Songs in Cassettes of a Depressive Young Man, Vol. 1 by NEO PROJECT

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Fucking Walkman (Intro) by NEO PROJECTFucking Walkman (Intro)NEO PROJECTD Major10B101
2Saturation by NEO PROJECTSaturationNEO PROJECTA Major11B102
3Boys Don't Cry (Ambiance 001) by NEO PROJECTBoys Don't Cry (Ambiance 001)NEO PROJECTD Major10B156
5I Needed You (One More Final) by NEO PROJECTI Needed You (One More Final)NEO PROJECTB Minor10A140
6Falling Asleep at 4:57 AM by NEO PROJECTFalling Asleep at 4:57 AMNEO PROJECTC Minor5A158
7Sleepwalker by NEO PROJECTSleepwalkerNEO PROJECTE♭ Major5B75
9Late Nights by NEO PROJECT, PrettyGirlLate NightsNEO PROJECT, PrettyGirlA Major11B111
10Tea / Start by NEO PROJECTTea / StartNEO PROJECTC Minor5A80
11I n t e r m i s s i o n by NEO PROJECTI n t e r m i s s i o nNEO PROJECTA Minor8A100
12T o k y o II by NEO PROJECT, P S Y L E N XT o k y o IINEO PROJECT, P S Y L E N XD♭ Minor12A95
13K y o t o II by NEO PROJECT, NEO3000K y o t o IINEO PROJECT, NEO3000B Minor10A80
14S h i m o m u r a by NEO PROJECTS h i m o m u r aNEO PROJECTG Major9B91
15I n s o m n i a by NEO PROJECTI n s o m n i aNEO PROJECTC Major8B162
16My Beautiful Life... by NEO PROJECTMy Beautiful Life...NEO PROJECTF Minor4A179
17Jazzy in Fukuoka by NEO PROJECTJazzy in FukuokaNEO PROJECTD Major10B130
18My Funny Valentine (Watashi no okashī Barentain 私のおかしいバレンタイン) by NEO PROJECTMy Funny Valentine (Watashi no okashī Barentain 私のおかしいバレンタイン)NEO PROJECTF Minor4A141
19u n t l i t e d (Sakura 桜流) by NEO PROJECTu n t l i t e d (Sakura 桜流)NEO PROJECTG Major9B170
20Bye. (There isn't Painless Life) by NEO PROJECTBye. (There isn't Painless Life)NEO PROJECTD Major10B150
21Nights in Tokyo - Bonus Track by NEO PROJECTNights in Tokyo - Bonus TrackNEO PROJECTE♭ Minor2A82
22Ambiance 001 (Chat So Much) - Bonus Track by NEO PROJECTAmbiance 001 (Chat So Much) - Bonus TrackNEO PROJECTB Minor10A157
23Saturation (orchestral) - Bonus Track by NEO PROJECTSaturation (orchestral) - Bonus TrackNEO PROJECTA Major11B84 Album Analysis

Based on our data, Cassettes of a Depressive Young Man, Vol. 1 by NEO PROJECT is currently not as popular as other albums at the moment. Released on 9/4/2020, Cassettes of a Depressive Young Man, Vol. 1 currently has a total of 23 tracks by the label Raxtion Records and it's considered an album, not a single. The album's current copyright is 2020 NEO PROJECT under exclusive license to Raxtion Records, a division of Raxtion Music Group, with it's UPC being 193872890227.

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