Mountain Folk Songs

Bill Clifton
December 31, 1899
Popularity 2%
Number of Tracks
2018 PnR
1Walkin' In My Sleep by Bill CliftonWalkin' In My SleepBill CliftonD Major10B138
2Mary Dear by Bill CliftonMary DearBill CliftonG Major9B76
3Little White Washed Chimney by Bill CliftonLittle White Washed ChimneyBill CliftonA Major11B116
4Dixie Darling by Bill CliftonDixie DarlingBill CliftonF Major7B79
5Wake Up Susan by Bill CliftonWake Up SusanBill CliftonF Major7B150
6Living The Right Life by Bill CliftonLiving The Right LifeBill CliftonA Major11B131
7Blue Ridge Mountain Blues by Bill CliftonBlue Ridge Mountain BluesBill CliftonF♯ Major2B125
8When Autumn Leaves (Begin To Fall) by Bill CliftonWhen Autumn Leaves (Begin To Fall)Bill CliftonG Major9B133
9Dixie Mountain Express by Bill CliftonDixie Mountain ExpressBill CliftonC Major8B142
10Another Broken Heart by Bill CliftonAnother Broken HeartBill CliftonE Major12B107
11Flower Blooming In The Wildwood by Bill CliftonFlower Blooming In The WildwoodBill CliftonA♭ Major4B122
12You Go To Your Church (And I'll Go To Mine) by Bill CliftonYou Go To Your Church (And I'll Go To Mine)Bill CliftonA Major11B120