The Miller Book

Bobby Byrne
December 31, 1899
Popularity 1%
Number of Tracks
2018 CoolNote
1In The Mood by Bobby ByrneIn The MoodBobby ByrneA♭ Major4B80
2Tuxedo Junction by Bobby ByrneTuxedo JunctionBobby ByrneB♭ Major6B110
3Stardust by Bobby ByrneStardustBobby ByrneD♭ Major3B84
4String Of Pearls by Bobby ByrneString Of PearlsBobby ByrneA♭ Major4B136
5Moonlight Serenade by Bobby ByrneMoonlight SerenadeBobby ByrneE♭ Major5B79
6Little Brown Jug by Bobby ByrneLittle Brown JugBobby ByrneD♭ Major3B175
7Sunrise Serenade by Bobby ByrneSunrise SerenadeBobby ByrneA♭ Major4B85
8Johnson Rag by Bobby ByrneJohnson RagBobby ByrneD♭ Major3B150
9Rhapsody In Blue by Bobby ByrneRhapsody In BlueBobby ByrneD♭ Major3B72
10American Patrol by Bobby ByrneAmerican PatrolBobby ByrneG Minor6A181
11Adios by Bobby ByrneAdiosBobby ByrneB♭ Major6B94
12Alice Blue Gown by Bobby ByrneAlice Blue GownBobby ByrneE Minor9A171