Fireworks & Rollerblades

Benson Boone
April 5, 2024
Number of Tracks
Night Street Records, Inc./Warner Records Inc.
Night Street Records/Warner Records, © 2024 Warner Records Inc.
1Intro by Benson BooneIntroBenson BooneC Major8B77
2Be Someone by Benson BooneBe SomeoneBenson BooneB Major1B99
3Slow It Down by Benson BooneSlow It DownBenson BooneB Major1B99
4Beautiful Things by Benson BooneBeautiful ThingsBenson BooneB Major1B99
5Cry by Benson BooneCryBenson BooneB♭ Major6B108
6Forever and a Day by Benson BooneForever and a DayBenson BooneG Major9B121
7In The Stars by Benson BooneIn The StarsBenson BooneB Major1B99
8Drunk In My Mind by Benson BooneDrunk In My MindBenson BooneA♭ Major4B184
9My Greatest Fear by Benson BooneMy Greatest FearBenson BooneB Major1B99
10There She Goes by Benson BooneThere She GoesBenson BooneA♭ Major4B184
11Hello Love by Benson BooneHello LoveBenson BooneC Major8B77
12Ghost Town by Benson BooneGhost TownBenson BooneB Major1B99
13Love Of Mine by Benson BooneLove Of MineBenson BooneA♭ Major4B184
14Friend by Benson BooneFriendBenson BooneG Major9B121
15What Do You Want by Benson BooneWhat Do You WantBenson BooneB Major1B99