Dungeons and Flying Lizards by Projekt Stream

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Dreams (Overworld) by Projekt StreamDreams (Overworld)Projekt StreamG Major9B73
2Hex Crawl (Travel) by Projekt StreamHex Crawl (Travel)Projekt StreamE Minor9A71
3Into Town (Travel) by Projekt StreamInto Town (Travel)Projekt StreamG Major9B140
4Cloak And Stagger (Tavern) by Projekt StreamCloak And Stagger (Tavern)Projekt StreamD Major10B156
5The Tower (Dungeon) by Projekt StreamThe Tower (Dungeon)Projekt StreamD♭ Major3B140
6Mor Khazad (Dungeon) by Projekt StreamMor Khazad (Dungeon)Projekt StreamD Major10B141
7Initiative (Battle) by Projekt StreamInitiative (Battle)Projekt StreamD Major10B140
8BBEG (Battle) by Projekt StreamBBEG (Battle)Projekt StreamD♭ Major3B140
9Victory! (Battle) by Projekt StreamVictory! (Battle)Projekt StreamE Minor9A75
10Until We Meet Again (Overworld) by Projekt StreamUntil We Meet Again (Overworld)Projekt StreamD Minor7A89