Songs in 偶遇2000精選 by Samantha Lam

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1雨夜鋼琴 - Blue Mix by Samantha Lam雨夜鋼琴 - Blue MixSamantha LamD Minor7A171
1偶遇 by Samantha Lam偶遇Samantha LamG Major9B77
2感情的段落 by Samantha Lam感情的段落Samantha LamG Minor6A80
2因你別離 by Samantha Lam因你別離Samantha LamE♭ Major5B79
3你的眼神 by Samantha Lam你的眼神Samantha LamD Minor7A82
3因我愛你 by Samantha Lam因我愛你Samantha LamB Minor10A102
4甚麼是緣份 by Samantha Lam甚麼是緣份Samantha LamC Minor5A88
4愛的火花 by Samantha Lam, 蔡楓華愛的火花Samantha Lam, 蔡楓華A♭ Major4B99
5從前愛我 by Samantha Lam從前愛我Samantha LamG Major9B159
5風箏 by Samantha Lam風箏Samantha LamB Minor10A132
6愛的迴響 by Samantha Lam愛的迴響Samantha LamB♭ Major6B130
6愛的微波 by Samantha Lam愛的微波Samantha LamE♭ Major5B143
7相識過亦朋友 by Samantha Lam相識過亦朋友Samantha LamB♭ Major6B129
7情人路 by Samantha Lam情人路Samantha LamG Minor6A159
8此情不再 by Samantha Lam此情不再Samantha LamA Minor8A75
8時光影印機 by Samantha Lam時光影印機Samantha LamA Minor8A129
9初戀 by Samantha Lam初戀Samantha LamD♭ Minor12A130
9夜店歌手 by Samantha Lam夜店歌手Samantha LamE Minor9A113
10北國風情畫 by Samantha Lam北國風情畫Samantha LamB♭ Major6B102
10攝石人 by Samantha Lam攝石人Samantha LamC Minor5A126
11月影 by Samantha Lam月影Samantha LamE Major12B130
11永遠冬天 by Samantha Lam永遠冬天Samantha LamB♭ Major6B118
12十二小時 by Samantha Lam十二小時Samantha LamA♭ Minor1A78
12隨浪 by Samantha Lam隨浪Samantha LamC Major8B114
13留多一秒鐘 by Samantha Lam留多一秒鐘Samantha LamE Major12B137
13永遠動聽 by Samantha Lam永遠動聽Samantha LamC Major8B105
14愛的突破 by Samantha Lam, 蔡楓華愛的突破Samantha Lam, 蔡楓華F Major7B122
14冷戰 by Samantha Lam冷戰Samantha LamF Major7B141
15沒有中間路線 by Samantha Lam沒有中間路線Samantha LamF Major7B149
15愛的洗禮 by Samantha Lam愛的洗禮Samantha LamG Minor6A137
16偷戀 by Samantha Lam偷戀Samantha LamA Minor8A139
16愛情幻像 by Samantha Lam愛情幻像Samantha LamE Minor9A138
17灑脫 by Samantha Lam灑脫Samantha LamA Major11B140
17伴你一億里 by Samantha Lam, 藍戰士伴你一億里Samantha Lam, 藍戰士B Major1B133 Album Analysis

Based on our data, 偶遇2000精選 by Samantha Lam is currently not as popular as other albums at the moment. Released on July 24, 2000, 偶遇2000精選 currently has a total of 34 tracks by the label Sony Music Entertainment and it's considered an album, not a single. The album's current copyright is (P) 2000 Sony Music Entertainment (Hong Kong) Ltd., with it's UPC being 5099749972421.

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