Songs in The Orville (Original Television Soundtrack: Season 1) by Various Artists

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1The Orville Main Title by Bruce BroughtonThe Orville Main TitleBruce BroughtonC Minor5A0
2Shuttle to the Ship by Bruce BroughtonShuttle to the ShipBruce BroughtonE Minor9A103
3She Requested It/Departing for Landing by Bruce BroughtonShe Requested It/Departing for LandingBruce BroughtonG Minor6A90
4Krill Attack/Shuttle Escape by Bruce BroughtonKrill Attack/Shuttle EscapeBruce BroughtonB♭ Minor3A76
5Emergency Docking by Bruce BroughtonEmergency DockingBruce BroughtonA♭ Major4B76
6Kelly Has a Plan/Asking Kelly to Stay by Bruce BroughtonKelly Has a Plan/Asking Kelly to StayBruce BroughtonE♭ Major5B132
7The Bio-Ship/Exploring the Hull by Joel McNeelyThe Bio-Ship/Exploring the HullJoel McNeelyE Minor9A138
8Exploring the Bio-Ship by Joel McNeelyExploring the Bio-ShipJoel McNeelyD Major10B101
9Finding Alara/Space Battle by Joel McNeelyFinding Alara/Space BattleJoel McNeelyG Minor6A72
10Dorahl/The Roof Opens by Joel McNeelyDorahl/The Roof OpensJoel McNeelyG Major9B67
11Distress Signal Received/Alara Freaks Out/Explosion by John DebneyDistress Signal Received/Alara Freaks Out/ExplosionJohn DebneyA♭ Major4B118
12Alara Gets the Cold Shoulder/Approaching Calivon by John DebneyAlara Gets the Cold Shoulder/Approaching CalivonJohn DebneyE Minor9A81
13Extermination Process Continues/Bortus Hatches His Egg by John DebneyExtermination Process Continues/Bortus Hatches His EggJohn DebneyD♭ Major3B130
14Western Simulation by Joel McNeelyWestern SimulationJoel McNeelyB Minor10A75
15Asteroid Destroyed/Relieved of Duty by Joel McNeelyAsteroid Destroyed/Relieved of DutyJoel McNeelyE♭ Major5B143
16Arriving on Moclus by Joel McNeelyArriving on MoclusJoel McNeelyB Minor10A87
17Trip to the Mountains by Joel McNeelyTrip to the MountainsJoel McNeelyF Major7B107
18Tribunal Adjourned/Epilogue by Joel McNeelyTribunal Adjourned/EpilogueJoel McNeelyF Major7B95
19Rescuing Pria by John DebneyRescuing PriaJohn DebneyB Major1B74
20Searching Pria's Room/Dark Matter Storm/Navigating the Storm by John DebneySearching Pria's Room/Dark Matter Storm/Navigating the StormJohn DebneyA♭ Major4B142
21Approaching the Coordinates/Isaac Saves the Crew by John DebneyApproaching the Coordinates/Isaac Saves the CrewJohn DebneyA♭ Minor1A74
22Pria's Theme by John DebneyPria's ThemeJohn DebneyA♭ Major4B86
23Distress Call by Joel McNeelyDistress CallJoel McNeelyF Major7B104
24Krill Attack the Orville by Joel McNeelyKrill Attack the OrvilleJoel McNeelyF♯ Minor11A77
25Bomb Found by Joel McNeelyBomb FoundJoel McNeelyD♭ Major3B130
26Intruder Alert/Preparing the Weapon by Joel McNeelyIntruder Alert/Preparing the WeaponJoel McNeelyC Minor5A167
27Turning on the Lights/New Enemies by Joel McNeelyTurning on the Lights/New EnemiesJoel McNeelyF Minor4A77
28Lysella Wakes Up/Looks Like Earth/Rescue Mission by John DebneyLysella Wakes Up/Looks Like Earth/Rescue MissionJohn DebneyE♭ Major5B78
29John Gets Arrested/Alara Seems Suspicious by John DebneyJohn Gets Arrested/Alara Seems SuspiciousJohn DebneyA♭ Major4B120
30Ed Has a Plan by John DebneyEd Has a PlanJohn DebneyA♭ Major4B146
31Bringing Lysella Aboard/Casting the Votes/Their World Can Do Better by John DebneyBringing Lysella Aboard/Casting the Votes/Their World Can Do BetterJohn DebneyD Major10B115
32Sucked In by Joel McNeelySucked InJoel McNeelyE Minor9A76
33Claire Breaks Out by Joel McNeelyClaire Breaks OutJoel McNeelyC Major8B49
34The Fight by Joel McNeelyThe FightJoel McNeelyF Minor4A129
35Claire Returns to the Wreck by Joel McNeelyClaire Returns to the WreckJoel McNeelyE♭ Major5B136
36The Attack by Joel McNeelyThe AttackJoel McNeelyC Major8B76
37Claire Thanks Isaac by Joel McNeelyClaire Thanks IsaacJoel McNeelyA♭ Major4B37
38Archaeologist Arrives/Claire Visits Yaphit/Claire Kisses Yaphit by John DebneyArchaeologist Arrives/Claire Visits Yaphit/Claire Kisses YaphitJohn DebneyF Major7B78
39Fleets Approach/War Before Peace/Cleared for Duty/Darulio Departs by John DebneyFleets Approach/War Before Peace/Cleared for Duty/Darulio DepartsJohn DebneyF Major7B134
40Plasma Storm/It Was Late Evening by John DebneyPlasma Storm/It Was Late EveningJohn DebneyF Major7B73
41Alara Blows Off Steam/There Was a Clown by John DebneyAlara Blows Off Steam/There Was a ClownJohn DebneyD♭ Major3B76
42Alara Hallucinates/Deserted Ship by John DebneyAlara Hallucinates/Deserted ShipJohn DebneyC Major8B137
43Cannot End Simulation/Back to Normal by John DebneyCannot End Simulation/Back to NormalJohn DebneyA♭ Minor1A76
44Damage Report/What Happened to the Plants? by Andrew CotteeDamage Report/What Happened to the Plants?Andrew CotteeA♭ Major4B111
45Krill Ships Approaching by Andrew CotteeKrill Ships ApproachingAndrew CotteeD Minor7A82
46Within the Anomaly/Time to Reflect/Quantum Bubble Is Deterioirating by Andrew CotteeWithin the Anomaly/Time to Reflect/Quantum Bubble Is DeterioiratingAndrew CotteeG Major9B143
47Engaging Tractor Beam by Andrew CotteeEngaging Tractor BeamAndrew CotteeD♭ Major3B76
48Mission Complete/Commander Lamarr by Andrew CotteeMission Complete/Commander LamarrAndrew CotteeA♭ Major4B48
49Investigating an Anomaly by Joel McNeelyInvestigating an AnomalyJoel McNeelyD Major10B136
50Emergency Landing by Joel McNeelyEmergency LandingJoel McNeelyF Major7B174 Album Analysis

Based on our data, The Orville (Original Television Soundtrack: Season 1) by Various Artists is currently not as popular as other albums at the moment. Released on 1/29/2019, The Orville (Original Television Soundtrack: Season 1) currently has a total of 55 tracks by the label Hollywood Records and it's considered an album, not a single. The album's current copyright is © 2019 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, with it's UPC being 00050087438661.

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