Elastica by Elastica

Songs in this Album

# Track Artist Key Camelot BPM
1Line Up by ElasticaLine UpElasticaB Minor10A111
2Annie by ElasticaAnnieElasticaA Major11B171
3Connection by ElasticaConnectionElasticaE♭ Major5B121
4Car Song by ElasticaCar SongElasticaE Major12B111
5Smile by ElasticaSmileElasticaD Major10B81
6Hold Me Now by ElasticaHold Me NowElasticaC Major8B108
7S.O.F.T. by ElasticaS.O.F.T.ElasticaD♭ Minor12A80
8Indian Song by ElasticaIndian SongElasticaE Major12B118
9Blue by ElasticaBlueElasticaD Major10B172
10All-Nighter by ElasticaAll-NighterElasticaG Major9B170
11Waking Up by ElasticaWaking UpElasticaA Minor8A138
122:1 by Elastica2:1ElasticaA Major11B110
13See That Animal by ElasticaSee That AnimalElasticaB Minor10A135
14Stutter by ElasticaStutterElasticaB Major1B173
15Never Here by ElasticaNever HereElasticaA Major11B134
16Vaseline by ElasticaVaselineElasticaA Minor8A133