Live on Mountain Stage: Outlaws & Outliers

Various Artists
April 19, 2024
Number of Tracks
Oh Boy Records
(C) 2024 Oh Boy Records
1Space Oddity - Live by WilcoSpace Oddity - LiveWilcoC Major8B71
2The Wolves - Live by WatchhouseThe Wolves - LiveWatchhouseD Major10B80
3You Didn't Call My Name - Live by Molly TuttleYou Didn't Call My Name - LiveMolly TuttleD Major10B124
4Going Home - Live by Tyler ChildersGoing Home - LiveTyler ChildersC Major8B71
5Joy - Live by Lucinda WilliamsJoy - LiveLucinda WilliamsC Major8B71
6Sinners Like Me - Live by Eric ChurchSinners Like Me - LiveEric ChurchC Major8B71
7Hurtin' (On The Bottle) - Live by Margo PriceHurtin' (On The Bottle) - LiveMargo PriceC Major8B71
8One More Dollar - Live by Gillian Welch, David RawlingsOne More Dollar - LiveGillian Welch, David RawlingsC Major8B71
9Lodestar - Live by Birds of ChicagoLodestar - LiveBirds of ChicagoC Major8B71
10Red-Winged Blackbird - Live by Kathy MatteaRed-Winged Blackbird - LiveKathy MatteaC Major8B71
11Closer to Fine - Live by Indigo GirlsCloser to Fine - LiveIndigo GirlsC Major8B71
12Souvenirs - Live by John PrineSouvenirs - LiveJohn PrineC Major8B71
13You Know the Rest - Live by Steve EarleYou Know the Rest - LiveSteve EarleC Major8B71
14What'cha Gonna Do - Live by Béla Fleck, Abigail WashburnWhat'cha Gonna Do - LiveBéla Fleck, Abigail WashburnC Major8B71
15I'd Do It Again - Live by Sierra FerrellI'd Do It Again - LiveSierra FerrellC Major8B71
16Cup of Sugar - Live by Tim O'BrienCup of Sugar - LiveTim O'BrienC Major8B71
17Black Is the Color - Live by Rhiannon GiddensBlack Is the Color - LiveRhiannon GiddensC Major8B71
18Let Me Touch You For A While - Live by Alison KraussLet Me Touch You For A While - LiveAlison KraussC Major8B71
19Canola Fields - Live by James McMurtryCanola Fields - LiveJames McMurtryC Major8B71
20Traveling Alone - Live by Jason IsbellTraveling Alone - LiveJason IsbellC Major8B71
21Isn't Love Great - Live by Sam BakerIsn't Love Great - LiveSam BakerC Major8B71