The Waste Class by Exits

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Waltz by ExitsWaltzExitsA Minor8A105
2The Waste Class by ExitsThe Waste ClassExitsF♯ Minor11A110
3Thousands of Odds and Ends by ExitsThousands of Odds and EndsExitsB Minor10A115
4Keep Sleeping by ExitsKeep SleepingExitsD Major10B93
5Ungovernable by ExitsUngovernableExitsD Major10B80
6Reprisal by ExitsReprisalExitsD Major10B115
7Everything's Coming Up Miltown by ExitsEverything's Coming Up MiltownExitsD♭ Major3B110
8Collars to the Storm by ExitsCollars to the StormExitsD Major10B112
9Deal in Disappointment by ExitsDeal in DisappointmentExitsG Major9B90
10For the Meantime by ExitsFor the MeantimeExitsG Major9B110
11Knife Pervert by ExitsKnife PervertExitsB Minor10A100
12Model Train Heist by ExitsModel Train HeistExitsD Major10B175