Can't BeAgnes ObelB Minor310A127
13Parliament Of OwlsAgnes ObelB Minor210A119
14Promise KeeperAgnes ObelF♯ Minor211A146
15Won't You Call MeAgnes ObelC Major18B71
16Stretch Your Eyes - Ambient AcapellaAgnes ObelF♯ Minor011A159
17Glemmer DuAgnes ObelC Major08B179
18Bee DanceAgnes ObelD♭ Major23B123
19Poem About DeathAgnes ObelC Major28B112
20Stretch Your EyesAgnes ObelA♭ Minor31A142
21FamiliärAgnes ObelE Major412B137
22Red Virgin SoilAgnes ObelA♭ Major34B110
23It's Happening AgainAgnes ObelB♭ Major36B173
24StoneAgnes ObelD Minor37A135
25Trojan HorsesAgnes ObelE♭ Major45B106
26Citizen of GlassAgnes ObelE Major112B75
27Golden GreenAgnes ObelA♭ Minor41A139
28GrasshopperAgnes ObelD Major110B120
29MaryAgnes ObelG Minor26A123
30Chord LeftAgnes ObelD Minor17A182
31Fuel to FireAgnes ObelA Minor28A129
32DorianAgnes ObelF♯ Minor211A123
33AventineAgnes ObelB Minor310A101
34Run Cried the CrawlingAgnes ObelA♭ Major34B188
35TokkaAgnes ObelF♯ Minor211A86
36The CurseAgnes ObelC Minor25A95
37Pass Them ByAgnes ObelE Minor39A108
38Words Are DeadAgnes ObelD Major210B122
39FivefoldAgnes ObelC Major18B120
40Smoke & MirrorsAgnes ObelA Major111B121
41Under Giant TreesAgnes ObelF Major27B200
42ArchesAgnes ObelC Minor25A182
43September SongAgnes ObelC Major18B75
44Run Cried The Crawling (Deezer Session)Agnes ObelA♭ Major34B95
45Chord Left (Deezer Session)Agnes ObelF Major17B92
46Fuel to Fire (Deezer Session)Agnes ObelA Minor28A78
47Aventine (Deezer Session)Agnes ObelB Minor410A101
48Words Are Dead (Live)Agnes ObelD Major210B139
49The Curse (Live)Agnes ObelC Minor25A95
50Dorian (Daniel Matz Rework)Agnes ObelE Minor59A123
51Fuel To Fire (David Lynch Remix)Agnes ObelD Major210B123
52Falling, CatchingAgnes ObelG Major19B126
53RiversideAgnes ObelA Minor28A99
54Brother SparrowAgnes ObelG Major39B110
55Just SoAgnes ObelC Major18B86
56BeastAgnes ObelA♭ Minor21A117
57LourettaAgnes ObelB♭ Major26B190
58AvenueAgnes ObelA Minor38A150
59PhilharmonicsAgnes ObelF Minor34A163
60Close WatchAgnes ObelF♯ Major22B115
61WallflowerAgnes ObelE Major112B120
62Over the HillAgnes ObelC Major08B124
63On Powdered GroundAgnes ObelE Minor29A121
64Smoke & Mirrors - Live in CopenhagenAgnes ObelA Major211B80
65Katie Cruel - Live in CopenhagenAgnes ObelA Minor38A116
66Sons & Daughters - Live in CopenhagenAgnes ObelF♯ Minor311A132
67Louretta - Live in CopenhagenAgnes ObelA Minor38A101
68Philharmonics - Live in CopenhagenAgnes ObelA♭ Major34B96
69Close Watch - Live in CopenhagenAgnes ObelB♭ Minor33A128
70Avenue - Piano SessionsAgnes ObelA Minor38A150
71Riverside - Piano SessionsAgnes ObelA Minor38A99
72Brother Sparrow - Piano SessionsAgnes ObelG Major39B110
73Just So - Piano SessionsAgnes ObelC Major28B129
74On powdererd Ground - Piano SessionsAgnes ObelE Minor29A121
75Camera's Rolling - Live from BrooklynAgnes ObelF♯ Minor411A131
76Island Of Doom - Live from BrooklynAgnes ObelB♭ Major36B120
77Myopia - Live from BrooklynAgnes ObelE Major412B102
78Won't You Call Me - Live from BrooklynAgnes ObelC Major18B69
79Can't Be - Rone RemixAgnes Obel, RoneG Major69B127

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