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under_score: rosebud;l;l;l by 1137233896 Spotify Playlist

under_score: rosebud;l;l;l

by 1137233896

medieval roleplay

Spotify ID: 1nP1r2qbVedb2dL7hrenfH

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# Track Artist Key Energy Camelot BPM
1rosebudOklouG Minor46A114
2HarpeggioDinamarcaG Minor36A160
3CiervoYves TumorG Minor46A109
4Extreme LoveHolly Herndon, Lily Anna Haynes, Jenna SutelaD Minor47A117
5We’re All LeavingIsla DenF Major27B139
6le grand bleucaro♡C Major28B75
7GuiltyTirzahC Major38B119
8girl on my throneOklou, Casey MQG Major49B162
9Bedchamber7038634357G Major59B100
10MIRROR (HYMN) - INTROBladeeD Major410B99
11Psalms of the Khori Puma (feat. Elysia Crampton)OxhyD Major410B119
12Crepuscular RaysTirzahF♯ Minor111A100
13Dance of the Young (Augurs of Spring)OtroD♭ Minor612A83
14PRESO - Cap.6: ClausuraROSALÍAF♯ Major32B77
15PluckyDinamarcaB♭ Minor53A92
16LurkOklou, Casey MQB♭ Minor33A105
177 PM (Accretion Disk Edit)Cecile BelieveB♭ Minor53A123
18FrontierHolly HerndonF Minor64A140
19Be By The SeaToxeE Minor19A89
20AkiraSega BodegaE Minor69A174

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