Spit On The Innocent by Fallout

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Revolution 69 by FalloutRevolution 69FalloutD♭ Major3B145
2Spit On The Innocent by FalloutSpit On The InnocentFalloutG Major9B84
3What Now? by FalloutWhat Now?FalloutB♭ Major6B159
4Thursdays In Black by FalloutThursdays In BlackFalloutA Minor8A119
5Social Worm by FalloutSocial WormFalloutA♭ Minor1A80
6Old-Man Justice by FalloutOld-Man JusticeFalloutA Minor8A146
7Waste by FalloutWasteFalloutD♭ Minor12A54
8Infighting by FalloutInfightingFalloutA♭ Major4B144
9Monument To Greed by FalloutMonument To GreedFalloutA♭ Major4B136
10Unaware by FalloutUnawareFalloutB Minor10A96
11Autonomy by FalloutAutonomyFalloutG Minor6A119
12Rattlecage by FalloutRattlecageFalloutC Major8B93
13Punk Scene 90210 by FalloutPunk Scene 90210FalloutD♭ Major3B160
14Damage by FalloutDamageFalloutA♭ Major4B84
15Catharsis by FalloutCatharsisFalloutA♭ Major4B78
16Filth by FalloutFilthFalloutD♭ Major3B141
17Oldways by FalloutOldwaysFalloutF Major7B136
18Tin by FalloutTinFalloutA Minor8A145
19Rectify by FalloutRectifyFalloutB♭ Minor3A150
20Sphere by FalloutSphereFalloutD Major10B142
21Who's Law? by FalloutWho's Law?FalloutA Major11B132
22Hanson by FalloutHansonFalloutC Minor5A145
23Cold by FalloutColdFalloutF Major7B157
24Pig by FalloutPigFalloutG Minor6A109
25Solution by FalloutSolutionFalloutC Major8B137
26Failure by FalloutFailureFalloutA♭ Major4B141
27Afterthought by FalloutAfterthoughtFalloutE♭ Minor2A153
28Invasion by FalloutInvasionFalloutF Minor4A81
29D.I.Y. by FalloutD.I.Y.FalloutD Major10B103
30White Lie by FalloutWhite LieFalloutB♭ Major6B80