Songs in LUME by Filipe Ret

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Melhor Agora by Filipe Ret, DallassMelhor AgoraFilipe Ret, DallassA♭ Major4B73
2Sonho Dos Cria by Filipe Ret, Mc Poze do Rodo, NagalliSonho Dos CriaFilipe Ret, Mc Poze do Rodo, NagalliA♭ Major4B73
3Tudo Nosso by Filipe Ret, Dallass, AnittaTudo NossoFilipe Ret, Dallass, AnittaA♭ Major4B73
4Good Vibe by Filipe Ret, Caio Luccas, DallassGood VibeFilipe Ret, Caio Luccas, DallassA♭ Major4B73
5A Meu Favor by Filipe Ret, Kayuá, DallassA Meu FavorFilipe Ret, Kayuá, DallassA♭ Major4B73
67 Meiota by Filipe Ret, MC Cabelinho, MC Maneirinho7 MeiotaFilipe Ret, MC Cabelinho, MC ManeirinhoA♭ Major4B73
7Konteiner by Filipe Ret, L7NNON, NagalliKonteinerFilipe Ret, L7NNON, NagalliA♭ Major4B73
8Vermelho Fogo by Filipe Ret, Portugal No BeatVermelho FogoFilipe Ret, Portugal No BeatA♭ Major4B73
9Fight by Filipe Ret, MC Hariel, DallassFightFilipe Ret, MC Hariel, DallassA♭ Major4B73
10Trem Bala by Filipe Ret, DallassTrem BalaFilipe Ret, DallassA♭ Major4B73
11Todo Poder by Filipe Ret, Dallass, Portugal No BeatTodo PoderFilipe Ret, Dallass, Portugal No BeatA♭ Major4B73 Album Analysis

Based on our data, LUME by Filipe Ret is currently more popular than other albums, but not the most popular album today. Released on June 16, 2022, LUME currently has a total of 11 tracks by the label Som Livre and it's considered an album, not a single. The album's current copyright is (C) 2022 Som Livre, with it's UPC being 7891430663278.

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