Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan
August 25, 2023
Number of Tracks
Warner Records
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1Fear and Friday's (Poem) by Zach BryanFear and Friday's (Poem)Zach BryanA Minor8A80
2Overtime by Zach BryanOvertimeZach BryanA Minor8A80
3Summertime's Close by Zach BryanSummertime's CloseZach BryanA Minor8A80
4East Side of Sorrow by Zach BryanEast Side of SorrowZach BryanA Minor8A80
5Hey Driver (feat. The War and Treaty) by Zach Bryan, The War and TreatyHey Driver (feat. The War and Treaty)Zach Bryan, The War and TreatyA Minor8A80
6Fear and Friday's by Zach BryanFear and Friday'sZach BryanA Minor8A80
7Ticking by Zach BryanTickingZach BryanA Minor8A80
8Holy Roller (feat. Sierra Ferrell) by Zach Bryan, Sierra FerrellHoly Roller (feat. Sierra Ferrell)Zach Bryan, Sierra FerrellA Minor8A80
9Jake's Piano - Long Island by Zach BryanJake's Piano - Long IslandZach BryanA Minor8A80
10El Dorado by Zach BryanEl DoradoZach BryanA Minor8A80
11I Remember Everything (feat. Kacey Musgraves) by Zach Bryan, Kacey MusgravesI Remember Everything (feat. Kacey Musgraves)Zach Bryan, Kacey MusgravesA Minor8A80
12Tourniquet by Zach BryanTourniquetZach BryanA Minor8A80
13Spotless (feat. The Lumineers) by Zach Bryan, The LumineersSpotless (feat. The Lumineers)Zach Bryan, The LumineersA Minor8A80
14Tradesman by Zach BryanTradesmanZach BryanA Minor8A80
15Smaller Acts by Zach BryanSmaller ActsZach BryanA Minor8A80
16Oklahoman Son by Zach BryanOklahoman SonZach BryanA Minor8A80