Peter Dasent's Wonderful Music Encyclopaedia by Peter Dasent

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Mean Streets by Peter DasentMean StreetsPeter DasentC Major8B142
2The Princess Of Ilam by Peter DasentThe Princess Of IlamPeter DasentE♭ Major5B69
3Little Italy by Peter DasentLittle ItalyPeter DasentB♭ Minor3A97
4The Girl With The Empty Head by Peter DasentThe Girl With The Empty HeadPeter DasentG Major9B125
5Search For Treasure Island by Peter DasentSearch For Treasure IslandPeter DasentG Major9B179
6A Day at the Beach by Peter DasentA Day at the BeachPeter DasentF Minor4A129
7Frontier by Peter DasentFrontierPeter DasentG Minor6A79
8Channelling Baby by Peter DasentChannelling BabyPeter DasentC Major8B77
9The Track by Peter DasentThe TrackPeter DasentD Major10B141
10Origami by Peter DasentOrigamiPeter DasentC Major8B130
11Childhood Part II by Peter DasentChildhood Part IIPeter DasentC Major8B142
12The Man With The Elephant Nose by Peter DasentThe Man With The Elephant NosePeter DasentB Major1B178
13The Shrine by Peter DasentThe ShrinePeter DasentF♯ Major2B68
14Larry Barely's Rhythm Torpedoes by Peter DasentLarry Barely's Rhythm TorpedoesPeter DasentB♭ Minor3A84
15Exotic Pleasures by Peter DasentExotic PleasuresPeter DasentF Major7B107
16Escape Of The Artful Dodger Vol, I by Peter DasentEscape Of The Artful Dodger Vol, IPeter DasentG Major9B150
17Escape Of The Artful Dodger Vol, II by Peter DasentEscape Of The Artful Dodger Vol, IIPeter DasentC Major8B118
18The Man Who Never Was by Peter DasentThe Man Who Never WasPeter DasentE Minor9A66
19Ernie's Green Bucket by Peter DasentErnie's Green BucketPeter DasentA♭ Major4B83
20Bear Dinkum In The Moonlight by Peter DasentBear Dinkum In The MoonlightPeter DasentB Minor10A84
21Mock Horse Boogie by Peter DasentMock Horse BoogiePeter DasentG Minor6A104
22Magic Mountain by Peter DasentMagic MountainPeter DasentC Major8B136
23Ace Ventura by Peter DasentAce VenturaPeter DasentG Major9B116
24Gloria's House by Peter DasentGloria's HousePeter DasentD Major10B180
25It's Starting To Rain by Peter DasentIt's Starting To RainPeter DasentB♭ Major6B119
26The Stars And Moon by Peter DasentThe Stars And MoonPeter DasentE♭ Major5B116
27Chaise Lounge by Peter DasentChaise LoungePeter DasentC Minor5A93