Methods to Madness (Deluxe Version) by Brain Leisure

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1My Punishment-1 - Remixed By: Wumpscut: by Brain LeisureMy Punishment-1 - Remixed By: Wumpscut:Brain LeisureG Major9B198
1My Punishment by Brain LeisureMy PunishmentBrain LeisureF Minor4A110
2Beyond the Limits - 2006 Version by Brain LeisureBeyond the Limits - 2006 VersionBrain LeisureB Minor10A140
2Defect by Brain LeisureDefectBrain LeisureC Major8B105
3Counted Time by Brain Leisure, DeadcellCounted TimeBrain Leisure, DeadcellA♭ Major4B160
3Atmosfear-2 - Remixed By Dismantled by Brain LeisureAtmosfear-2 - Remixed By DismantledBrain LeisureA♭ Major4B100
4Never Trust a Smile - 2006 Version by Brain LeisureNever Trust a Smile - 2006 VersionBrain LeisureG Minor6A140
4Behind the Mask by Brain LeisureBehind the MaskBrain LeisureF Minor4A125
5Take You Home by Brain LeisureTake You HomeBrain LeisureD♭ Major3B105
5Resistance-3 - Remixed By Velvet Acid Christ by Brain LeisureResistance-3 - Remixed By Velvet Acid ChristBrain LeisureA Major11B110
6Behind the Mask-4 - Remixed By Bak XIII by Brain LeisureBehind the Mask-4 - Remixed By Bak XIIIBrain LeisureD♭ Major3B125
6Repent by Brain Leisure, Darrin HussRepentBrain Leisure, Darrin HussD♭ Major3B120
7Crawl in Vain by Brain LeisureCrawl in VainBrain LeisureC Major8B120
7Defect-5 - Remixed By Trial by Brain LeisureDefect-5 - Remixed By TrialBrain LeisureE Minor9A122
8I Know a Place by Brain LeisureI Know a PlaceBrain LeisureB Minor10A120
8Atmosfear-6 - Remixed By Deadcell by Brain LeisureAtmosfear-6 - Remixed By DeadcellBrain LeisureD♭ Major3B100
9Crawl in Vain-7 - Remixed By Ic434 by Brain LeisureCrawl in Vain-7 - Remixed By Ic434Brain LeisureC Major8B128
9Eaten Alive by Brain LeisureEaten AliveBrain LeisureD Major10B140
10Defect-8 - Remixed By Tyske Ludder by Brain LeisureDefect-8 - Remixed By Tyske LudderBrain LeisureG Major9B109
10Watch Me Falling by Brain LeisureWatch Me FallingBrain LeisureE Minor9A126
11Behind the Mask-9 - Remixed By K.I.F.O.T.H. by Brain LeisureBehind the Mask-9 - Remixed By K.I.F.O.T.H.Brain LeisureD♭ Major3B125
11Atmosfear by Brain LeisureAtmosfearBrain LeisureD♭ Major3B100
12Resistance by Brain LeisureResistanceBrain LeisureA Major11B110
12Deadful Hate - 2006 Version by Brain LeisureDeadful Hate - 2006 VersionBrain LeisureB Major1B120
13You Are Nothing by Brain LeisureYou Are NothingBrain LeisureD♭ Major3B136
13Eaten Alive-10 - Remixed By Electro Synthetic Rebellion by Brain LeisureEaten Alive-10 - Remixed By Electro Synthetic RebellionBrain LeisureD Major10B140
14I Am Two by Brain LeisureI Am TwoBrain LeisureA Minor8A70
14My Punishment-11 - Remixed By Last Influence of Brain by Brain LeisureMy Punishment-11 - Remixed By Last Influence of BrainBrain LeisureF Minor4A130