30th Anniversary 1962 - 1992

English Sinfonia
December 31, 1899
Popularity 1%
Number of Tracks
1992 Imp
1Symphony No.25 in G minor, K.183 by English SinfoniaSymphony No.25 in G minor, K.183English SinfoniaG Minor6A76
2Chanson De Matin, Op.15 No.2 by English SinfoniaChanson De Matin, Op.15 No.2English SinfoniaG Major9B64
3Overture: 'Die Zwillingsbruder' D.647 by English SinfoniaOverture: 'Die Zwillingsbruder' D.647English SinfoniaD Major10B113
4Symphony No.92 in G 'Oxford' by English SinfoniaSymphony No.92 in G 'Oxford'English SinfoniaD Major10B74
5Symphony No.5 in B flat, D.485 by English SinfoniaSymphony No.5 in B flat, D.485English SinfoniaG Minor6A109
6Symphony No.28 in C, K.200 by English SinfoniaSymphony No.28 in C, K.200English SinfoniaC Major8B134
7Incidental Music To 'Rosamunde' by English SinfoniaIncidental Music To 'Rosamunde'English SinfoniaB♭ Major6B73
8Symphony No.29 in A, K.201 by English SinfoniaSymphony No.29 in A, K.201English SinfoniaE Major12B100
9Capriol Suite For Strings by English SinfoniaCapriol Suite For StringsEnglish SinfoniaD Minor7A154
10Symphony No.104 in D 'London' by English SinfoniaSymphony No.104 in D 'London'English SinfoniaD Major10B76
11Masques Et Bergamasques, Op.112 by English SinfoniaMasques Et Bergamasques, Op.112English SinfoniaF Major7B136
12Overture: 'The Marriage of Figaro' by English SinfoniaOverture: 'The Marriage of Figaro'English SinfoniaD Major10B138
13Symphony No.3 in D, D.200 by English SinfoniaSymphony No.3 in D, D.200English SinfoniaD Major10B82