Bert Williams

Bert Williams
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Grey Shark Records
2000 1901 Grey Shark Records
1All going out and nothing coming in by Bert WilliamsAll going out and nothing coming inBert WilliamsC Major8B136
2Bring back those wonderful days by Bert WilliamsBring back those wonderful daysBert WilliamsB♭ Major6B84
3Here it comes again by Bert WilliamsHere it comes againBert WilliamsD Minor7A103
4I want to know where tosti went by Bert WilliamsI want to know where tosti wentBert WilliamsD Major10B79
5I'll lend you anything by Bert WilliamsI'll lend you anythingBert WilliamsB♭ Major6B113
6I'm gonna quit saturday by Bert WilliamsI'm gonna quit saturdayBert WilliamsF♯ Major2B106
7I'm neutral by Bert WilliamsI'm neutralBert WilliamsG Major9B76
8Let it alone by Bert WilliamsLet it aloneBert WilliamsF Minor4A106
9Lonesome alimony blues by Bert WilliamsLonesome alimony bluesBert WilliamsD Major10B111
10My little zulu babe by Bert WilliamsMy little zulu babeBert WilliamsD Major10B82
11No place like home by Bert WilliamsNo place like homeBert WilliamsF Major7B99
12Nobody by Bert WilliamsNobodyBert WilliamsB Major1B70
13Play that barbershop chord by Bert WilliamsPlay that barbershop chordBert WilliamsB Major1B140
14Save a little dram for me by Bert WilliamsSave a little dram for meBert WilliamsD♭ Major3B87
15Something you don't expect by Bert WilliamsSomething you don't expectBert WilliamsG Major9B79
16Ten little bottles by Bert WilliamsTen little bottlesBert WilliamsD♭ Major3B78
17You can't trust nobody by Bert WilliamsYou can't trust nobodyBert WilliamsD Major10B125
18I'm sorry I ain't got it by Bert WilliamsI'm sorry I ain't got itBert WilliamsF♯ Minor11A65
19No place like home by Bert WilliamsNo place like homeBert WilliamsC Major8B75
20O death where is thy sting by Bert WilliamsO death where is thy stingBert WilliamsF Major7B85
21Purpostus by Bert WilliamsPurpostusBert WilliamsB♭ Major6B173
22Ten little bottles by Bert WilliamsTen little bottlesBert WilliamsD♭ Major3B115
23Eve cost adam just 1 bone by Bert WilliamsEve cost adam just 1 boneBert WilliamsD♭ Minor12A150
24Everbody by Bert WilliamsEverbodyBert WilliamsD Major10B78
25Everybody wants a key to my cellar by Bert WilliamsEverybody wants a key to my cellarBert WilliamsF♯ Major2B89
26Get up by Bert WilliamsGet upBert WilliamsF♯ Major2B98
27He's a cousin of mine by Bert WilliamsHe's a cousin of mineBert WilliamsG Minor6A75
28Not lately by Bert WilliamsNot latelyBert WilliamsB Major1B72
29Checkers by Bert WilliamsCheckersBert WilliamsE Major12B88
30You'll never need a doctor no more by Bert WilliamsYou'll never need a doctor no moreBert WilliamsE♭ Major5B129
31Unlucky blues by Bert WilliamsUnlucky bluesBert WilliamsD Major10B123
32Brother low down by Bert WilliamsBrother low downBert WilliamsG Major9B90
33Unexpectedly by Bert WilliamsUnexpectedlyBert WilliamsG Major9B79