Vampire in Beverly Hills

April 19, 2024
Number of Tracks
RCA Records Label
(P) 2024 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
1Mrs. Valentine by EyedressMrs. ValentineEyedressE Major12B97
2Changing Faces (feat. Cuco) by Eyedress, CucoChanging Faces (feat. Cuco)Eyedress, CucoE Major12B97
3How It All Starts (feat. Dent May & Pearl and the Oysters) by Eyedress, Dent May, Pearl & The OystersHow It All Starts (feat. Dent May & Pearl and the Oysters)Eyedress, Dent May, Pearl & The OystersE Major12B97
4Okanagan Lake (feat. Daryl Johns & Horse Morrison) by Eyedress, Daryl Johns, Horse MorrisonOkanagan Lake (feat. Daryl Johns & Horse Morrison)Eyedress, Daryl Johns, Horse MorrisonE Major12B97
5Lover's Lane (feat. Elvia) by Eyedress, ElviaLover's Lane (feat. Elvia)Eyedress, ElviaE Major12B97
6My Time (feat. Wild Nothing) by Eyedress, Wild NothingMy Time (feat. Wild Nothing)Eyedress, Wild NothingE Major12B97
7Once Upon A Time by EyedressOnce Upon A TimeEyedressE Major12B97
8Tears In The Rain (feat. Trit95) by Eyedress, Trit95Tears In The Rain (feat. Trit95)Eyedress, Trit95E Major12B97
9Goons Will Be Goons by EyedressGoons Will Be GoonsEyedressE Major12B97
10War Crimes (feat. John Maus) by Eyedress, John MausWar Crimes (feat. John Maus)Eyedress, John MausE Minor9A77
11It's All In Your Head (feat. Rico Nasty) by Eyedress, Rico NastyIt's All In Your Head (feat. Rico Nasty)Eyedress, Rico NastyE Major12B97
12A World Without You (feat. N8NOFACE) by Eyedress, N8NOFACEA World Without You (feat. N8NOFACE)Eyedress, N8NOFACEE Major12B97
13Don't Tell Me How To Live My Life by EyedressDon't Tell Me How To Live My LifeEyedressE Major12B97
14Make Up or Break Up (feat. Sy Chio & Razy) by Eyedress, Sy Chio, RazyMake Up or Break Up (feat. Sy Chio & Razy)Eyedress, Sy Chio, RazyE Major12B97
15Sci-Fi Fantasy (feat. Sy Chio) by Eyedress, Sy ChioSci-Fi Fantasy (feat. Sy Chio)Eyedress, Sy ChioE Major12B97
16Secret Admirer (feat. Secret Attraction) by Eyedress, Secret AttractionSecret Admirer (feat. Secret Attraction)Eyedress, Secret AttractionE Major12B97
17Fake Friend by EyedressFake FriendEyedressE Major12B97
18Skater Dater (feat. Bb trickz & Elvia) by Eyedress, Bb trickz, ElviaSkater Dater (feat. Bb trickz & Elvia)Eyedress, Bb trickz, ElviaE Major12B97
19Birkin (feat. Yung Kazi) by Eyedress, Yung KaziBirkin (feat. Yung Kazi)Eyedress, Yung KaziE Major12B97
20Gone In A Heartbeat (feat. Buddy) by Eyedress, BuddyGone In A Heartbeat (feat. Buddy)Eyedress, BuddyE Major12B97
21Pepe's Night Out by EyedressPepe's Night OutEyedressE Major12B97
22I'm Not The Feds by EyedressI'm Not The FedsEyedressE Major12B97
23Waitin In The Ride (feat. HOMESHAKE) by Eyedress, HOMESHAKEWaitin In The Ride (feat. HOMESHAKE)Eyedress, HOMESHAKEA♭ Major4B170
24I Still Want Your Love by EyedressI Still Want Your LoveEyedressE Major12B97
25Only Got So Much Time (feat. DãM-FunK & Richie Griner) by Eyedress, DāM-FunK, Richie GrinerOnly Got So Much Time (feat. DãM-FunK & Richie Griner)Eyedress, DāM-FunK, Richie GrinerE Major12B97
26Never Fuct With You (feat. Jay Ughh & Bee Eyes) by Eyedress, Jay Ughh, Bee EyesNever Fuct With You (feat. Jay Ughh & Bee Eyes)Eyedress, Jay Ughh, Bee EyesE Major12B97
27It Girl (feat. Penny) by Eyedress, PennyIt Girl (feat. Penny)Eyedress, PennyE Major12B97
28Stay Alive by EyedressStay AliveEyedressE Major12B97
29Sinning In Heaven (feat. Jesse Jo Stark) by Eyedress, Jesse Jo StarkSinning In Heaven (feat. Jesse Jo Stark)Eyedress, Jesse Jo StarkE Major12B97
30I Miss My Poppa (feat. Zeroh) by Eyedress, ZerohI Miss My Poppa (feat. Zeroh)Eyedress, ZerohE Major12B97
31OFW (feat. Vex Ruffin) by Eyedress, Vex RuffinOFW (feat. Vex Ruffin)Eyedress, Vex RuffinE Major12B97
32Halloween Beach (feat. Slayboots) by Eyedress, SlaybootsHalloween Beach (feat. Slayboots)Eyedress, SlaybootsE Major12B97
33Vampire In Beverly Hills (feat. TrentTruce) by Eyedress, TrentTruceVampire In Beverly Hills (feat. TrentTruce)Eyedress, TrentTruceE Major12B97
34Only Blue (feat. Provoker) by Eyedress, ProvokerOnly Blue (feat. Provoker)Eyedress, ProvokerE Major12B97