Mystical Shit/Fluting on the Hump by King Missile

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Mystical Shit by King MissileMystical ShitKing MissileD Major10B127
2Rock-n-Roll Will Never Die by King MissileRock-n-Roll Will Never DieKing MissileG Major9B145
3No Point by King MissileNo PointKing MissileE Minor9A107
4Gary & Melissa by King MissileGary & MelissaKing MissileC Major8B129
5Frightened & Freezing by King MissileFrightened & FreezingKing MissileA Minor8A66
6How to Remember Your Dreams by King MissileHow to Remember Your DreamsKing MissileG Major9B114
7The Fish that Played the Ponies by King MissileThe Fish that Played the PoniesKing MissileA Major11B124
8Jesus was Way cool by King MissileJesus was Way coolKing MissileA Minor8A175
9Open by King MissileOpenKing MissileA Major11B152
10The Sandbox by King MissileThe SandboxKing MissileD Major10B97
11The Neither World by King MissileThe Neither WorldKing MissileF♯ Minor11A117
12She Didn't Want by King MissileShe Didn't WantKing MissileB Major1B147
13Cheesecake Truck by King MissileCheesecake TruckKing MissileB Major1B70
14Equivalencies by King MissileEquivalenciesKing MissileG Major9B136
15Love You More by King MissileLove You MoreKing MissileB Major1B91
16Fourthly by King MissileFourthlyKing MissileE Major12B118
17Lou by King MissileLouKing MissileG Major9B104
18At Dave's by King MissileAt Dave'sKing MissileC Major8B107
19Muffy by King MissileMuffyKing MissileG Major9B135
20Take Stuff from Work by King MissileTake Stuff from WorkKing MissileB♭ Major6B120
21Sensitive Artist by King MissileSensitive ArtistKing MissileF Major7B122
22Wuss by King MissileWussKing MissileF♯ Minor11A92
23Heavy Holy Man by King MissileHeavy Holy ManKing MissileG Major9B108
24Fluting on the Hump by King MissileFluting on the HumpKing MissileD Major10B119
25Dick by King MissileDickKing MissileA♭ Minor1A97
26That Old Dog by King MissileThat Old DogKing MissileA Major11B128