Songs in Babies Slumber Favourites by Baby Sleeps

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Solid Elements by Baby SleepsSolid ElementsBaby SleepsC Major8B142
2Faith Enthusiasm by Baby SleepsFaith EnthusiasmBaby SleepsC Major8B142
3Nearness Pacify by Baby SleepsNearness PacifyBaby SleepsC Major8B142
4Energetic Finding by Baby SleepsEnergetic FindingBaby SleepsC Major8B142
5Spot Peace by Baby SleepsSpot PeaceBaby SleepsC Major8B142
6Migrate Settle by Baby SleepsMigrate SettleBaby SleepsC Major8B142
7Lounge Expansive by Baby SleepsLounge ExpansiveBaby SleepsC Major8B142
8Glowing Celebrate by Baby SleepsGlowing CelebrateBaby SleepsC Major8B142
9Point Rich by Baby SleepsPoint RichBaby SleepsC Major8B142
10Aged Village by Baby SleepsAged VillageBaby SleepsC Major8B142
11Understand Combine by Baby SleepsUnderstand CombineBaby SleepsC Major8B142
12Elements Placid by Baby SleepsElements PlacidBaby SleepsC Major8B142
13Worldwide Composition by Baby SleepsWorldwide CompositionBaby SleepsC Major8B142
14Rainless Real by Baby SleepsRainless RealBaby SleepsC Major8B142
15Near Heart by Baby SleepsNear HeartBaby SleepsC Major8B142
16Consideration Celebrate by Baby SleepsConsideration CelebrateBaby SleepsC Major8B142
17Places Section by Baby SleepsPlaces SectionBaby SleepsC Major8B142
18Blossom Season by Baby SleepsBlossom SeasonBaby SleepsC Major8B142
19Lulling Vicinity by Baby SleepsLulling VicinityBaby SleepsC Major8B142
20Construct Continent by Baby SleepsConstruct ContinentBaby SleepsC Major8B142
21Autumn Releif by Baby SleepsAutumn ReleifBaby SleepsC Major8B142
22Effect Fog by Baby SleepsEffect FogBaby SleepsC Major8B142
23Balance Compass by Baby SleepsBalance CompassBaby SleepsC Major8B142
24Storms Expanse by Baby SleepsStorms ExpanseBaby SleepsC Major8B142
25Rich North by Baby SleepsRich NorthBaby SleepsC Major8B142
26Relaxing Crest by Baby SleepsRelaxing CrestBaby SleepsC Major8B142
27Distance Solid by Baby SleepsDistance SolidBaby SleepsC Major8B142
28Tropics Breather by Baby SleepsTropics BreatherBaby SleepsC Major8B142
29Teacher Untroubled by Baby SleepsTeacher UntroubledBaby SleepsC Major8B142
30Watching Pad by Baby SleepsWatching PadBaby SleepsC Major8B142
31Devout Olden by Baby SleepsDevout OldenBaby SleepsC Major8B142
32Composing Cold by Baby SleepsComposing ColdBaby SleepsC Major8B142
33Sun Outside by Baby SleepsSun OutsideBaby SleepsC Major8B142
34Collected Examination by Baby SleepsCollected ExaminationBaby SleepsC Major8B142
35Creation Roam by Baby SleepsCreation RoamBaby SleepsC Major8B142
36Detach Earth by Baby SleepsDetach EarthBaby SleepsC Major8B142
37Roots Island by Baby SleepsRoots IslandBaby SleepsC Major8B142
38Clement Enthusiasm by Baby SleepsClement EnthusiasmBaby SleepsC Major8B142
39Village Elation by Baby SleepsVillage ElationBaby SleepsC Major8B142
40Float Fortune by Baby SleepsFloat FortuneBaby SleepsC Major8B142
41Ride Field by Baby SleepsRide FieldBaby SleepsC Major8B142
42Magnetic Stream by Baby SleepsMagnetic StreamBaby SleepsC Major8B142
43Fresh Swirl by Baby SleepsFresh SwirlBaby SleepsC Major8B142
44Home Vicinity by Baby SleepsHome VicinityBaby SleepsC Major8B142
45Genious Ride by Baby SleepsGenious RideBaby SleepsC Major8B142
46Remote Unfaltering by Baby SleepsRemote UnfalteringBaby SleepsC Major8B142
47Eden Wildlife by Baby SleepsEden WildlifeBaby SleepsC Major8B142
48Ride Electric by Baby SleepsRide ElectricBaby SleepsC Major8B142
49Concern Living by Baby SleepsConcern LivingBaby SleepsC Major8B142
50Sedate Universe by Baby SleepsSedate UniverseBaby SleepsC Major8B142
120Lounge Measure by Baby SleepsLounge MeasureBaby SleepsA Minor8A120
127Logic Halo by Baby SleepsLogic HaloBaby SleepsG Major9B90
134Stunning Rise by Baby SleepsStunning RiseBaby SleepsC Major8B130 Album Analysis

Based on our data, Babies Slumber Favourites by Baby Sleeps is currently not as popular as other albums at the moment. Released on June 16, 2022, Babies Slumber Favourites currently has a total of 200 tracks by the label Dreamstate Music and it's considered an album, not a single. The album's current copyright is 2022 Dreamstate Music, with it's UPC being 5063080304159.

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