Complete Jazz Series 1938 - 1939 by Blue Lu Barker

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1You're Going To Leave The Old Home Jim (08-11-38) by Blue Lu BarkerYou're Going To Leave The Old Home Jim (08-11-38)Blue Lu BarkerA♭ Major4B157
2New Orleans Blue (08-11-38) by Blue Lu BarkerNew Orleans Blue (08-11-38)Blue Lu BarkerG Major9B92
3He Caught That B & O (08-11-38) by Blue Lu BarkerHe Caught That B & O (08-11-38)Blue Lu BarkerF Major7B135
4Don't You Make Me High (08-11-38) by Blue Lu BarkerDon't You Make Me High (08-11-38)Blue Lu BarkerB♭ Major6B96
5I Got Ways Like The Devil (11-22-38) by Blue Lu BarkerI Got Ways Like The Devil (11-22-38)Blue Lu BarkerD Major10B88
6That Made Him Mad (11-22-38) by Blue Lu BarkerThat Made Him Mad (11-22-38)Blue Lu BarkerG Major9B99
7Scat Skunk (04-20-39) by Blue Lu BarkerScat Skunk (04-20-39)Blue Lu BarkerF Major7B96
8Nix On Those Lush Heads (04-20-39) by Blue Lu BarkerNix On Those Lush Heads (04-20-39)Blue Lu BarkerF Minor4A99
9Georgie Grind (04-20-39) by Blue Lu BarkerGeorgie Grind (04-20-39)Blue Lu BarkerD Major10B102
10You Ain't Had No Blues (08-30-39) by Blue Lu BarkerYou Ain't Had No Blues (08-30-39)Blue Lu BarkerA♭ Major4B94
11Marked Woman (08-30-39) by Blue Lu BarkerMarked Woman (08-30-39)Blue Lu BarkerA♭ Major4B91
12Midnight Blues (08-30-39) by Blue Lu BarkerMidnight Blues (08-30-39)Blue Lu BarkerB♭ Major6B90
13Down In The Dumps (08-30-39) by Blue Lu BarkerDown In The Dumps (08-30-39)Blue Lu BarkerB♭ Major6B88
14Blue Dep Sea Blues (11-17-39) by Blue Lu BarkerBlue Dep Sea Blues (11-17-39)Blue Lu BarkerF Major7B90
15Never Brag About Your Man (11-17-39) by Blue Lu BarkerNever Brag About Your Man (11-17-39)Blue Lu BarkerD Minor7A93
16He's So Good (11-17-39) by Blue Lu BarkerHe's So Good (11-17-39)Blue Lu BarkerC Major8B97
17I Don't Dig You Jack (11-17-39) by Blue Lu BarkerI Don't Dig You Jack (11-17-39)Blue Lu BarkerE♭ Major5B99
18Handy Andy (12-13-39) by Blue Lu BarkerHandy Andy (12-13-39)Blue Lu BarkerG Major9B97
19Jitterbug Blues (12-13-39) by Blue Lu BarkerJitterbug Blues (12-13-39)Blue Lu BarkerA Minor8A94
20You Been Holiding Out Too Lond (12-13-39) by Blue Lu BarkerYou Been Holiding Out Too Lond (12-13-39)Blue Lu BarkerG Major9B94
21Lu's Blues (12-13-39) by Blue Lu BarkerLu's Blues (12-13-39)Blue Lu BarkerD Major10B85