fearless, but lofi

April 12, 2024
Number of Tracks
lonelyboy sound
2024 lonelyboy sound
1fearless - lofi by louisettefearless - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
2fifteen - lofi by louisettefifteen - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
3love story - lofi by louisettelove story - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
4hey stephen - lofi by louisettehey stephen - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
5white horse - lofi by louisettewhite horse - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
6you belong with me - lofi by louisetteyou belong with me - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
7breathe - lofi by louisettebreathe - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
8tell me why - lofi by louisettetell me why - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
9you're not sorry - lofi by louisetteyou're not sorry - lofilouisetteF♯ Major2B124
10the way i loved you - lofi by louisettethe way i loved you - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
11forever & always - lofi by louisetteforever & always - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
12the best day - lofi by louisettethe best day - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
13change - lofi by louisettechange - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
14jump then fall - lofi by louisettejump then fall - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
15untouchable - lofi by louisetteuntouchable - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
16come in with the rain - lofi by louisettecome in with the rain - lofilouisetteD Major10B134
17superstar - lofi by louisettesuperstar - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
18the other side of the door - lofi by louisettethe other side of the door - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
19today was a fairytale - lofi by louisettetoday was a fairytale - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
20you all over me - lofi by louisetteyou all over me - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
21mr. perfectly fine - lofi by louisettemr. perfectly fine - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
22we were happy - lofi by louisettewe were happy - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
23that's when - lofi by louisettethat's when - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
24don't you - lofi by louisettedon't you - lofilouisetteF Major7B130
25bye bye baby - lofi by louisettebye bye baby - lofilouisetteF Major7B130