Songs in 歌屋 都はるみの真骨頂 by Harumi Miyako

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1アンコ椿は恋の花 by Harumi Miyakoアンコ椿は恋の花Harumi MiyakoF♯ Major2B128
2馬鹿っちょ出船 by Harumi Miyako馬鹿っちょ出船Harumi MiyakoF♯ Major2B120
3涙の連絡船 by Harumi Miyako涙の連絡船Harumi MiyakoA♭ Major4B131
4アラ見てたのね by Harumi Miyakoアラ見てたのねHarumi MiyakoG Minor6A131
5好きになった人 by Harumi Miyako好きになった人Harumi MiyakoF Minor4A96
6はるみの三度笠 by Harumi Miyakoはるみの三度笠Harumi MiyakoA♭ Major4B138
7惚れちゃったんだョ by Harumi Miyako惚れちゃったんだョHarumi MiyakoF Major7B83
8おんなの海峡 by Harumi Miyakoおんなの海峡Harumi MiyakoB♭ Minor3A141
9北の宿から by Harumi Miyako北の宿からHarumi MiyakoF♯ Minor11A121
10大阪しぐれ by Harumi Miyako大阪しぐれHarumi MiyakoC Major8B141
11ふたりの大阪 by Harumi Miyako, 宮崎雅ふたりの大阪Harumi Miyako, 宮崎雅G Minor6A101
12みちのく風の宿 by Harumi Miyakoみちのく風の宿Harumi MiyakoC Minor5A146
13浪花恋しぐれ by Harumi Miyako, Chiaki Oka浪花恋しぐれHarumi Miyako, Chiaki OkaG Major9B142
14道頓堀川 by Harumi Miyako道頓堀川Harumi MiyakoA Minor8A76
15夫婦坂 by Harumi Miyako夫婦坂Harumi MiyakoA♭ Minor1A142
16小樽運河 by Harumi Miyako小樽運河Harumi MiyakoB♭ Major6B83 Album Analysis

Based on our data, 歌屋 都はるみの真骨頂 by Harumi Miyako is currently not as popular as other albums at the moment. Released on August 21, 2013, 歌屋 都はるみの真骨頂 currently has a total of 16 tracks by the label COLUMBIA and it's considered an album, not a single. The album's current copyright is 2013 Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd., with it's UPC being 4988001542483.

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