Songs in Struggles by writhingpalm

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Plant Life Stations by writhingpalmPlant Life StationswrithingpalmB Major1B84
2Reviews Cyclically by writhingpalmReviews CyclicallywrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
3Spastic Paralysis Misease by writhingpalmSpastic Paralysis MiseasewrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
4Vomiting Damage by writhingpalmVomiting DamagewrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
5Cyberwarfare by writhingpalmCyberwarfarewrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
6Spring by writhingpalmSpringwrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
7Arrangement Pipeline Thus by writhingpalmArrangement Pipeline ThuswrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
8Crying Quran by writhingpalmCrying QuranwrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
9Handler Unobservable Keyword by writhingpalmHandler Unobservable KeywordwrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
10Consultation Lyric by writhingpalmConsultation LyricwrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
11Embouchure Cavicorn by writhingpalmEmbouchure CavicornwrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
12Suede by writhingpalmSuedewrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
13Editorial by writhingpalmEditorialwrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
14Stature by writhingpalmStaturewrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
15Shouts Well-informed by writhingpalmShouts Well-informedwrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
16Annoying by writhingpalmAnnoyingwrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
17Descries by writhingpalmDescrieswrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
18Harborer by writhingpalmHarborerwrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
19Taverns Euchre by writhingpalmTaverns EuchrewrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188
20Core Sphere by writhingpalmCore SpherewrithingpalmE♭ Major5B188 Album Analysis

Based on our data, Struggles by writhingpalm is currently not as popular as other albums at the moment. Released on July 30, 2022, Struggles currently has a total of 20 tracks by the label writhingpalm and it's considered an album, not a single. The album's current copyright is 2022 writhingpalm, with it's UPC being 5063015495938.

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