Who is Nardo Wick?? (Deluxe)

Nardo Wick
July 22, 2022
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Flawless Ent./RCA Records
(P) 2022 Flawless Ent., under exclusive license to RCA Records
1Wickman by Nardo WickWickmanNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
1Excuse My French by Nardo WickExcuse My FrenchNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
2Alright by Nardo WickAlrightNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
2Dah Dah DahDah by Nardo WickDah Dah DahDahNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
3Chop Chop by Nardo WickChop ChopNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
3Demon Mode by Nardo WickDemon ModeNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
4Blam Boom by Nardo WickBlam BoomNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
4Fan Hoes by Nardo WickFan HoesNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
5Me or Sum (feat. Future & Lil Baby) by Nardo Wick, Future, Lil BabyMe or Sum (feat. Future & Lil Baby)Nardo Wick, Future, Lil BabyD♭ Major3B155
5Lovey Dovey by Nardo WickLovey DoveyNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
6Play Wit Me by Nardo WickPlay Wit MeNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
6No Game by Nardo WickNo GameNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
7Lullaby by Nardo WickLullabyNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
7Burning Up (feat. The Kid LAROI) by Nardo Wick, The Kid LAROIBurning Up (feat. The Kid LAROI)Nardo Wick, The Kid LAROID♭ Major3B155
8Ceiling Fan Crew by Nardo WickCeiling Fan CrewNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
8Power (feat. Hit-Boy) by Nardo Wick, Hit-BoyPower (feat. Hit-Boy)Nardo Wick, Hit-BoyD♭ Major3B155
9Baby Wyd (Remix) (feat. Latto & Lakeyah) by Nardo Wick, Latto, LakeyahBaby Wyd (Remix) (feat. Latto & Lakeyah)Nardo Wick, Latto, LakeyahD♭ Major3B155
9Who Want Smoke?? (feat. G Herbo, Lil Durk & 21 Savage) by Nardo Wick, G Herbo, Lil Durk, 21 SavageWho Want Smoke?? (feat. G Herbo, Lil Durk & 21 Savage)Nardo Wick, G Herbo, Lil Durk, 21 SavageD♭ Major3B155
10Why by Nardo WickWhyNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
10Krazy Krazy by Nardo WickKrazy KrazyNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
11Alley Cat by Nardo WickAlley CatNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
11Riot by Nardo WickRiotNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
12Wicked Witch by Nardo WickWicked WitchNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
12Gotham City by Nardo WickGotham CityNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
13Wicked Freestyle by Nardo WickWicked FreestyleNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
14Baby Wyd? (feat. Lakeyah) by Nardo Wick, LakeyahBaby Wyd? (feat. Lakeyah)Nardo Wick, LakeyahD♭ Major3B155
15Poppin Out (feat. BIG30) by Nardo Wick, BIG30Poppin Out (feat. BIG30)Nardo Wick, BIG30D♭ Major3B155
16Bad Boy by Nardo WickBad BoyNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
17Shhh by Nardo WickShhhNardo WickD♭ Major3B155
18Rich Maniac by Nardo WickRich ManiacNardo WickD♭ Major3B155