Face of Our Time
April 5, 2024
Number of Tracks
1437910 Records DK
2024 1437910 Records DK
1Call of the void (Intro) by Face of Our TimeCall of the void (Intro)Face of Our TimeB♭ Minor3A105
2Any sign of life by Face of Our TimeAny sign of lifeFace of Our TimeB♭ Minor3A105
3More than a machine by Face of Our TimeMore than a machineFace of Our TimeF♯ Major2B91
4Antimidas by Face of Our TimeAntimidasFace of Our TimeB♭ Minor3A105
5Incinerated by Face of Our TimeIncineratedFace of Our TimeB♭ Minor3A105
6Ghost in a memory by Face of Our TimeGhost in a memoryFace of Our TimeB♭ Minor3A105
7Burn it all by Face of Our TimeBurn it allFace of Our TimeB♭ Minor3A105
8Asylum by Face of Our TimeAsylumFace of Our TimeB♭ Minor3A105
9Reunited in afterlife by Face of Our TimeReunited in afterlifeFace of Our TimeF♯ Major2B91
10Eclipse by Face of Our TimeEclipseFace of Our TimeB♭ Minor3A105