Mind, Man, Medicine

The Secret Sisters
March 29, 2024
Number of Tracks
New West Records
2024 New West Records, LLC
1Space by The Secret SistersSpaceThe Secret SistersD Major10B111
2Paperweight by The Secret SistersPaperweightThe Secret SistersD Major10B111
3If the World Was a House by The Secret SistersIf the World Was a HouseThe Secret SistersB Minor10A130
4All the Ways (feat. Ray LaMontagne) by The Secret Sisters, Ray LaMontagneAll the Ways (feat. Ray LaMontagne)The Secret Sisters, Ray LaMontagneD Major10B111
5Planted by The Secret SistersPlantedThe Secret SistersD Major10B120
6Never Walk Away by The Secret SistersNever Walk AwayThe Secret SistersD Major10B111
7I Needed You by The Secret SistersI Needed YouThe Secret SistersD Major10B111
8Bear With Me by The Secret SistersBear With MeThe Secret SistersD Major10B120
9Same Water by The Secret SistersSame WaterThe Secret SistersD Major10B111
10I Can Never Be Without You Anymore by The Secret SistersI Can Never Be Without You AnymoreThe Secret SistersD Major10B111
11I’ve Got Your Back by The Secret SistersI’ve Got Your BackThe Secret SistersD Major10B111