Wasteland, Baby! (Special Edition)

March 1, 2019
Number of Tracks
UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)
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1Nina Cried Power by Hozier, Mavis StaplesNina Cried PowerHozier, Mavis StaplesE♭ Minor2A176
2Almost (Sweet Music) by HozierAlmost (Sweet Music)HozierE♭ Minor2A176
3Movement by HozierMovementHozierE♭ Minor2A176
4No Plan by HozierNo PlanHozierE♭ Minor2A176
5Nobody by HozierNobodyHozierE♭ Minor2A176
6To Noise Making (Sing) by HozierTo Noise Making (Sing)HozierE♭ Minor2A176
7As It Was by HozierAs It WasHozierE♭ Minor2A176
8Shrike by HozierShrikeHozierE♭ Minor2A176
9Talk by HozierTalkHozierE♭ Minor2A176
10Be by HozierBeHozierE♭ Minor2A176
11Dinner & Diatribes by HozierDinner & DiatribesHozierE♭ Minor2A176
12Would That I by HozierWould That IHozierE♭ Minor2A176
13Sunlight by HozierSunlightHozierE♭ Minor2A176
14Wasteland, Baby! by HozierWasteland, Baby!HozierE♭ Minor2A176
15Shrike - Live At Windmill Lane Studios by HozierShrike - Live At Windmill Lane StudiosHozierE♭ Minor2A176
16Moment's Silence (Common Tongue) by HozierMoment's Silence (Common Tongue)HozierE♭ Minor2A176
17Why Would You Be Loved by HozierWhy Would You Be LovedHozierE♭ Minor2A176
18Be - Acoustic by HozierBe - AcousticHozierE♭ Minor2A176
19NFWMB by HozierNFWMBHozierE♭ Minor2A176