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Kiss Kiss Knockout by exryppj2mgthx67abrno1c92p Spotify Playlist

Kiss Kiss Knockout

by exryppj2mgthx67abrno1c92p

Did They Ever Figure Out The Murder Weapon?

Spotify ID: 1rh1bRPVGUyuHS2kby1i91

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1They / Them / TheirsWorriersD Major910B90
2IDK If I'm a BoyBlue FosterE Major412B155
3D & D Is Gay (But So Am I So This Tracks)Newgrounds Death RugbyB♭ Major26B117
4Queer as in Fuck YouDog Park DissidentsD♭ Major93B180
5Heterosexuality Is a ConstructOnsindE♭ Major55B145
6Gender Binary (Fuck You)Ryan CassataC Major78B182
7Anxiety SongHuman Petting ZooC Major58B128
8Gender NightmareArt ProjectA Major811B120
9Second PubertyJake EdwardsC Major18B135
10BinaryThe Spook SchoolC Major98B151
11Genderqueer Love SongSchmekelG Major69B144
12I'm Here/I'm QueerHuman Petting ZooF Major27B141
13You're Not The Only Bear I FistedSchmekelC Major78B107
14Gender TroubleThe Mourning SicknessB Minor710A108
15Gender EnderMx WanderB♭ Major16B121
16SirensHop Along, Queen Ansleis, Frances QuinlanF Major77B144
17Queer KidzAshby and the OceannsA Major711B130
18Hang 'Em HighMy Chemical RomanceD Minor97A127
19I Never Told You What I Do for a LivingMy Chemical RomanceB Minor910A116
20I Threw Glass at My Friend's Eyes and Now I'm on ProbationDestroy BoysD♭ Minor912A102
21PainkillerBeach BunnyE Major812B123
22Cooler Than MeEthan FieldsF Minor84A136
23You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in PrisonMy Chemical RomanceA♭ Major94B186
24Cabinet ManLemon DemonB♭ Major56B172
25diavoloYugo KannoA♭ Major44B96
26Prom QueenBeach BunnyE Major812B144
27Devil TownCavetownE♭ Major85B100
28Cloud 9Beach BunnyE Major912B81
29When You DieMGMTB Minor910A141
30Not AllowedTV GirlD♭ Major93B105
31The Cult of DionysusThe Orion ExperienceD♭ Minor812A138
32Love TasteMoe Shop, Jamie Paige, Shiki-TMNSB Minor610A110
33ConcreteLovejoyD♭ Major73B177
34Sex SellsLovejoyC Major78B146
35Sweet BodLemon DemonG Minor56A110
36RararainbowmuffinTsundere TwintailsB Minor410A160
37LalalatteTsundere TwintailsG Major49B81
38I Think I Finally Love MyselfShe/Her/hersA Major511B157
39Nonbinary Fantasy Trash BabeQfolkG Major39B147
40Kill the Boy BandShe/Her/hersF Major77B88
41Sweet Cis TeenDazey and the ScoutsD Major910B126
42Fem in a Black Leather JacketPansy DivisionG Major89B150
43PhilophobiaSunday CruiseD♭ Minor912A105
44Cryptid (Mothman)RatwyfeD♭ Major43B79
45Imposter Syndrome - Audiotree Live VersionSidney GishB Minor510A117
46Sleep With a Baseball BatCosmic JohnnyD Major910B165
47I Want to Kiss YouThe Spook SchoolC Major78B97
48Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)Beach BunnyA♭ Major94B150
49i'm gonna tell my therapist on youPinkshiftA♭ Major94B95
50"Listen to Your Heart." "No."CheekfaceA Major711B140
5115 Gay WerewolvesNewgrounds Death RugbyA♭ Major54B83
52D & D Is Gay (But So Am I So This Tracks) 2.0Newgrounds Death RugbyB♭ Major46B105
53Good BoyDogbiteF Major77B160
54WetDazey and the ScoutsA Minor98A96
55awesome party, dude!Sorry MomC Major98B119
56Impostor SyndromeSidney GishG Major69B115
57We're All Gonna Die!!!Baby FuzZB♭ Minor103A108
58Boys Will Be BoysMiles McKennaE♭ Major75B100
59DollhouseGrumpy PlumA Major811B157
60Cigarette AhegaoPenelope ScottF Minor34A83
61Beckybe your own PETG Major99B123
62There's No Love in FebruaryThe Orion ExperienceD♭ Minor912A147
63Moth ManDirty BynumC Major88B184
64Nice NiceDazey and the ScoutsC Major98B197
65Small TownsRio RomeoC Major28B204
66mememe100 gecsF Minor74A152
67bloodstains100 gecsB♭ Major46B87
68ringtone100 gecs, Laura Les, Dylan BradyA♭ Major34B108
69800 db cloud100 gecs, Laura Les, Dylan BradyF Minor84A130
70masqueradeSiouxxieA Major811B161
71morriganSiouxxieA Major911B94
72ketamineSiouxxieB♭ Minor83A141
73cupcakes.mp3SiouxxieE Minor89A165
74Feel Good Inc.GorillazF♯ Major72B139
75Meet Lime Cookie! - Twintails EditionTsundere TwintailsB Minor710A158
76Kids with GunsGorillazE Minor59A106
77To the EndMy Chemical RomanceB♭ Major106B163
78Boy DivisionMy Chemical RomanceE♭ Minor102A183
79I Deserve to BleedSushi SoucyG Major39B120
80She Works Out Too MuchMGMTF Minor94A148
81mos thoserfood house, Gupi, FraxiomD♭ Major83B140
82HURT1 800 PAIND♭ Minor1012A154
83Cemetery DriveMy Chemical RomanceD♭ Minor912A116
84Give 'Em Hell, KidMy Chemical RomanceE Minor109A184
85HelenaMy Chemical RomanceE Major1012B126
86I'm Not Okay (I Promise)My Chemical RomanceA Major911B180
87House of WolvesMy Chemical RomanceC Major108B106
88MamaMy Chemical RomanceE Minor89A209
89I Don't Love YouMy Chemical RomanceC Major88B170
90WhateverOur Lady PeaceD Major910B172
91Crank That (Soulja Boy)Soulja BoyC Major78B140
92i wanna be your girlfriendgirl in redG Major49B156
93You Stupid Bitchgirl in redB Minor810A149
94Oh AnaMother MotherF Major57B128
95JoyfulthoughtMomE♭ Major95B146
96Crazy = GeniusPanic! At The DiscoD Major910B114
97Model BusesLovejoyB Minor810A162
98Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry?LovejoyF Minor74A111
99HayloftMother MotherA Minor98A96
100Arms ToniteMother MotherE Major612B140
101ridefood house, Gupi, FraxiomE Major912B78
102Thos MoserGupi, Fraxiom, food houseE♭ Major65B135
103all I want is youRebzyyx, hoshie starB Major101B146
104OverdriveTaku IwasakiD♭ Major83B135
105RoughVIALB♭ Major66B155
1067 O'ClockPenelope ScottD Major410B170
107It's Okay (To Punch Nazis)Cheap PerfumeF♯ Minor811A85
108I Wanna BoiPWR BTTMC Major48B83
109Weird GirlMommy Long LegsG Major99B93
110Has Any Body Seen My Will To Live?The Tin KneesG Major59B90
111I Forgot to Take My Meds TodayPrince Daddy & the HyenaF♯ Major92B110
112Bubblegum BitchMARINAC Minor95A158
113Cult of PersonalityLiving ColourC Major98B92
114チェリーボンボンKyary Pamyu PamyuD♭ Major103B130
115Blow My Brains OutTikkle MeA Major911B145
116I / Me / MyselfWill WoodB Minor1010A172
117I'm So Lucky LuckyGrandzzF Major87B148
118RätPenelope ScottF Minor44A73
119I Wish I Was A Riot GrrrlDestructo DiskD♭ Major83B170
121A Match Into WaterPierce The VeilD♭ Major103B196
122A Shitty Gay Song About YouSmoothboi EzraF♯ Major12B118
123Cause for ConcernLovejoyE♭ Minor92A150
124HauntedLaura LesA Major811B169
125STONE OCEANichigo from 岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツB Minor910A180
126Cupid's Chokehold / Breakfast in AmericaGym Class HeroesD♭ Minor712A79
127Always ForeverCultsA♭ Major74B163
128Tom TomHoly FuckD♭ Minor612A137
129i DO what i WANTKIRA, Hatsune MikuG Minor96A128
130good 4 uOlivia RodrigoA Major711B166
131Dead!My Chemical RomanceG Major109B99
132The Chattering Lack of Common SenseGhost and PalsF Minor104A140
133dysphoricMarsC Major08B144
134anarchyEggG Major19B84
135Manic Pixie Dream GirlAddison GraceC Major88B112
136Imaginary FriendsGrenonE Major612B126
137It's All Futile! It's All Pointless!LovejoyA Major511B165
138SportsBeach BunnyA Major911B186
139This DecemberRicky MontgomeryA Major911B140
140Rhinestone EyesGorillazA♭ Minor71A93
141Little GirlsOingo BoingoF♯ Major82B172
142Baby HotlineJack Stauber's MicropopC Major48B120
143Mister Jewel BoxTOPHAMHAT-KYOB Minor910A125
144Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream)The Sh-BoomsF Major57B137
145Fighting With The MelodyJimmy UrineE Minor109A130
146DeceptaconLe TigreE Minor99A160
147BitchboyThe OozesA Major711B107
148Dyltgir?Rio RomeoA♭ Minor61A138
149Hello KittyJazmin BeanA Minor88A105
150Lotta True CrimePenelope ScottA♭ Major44B159
151Touch-Tone TelephoneLemon DemonC Minor75A160
152Oh No!MARINAC Major98B127
153Hai DomoCao WhiteA♭ Minor91A72
154BoombasticShaggyD Major510B158
155The Family JewelsMARINAD Minor67A112
156One Of A KindBreaking PointF♯ Major92B140
157Bubble Pop Electricthquib, Miku Hatsune, GUMID♭ Major103B97
158Cops / DogsDestructo DiskD♭ Major83B95
159MeowlvusmB Minor710A94
160Kitty CityCyriak HarrisD♭ Minor712A90
161JulietCavetownF♯ Major62B132
162Boys Will Be BugsCavetownD♭ Major53B179
163Sweet ToothCavetownC Major38B140
164My Alcoholic FriendsThe Dresden DollsE Minor79A110
165I Hate My MomGRLwoodA Major911B163
166Flight of the CrowsJhariahD♭ Major83B98
167I Squeezed Out the Baby, Yet I Have No Idea Who the Father IsMasunaD Major710B160
168:(The GardenG Major89B130
169Criminal CashRed FlagsA♭ Major84B114
170Kill All Your FriendsMy Chemical RomanceG Major99B103
171Natalie Portman 2002Jason isF♯ Minor811A118
172Teenage DirtbagdsiboysD♭ Minor512A120
173CrybabyDestroy BoysD♭ Major93B97
174Dead GirlsPenelope ScottF Major57B90
175Good-bye DeclarationChinozoA Minor98A170
176Lifetime Achievement AwardLemon DemonF♯ Minor511A154
177FranciumUFOKittenB♭ Minor73A180
178Lemon BoyCavetownE Major512B140
179We’re AliveCavetownF Major67B180
180You Signed a ContractFandroid!F Minor64A169
181You'll Understand When You're OlderLovejoyA♭ Major74B164
182HollywoodMARINAC Major88B123
183Hermit the FrogMARINAC Major78B122
184The OutsiderMARINAA Minor98A147
185ObsessionsMARINAA Minor68A105
186Mowgli's RoadMARINAB♭ Minor83A146
187GirlsMARINAA Minor98A114
188I Am Not a RobotMARINAD Major510B120
189Are You Satisfied?MARINAC Major78B124
190RootlessMARINAB♭ Minor83A114
191NumbMARINAC Major58B119
192GuiltyMARINAG Minor86A130
194Telecaster StripesPOLKADOT STINGRAYF Minor94A142
195Sports With StrangersHUNNYG Major89B168
196HeavenPetalA Major611B181
197Drunk VoicemailPom Pom SquadC Major88B110
198girlsgirl in redF Major47B150
199Wonder of WonderdaniwellPF♯ Major102B150
200Cleric GirlSisyfussG Major99B95
201***HIDDEN TRACK***Prince Daddy & the HyenaD♭ Major73B94
202Feel BetterPenelope ScottE Minor39A87
203Thank You for the VenomMy Chemical RomanceG Major109B104
204The Ghost of YouMy Chemical RomanceB Minor910A146
205Famous Last WordsMy Chemical RomanceD Minor97A122
206Meteor ShowerCavetownF Major57B170
207Sweet ToothCavetownC Major38B140
208GhostnelwardB Minor910A103
209Two of HeartsStacey QF Minor54A130
210BonetrousleToby FoxA♭ Major104B150
211BLOODY STREAMCodaA♭ Major94B130
212Sweet Hibiscus TeaPenelope ScottF Major27B111
213All Dolled UpThe Orion ExperienceC Major98B124
214Honey I'm HomeDestroy BoysG Major109B90
215My Body's Made of Crushed Little StarsMitskiG Major79B82
216BrainwashedBetween ThornsD Major710B107
217I Fucked Yr MomSorry MomG Major69B165
218When Did My Hair Get So LongWorthikidsD Major710B100
219Smokey EyesLincolnF♯ Major82B177
220Suburbia Overture / Greetings from Mary Bell Township! / (Vampire) Culture / Love Me, NormallyWill WoodF Major87B111
221Blueberry PancakesFeelrsB Major91B132
222Redesign Your Logo (Bonus Track)Lemon DemonD Major710B129
223FencesDestroy BoysE Minor109A122
224Like Sexy DynamiteThe Orion ExperienceF♯ Major92B149
226Memento Mori: the most important thing in the worldWill WoodC Major68B120
227ChoiceJack Stauber's MicropopE Minor69A126
228Peepy's ThemeemamouseB♭ Minor63A90
229い~やい~やい~やNeru, Rin Kagamine, レンA Minor78A128
230popcorn castleleon changF♯ Minor911A160
231R.I.P. Gossip Sea[email protected]D♭ Major103B111
232Princess♂TOPHAMHAT-KYOF♯ Major92B93
233InvaderSnail's HouseB Minor910A141
234(Don't Fear) The ReaperBlue Öyster CultA Minor98A141
235ReaganomicsLemon DemonG Minor76A135
236A Cruel Angel's Thesis - Director's Edit VersionShiro Sagisu, Yoko TakahashiC Minor75A128
237愛の詩LamazePA♭ Major94B180
238リングの熾天使 feat. 初音ミク, 鏡音リン, KAITOMitchie M, Miku Hatsune, KAITO, Rin KagamineD♭ Major103B175
239Perfect NothingGhost and PalsD♭ Minor912A126
240大江戸ジュリアナイト feat. 初音ミク with KAITOMitchie M, Miku Hatsune, KAITOF♯ Major102B144
241ヴァルゴKiichiC Minor95A135
242111 Seconds in HeavenSyKo, glaiveF Minor94A162
243Lost In BonerlandNero's Day At DisneylandB Major81B139
244おこちゃま戦争Kradness, ReolD Major810B175
245砂の惑星 feat.初音ミクhachiF Minor94A95
246NEVER MET! - 100 gecs r3mix (feat. Glitch Gum)CMTEN, Glitch Gum, 100 gecsA♭ Major94B179
247The Court Jesterthquib, FUKASEF♯ Minor411A108
248Out of My LeagueFitz and The TantrumsA Minor108A170
249Bill WattersonLemon DemonG Major59B145
250Soft Fuzzy ManLemon DemonG Major99B145
251Bugbearchloe moriondoB♭ Major56B100
252Born2RunPenelope ScottG Major39B109
253MollyMindless Self IndulgenceF Minor84A160
254JawsLemon DemonC Major68B110
255VixenDestroy BoysG Major109B90
256Honey I'm HomeGhost and PalsF Major87B120
257The Sharpest LivesMy Chemical RomanceD♭ Minor912A155
258Goth BabeSurf CurseB Major91B100
259Rip & TearMick GordonA Major911B108
260Jolyne Theme (from "Stone Ocean")Samuel KimB Minor910A160
261Eighth WonderLemon DemonD Minor77A140
262The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate DestinyLemon DemonG Minor76A114
263Land of The Hidden Fronto LeafGeneral TaoC Major08B144
264I Go HungryMother MotherC Major88B107
265PrimadonnaMARINAE Minor79A128
266HoneypieJAWNYF Minor74A115
267Puppy PrincessHot FreaksD♭ Major73B122
268DAREGorillazB Minor910A120
269Puttin' on the RitzTacoC Major48B99
270Cha ChaFreddie DreddD♭ Major73B130
271Surface PressureJessica DarrowD Major610B180
272NoticeMoe Shop, TORIENAB Minor510A125
273Disobedient (feat. Kate Micucci & Michaela Dietz)Steven Universe, Kate Micucci, Michaela DietzD♭ Minor712A139
274Jesus Don't Like That I'm Gay but Satans Cool With ItLil BoodangB♭ Minor93A140
275ModifyLemon DemonC Major58B180
276Amnesia Was Her NameLemon DemonG Major39B105
277DualitySlipknotE Minor109A144
278That's Not My NameThe Ting TingsA Major911B145
279CprcupcakKeG Major89B103
280CPR x Misery (I save dick by giving it cpr)DJwafersE Minor99A103
281Misery CPRNine Tailed SonicF♯ Minor911A114
282Squidward NosecupcakKeE Minor99A104
283MiseryMaroon 5E Minor89A103
284Let's Have A Battle (Of The Bands)The DazzlingsG Minor66A200
285Under Our SpellThe DazzlingsF♯ Minor811A104
286Awesome As I Want To BeRainbow Dash, The RainboomsA Major911B174
287Welcome To The ShowThe Rainbooms, The Dazzlings, Sunset ShimmerB Minor710A136
288INDUSTRY BABY (feat. Jack Harlow)Lil Nas X, Jack HarlowE♭ Minor72A150
289Everything Is Temporary (Sticks and Stones)CavetownC Major38B180

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