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G Rachi
March 11, 2023
Number of Tracks
G Rachi
2022 G Rachi
1Who Is Baby Haitian by G RachiWho Is Baby HaitianG RachiA♭ Major4B148
2Str8 In by G RachiStr8 InG RachiA♭ Major4B148
3Hopped Out The Benz ( Remix ) by G RachiHopped Out The Benz ( Remix )G RachiA♭ Major4B148
4No Lackin by G RachiNo LackinG RachiA♭ Major4B148
5What's The Move 2 by G RachiWhat's The Move 2G RachiA♭ Major4B148
6Drumline 2 by G RachiDrumline 2G RachiA♭ Major4B148
7Speaking Facts by G RachiSpeaking FactsG RachiD♭ Major3B98
8No Sucker by G RachiNo SuckerG RachiA♭ Major4B148
9My Head by G RachiMy HeadG RachiA♭ Major4B148
10Cold Case by G RachiCold CaseG RachiA♭ Major4B148
11Don't Stare by G RachiDon't StareG RachiA♭ Major4B148
12Fuck You by G RachiFuck YouG RachiA♭ Major4B148
13Dead Opp by G RachiDead OppG RachiA♭ Major4B148